Mission Statement

The Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball league provides qualified skilled senior softball players, age 55 and over, with highly competitive tournament-caliber games on a weekly basis.  

Our league strives to:  
    Play tournament caliber, highly skilled and competitive games on a weekly basis. 
    Attract sufficient players of superior skill to provide a variety of competition.
    Protect its players by establishing and enforcing reasonable safety measures.
    Provide professional umpires for all league games.
    Follow SSUSA tournament rules with minimal local league rules.
    Provide the best possible ball fields for games.
    Establish league fees as low as possible.
    Encourage sportsmanship and fair play.
    Enhance competition by providing meaningful awards to the season winning team.
    Maintain team competitive balance as much as possible.

Our ultimate goal is to be recognized as the preeminent league in Southern California for upper division senior softball.
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