July 26, 2017 Redacted




IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS)

  1. Managers for Fall 2017-2018

    SB stated that E. Rushing, R. Schemp and D. Sternberger have all indicated that they will manage. RS indicated that Jack Buss will manage if he can retain his “3” rating level. This was agreed to, without vote, but with unanimous consensus of the Board. During the meeting, RS texted Buss of this fact, and received confirmation from Buss that he will manage. Per SB, Jim Ganley (JG) is willing to manage if he can have Jack Brunschmid (JB) to assist. After discussion, the general consensus (not unanimous) was that JG can manage, but will have to make his own decision whether he drafts JB. During the meeting, TJ spoke to JG and passed this along. Although reluctant, JG agreed to manage on these terms.

  2. Mike O’Donnell (MOD) Proposed Restructuring of Monday League

    At MOD’s request, SB met with MOD on Monday, 7/24/17 to discuss a proposal for restructuring of the Monday league. SB handed out a summary of the proposal, and discussed the essential components of the restructuring. In summary, the revised league would be broken into two divisions, American and National.

    Each division would have 4 teams. The American division would be made up of North County, Sammy’s Cafe, and two teams of 12 players each representing the top 24 players from the existing Monday league.

    The National division would also have 4 teams, with the remaining Monday league players making up its rosters.

    The Board is very clear that the original vision for the Monday league, at its founding six years ago, was for one league made up of tournament-caliber players. The original expectation for this league was, as time went by, that the league would get better, stronger, more visible, and, most likely, younger. With better skilled players continually entering the league over the recent few years, this, in fact, has occurred. The original founders of this league did not intend, initially, or at some time in the future, for this league to be split in two, with the “lesser” of the two divisions seemingly appear to mimic a Tuesday/Thursday league playing on Monday. Such leagues already exist in Menifee and Hemet.

    JH motioned and SB seconded that the Monday league adopt the MOD proposal to restructure the Monday league into two divisions. Motion failed 0-5.

  3. Draft Status of Players

    Pool – In – G. Brandt; P. Romero; R. Escobedo; E. Nicholls; T. Sexton; L. Hixson; D. Flournoy Pool – Out – B. Dazalla; G. Bronner; D. Eller; P. Imbriale; J. Renwick; L. Row; F. Swain

    Draft – In – D. Bivin (subsequent to Board meeting, SB indicated Bivin in draft)

    Draft – ? – T. Jadwin; J. Hutchison (subsequent to Board meeting, SB indicated Hutchison in pool);

    D. Neal (subsequent to Board meeting, SB indicated Neal in draft); L. Hixson (RS to follow up)

    Jessie Cannon – new player (outfield) from Menifee Tuesday/Thursday – rating – SB -5; JH -5-6; RS -4; will rate him a 5 for the draft.

    Steve Norman – new player; pitcher/OF; rating – HA -1; SB will get him out to a BP so he can be rated by other Board members.

  4. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT)

    HA needs to coordinate dates with Adrian Williams (AW) at BLD for BKMT. Need date and backup. Date should be as close to previous date (2/22/17 for 2017) as possible with backup date one week later.

  5. Umpires

    SB still awaiting clarification from Jerry Smith regarding his medical condition.

    SB indicated that Dennis Morehouse is also a possibility to umpire.

  6. BLD Equipment Storage

SB indicated that AW has told him that it should not be a problem to provide the Monday league with a storage area to hold pitching screens, scoreboards, balls, etc. SB needs clarification from AW as to what is being offered. If it’s merely “space”, SB indicated that Bill McPhillips has a metal storage container he can let the league use.