February 15, 2017




IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS) ABSENT: J. Hansell (JH); M. Feeney (MFe)

  1. New Players

    Dan Doleshal has been added to the waiting list/pool. The Board rated him a 5.

    (Subsequent to the Board meeting on 2/15, Orlando Lopez indicated he will be leaving 55 Shades of Gray due to an upcoming surgery for a torn meniscus. 55 Shades of Gray is now at 11 players.

    The league is now at 70 players.)

  2. 2017 Spring Season

    SB reported that the schedule, rules, rosters, and player rating are now on the league website.

    SB reported that the estimated budget for an 8-team, 14-game regular season, which includes the cost of a new AED battery, league liability insurance, and pitching screen repairs will leave a balance of $489.45 at the end of the season. D&O insurance was not included in this estimate.

    League fees will be $40 per player.

  3. Adding Waiting List Players to Teams for the 2017 Spring Season

    Five “1s” (Alonzo, Allen, Birtcher, Brandt, Medeiros) from the waiting list/pool are “available” to be placed on a team. The 3 members of the board in attendance would like to see this happen.

    After rejecting a re-draft, adding a new team, and adding a 13th player to each of the six local teams at the last Board meeting on 2/3, SB proposed via an e-mail that we add a “1” to the roster of each of the local teams but continue to limit their lineup to 12 players as follows:

    1. A “1” will be added as a “Designated Sub” (DS) to the rosters of five of the six local teams:

      The 6th team, which will not have a DS at this time, may still pick up a “1” to replace its lowest- rated missing player.

    2. When missing any player, a team must pick up its DS to replace its lowest-rated missing player. If its DS is unavailable, it may still pick up another “1”.

    3. DS will pay half of the league fee.

    4. Local teams will no longer be allowed to pick up an extra “1” vs. out-of-area teams, since they will already have 3 “1s” and the out-of-area teams are limited to 3 “1s” as well.

    The above changes would be used in the 2017 Spring Season only. It would bring the number of roster league players up to 75 with 3 more (MacRae, Newman, Doleshal) still on the waiting list/pool —

    for a total of 78. We only need 77 for a 7th local team in the fall.

    The proposal was tabled until our next meeting when all Board members will be in attendance.

  4. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT)

    Nineteen of the 21 teams currently scheduled to play have paid their tournament fees.

    Bob’s Posse and OTE have not. There are now four teams on the waiting list: GRD 65AA Mustangs 65AAA SoCal warriors 65AAA, Top Gun 55.

    SB reported that the all tournament information (flyers, tournament rules, HR derby rules, umpire information, teams/divisions), with the exception of the game/umpire schedule, has been placed on the league website. The schedule will be placed on the website on Sunday 2/19.

    SB ordered the 8 plaques (5 division champions, 3 HR Derby winners).

    RS updated the raffle list with additional prizes.

    RS will purchase 2 1/2 dozen Rock balls at $54/dozen for $135 and will provide 2 1/2 dozen backup Rock balls at $15/dozen for $37.50. Total ball charges will be $172.50.

    RS will also provide 40 used balls for the HR Derby.

  5. Miscellaneous

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Friday 2/17, at the Pizza Factory/French Valley, after BP at Spencer’s Crossing (around noon).