July 17, 2017




IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS) ABSENT: M. Feeney (MFe)

  1. Designated Sub (DS) Proposal

    This item was carried over from the 2/15/17 Board meeting, which did not include Board members MFe and JH (see the 2/15 minutes for details of the proposal). SB stated that the three Board members in attendance at the 2/15 meeting (SB/TJ/RS) were in support of adding these waiting list players and that the proposed change would have been voted on favorably in that meeting had the three Board members in attendance voted on the issue. JH stated that while he’s in favor of trying to get new players into the league, he’s not in favor of doing so if such action would compromise the league structure and make it more difficult to manage, which he felt this change would do. As with the rule to allow a “local” team to add a 3rd “1” when playing out-of-area teams, which he opposed, JH is opposed to this change. After discussion, by general consensus without vote, this item was dropped.


  2. Players Leaving/Added

    Subsequent to the 2/15/17 Board meeting and prior to the 2/17/17 Board meeting, Orlando Lopez dropped out of the league due to injuries. Lopez was on 55 Shades of Gray and was rated a “2.”

    With this change, 55 Shades of Gray is at 11 players. Subsequent to the 2/15/17 Board meeting and prior to the 2/17/17 Board meeting, SB placed Hank Alonzo, based on his eligibility date, on 55 Shades of Gray, putting 55 Shades of Gray back at 12 players. 55 Shades of Gray’s manager Mike O’Donnell, who was in attendance at this meeting, indicated he would contact Alonzo about this change.

    (As clarification, it is noted that since Alonzo is rated a “1”, when 55 Shades of Gray plays an out-of area team and has all 3 of its “1’s” playing (O’Donnell, Paschal, and Alonzo), it cannot pick up “another” “1”, meaning it can’t pick up a 4th “1.” This arose as a question since Alonzo replaced a “2”… Lopez on the roster.)

    JH stated that he received an e-mail from Jeff Hutchison (rated “1”) that he would be starting a series of epidural shots next week and, therefore, would not be available to play in the spring 2017 season. On that basis, Brian Allen, rated a “1” and next on the replacement eligibility list, was assigned to White Time To Win (WTTW) to replace Hutchison. This keeps WTTW at 12 roster players.

    WTTW manager JH will contact Allen.

    During the 2/15/17 Board meeting, Dan Doleshal was added to the waiting list, and was rated a “5” by the Board. Although recently eligible, Doleshal is next in line to replace Bob Kapeller (rated “6”) on the Eight Balls team. On that basis, Doleshal is assigned to the Eight Balls roster. With the recent placement of Andy Bullington (rated “4”) being assigned to Eight Balls to replace Marv Ruddell (rated “5”), Eight Balls is now at 12 roster players.

    As of this writing, all six local teams have 12 roster players.

    As of this writing we have the five wait list players, in order of eligibility: Medeiros (“1”), MacRae (“3”), Brandt (“1”), Newman (“3”), Birtcher (“1”). (Subsequent to the Board meeting, John Renwick (“4”) was added to the waiting list/pool.)

  3. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT)

    In a slight change from prior discussions, RS will provide 2 1/2 dozen new Rock softballs for the tournament at $54/doz. He will still provide 2 1/2 dozen back-up Rock balls at $15/doz.

    In another slight change, RS will provide 40 used balls for HR Derby, which will be paid for by the league and returned to the league after the tournament.

    It was indicated that of the “table” volunteers, Tammy, Sonni, Bobbi, and Beth, that one of them will have to be put “in charge.” The person is to be designated.

    Jerry Smith will be donating a bat for the tournament at no charge. RS donating a bat at a $70 charge. RS will obtain different color raffle tickets for the 50/50 drawing.

    TJ will contact Kay Kapeller to remind her of the date/time of the tournament.

    JH was asked to contact Tim LeBlanc from 4 Paws 4 Patriots regarding the tournament. (JH spoke to LeBlanc on 2/18/17. LeBlanc has the tournament date written on his calendar.

    JH reminded him that we needed him there at 8:00 A.M. JH also asked him about bringing a service dog(s), and LeBlanc said he was hopeful of bringing two dogs with him. JH also told LeBlanc that he was welcome to say a few words about 4 Paws 4 Patriots. He indicated he would like to do so.)

    As of the February 12 cutoff date for payment of team tournament fees, there are still two teams of the original 21 that have not paid – Bob’s Posse and OTE. During the meeting, RS spoke to Jerry Smith from OTE who indicated he would get the check to MFe.

    Bill Bennett, who was to be the photographer for the tournament, will not be able to attend. RS to speak to his son regarding this aspect of the event.


  4. General Liability (GL) /Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

    On 2/13, JH received a D&O quote via broker Peter Sessoyeff from Philadelphia Insurance. They were only willing to quote a $1M/$5K retention package for an annual premium of $739. Based on 100 league players, the rounded cost would amount to $7.50 per player/year.

    JH stated that in addition to possibly providing GL insurance coverage, with its corresponding cost, that the cost to players would be too great. JH motioned and RS seconded that the league obtain D&O insurance coverage of $1M with a $5K retention at a cost of $739 annually. Motion failed 0-4.

    The details of GL insurance coverage were included in prior Board minutes in detail. Coverage offered is on a calendar year basis and there is no pro-ration based on effective date. All players are covered.

    Since our league umpires are paid, they are covered as well. Based on the cost of $45 per team/year for an annual cost of $360, the rounded cost would amount to $4/player/year or $2/player/season.

    JH motioned and SB seconded that the league obtain GL insurance coverage offered through SSUSA at that cost. Motion passed 4-0. JH will contact SSUSA to get the process moving.

  5. AED (Defibrillator)

    In our 2/3/17 Board meeting, MFe told the Board that the AED battery went out on Monday 1/30. MFe was to have had discussions with Mike Fagan (MFa), our AED Program Manager, over the subsequent weekend to ensure that we obtain a replacement battery. Since MFe did not attend the 2/15/17 Board meeting or today’s Board meeting, the Board was uncertain as to the status of the AED. During the meeting, TJ texted MFa, who indicated that a replacement battery had not been ordered.

    MFa subsequently brought the AED to this Board meeting where he and TJ “tested” the unit and determined that the battery was still good. TJ indicated that the battery has a 4-year life and we’re approximately 2 years into that timeframe. In checking the cost of a replacement battery, TJ found the battery on-line for $167 + tax with no shipping charge (rounded, it is probably a cost of approximately

    $200.) The Board agreed that MFa would bring the AED to the BKMT on 2/22/17, where he and MFe would check the battery to determine if, in fact, it is still good.


  6. Budget Spring 2017

SB indicated that he has worked up a budget resulting in a $40/player fee. Among other items, included in the budget is $100 for a replacement AED battery and $360 for GL insurance coverage. There was some discussion as to “how” the battery should be paid for. TJ/RS were in favor of reducing the proceeds of the BKMT by the $200 cost of the AED battery. SB/JH were in favor of including the cost of such a replacement battery in the budget in the same manner as when the AED itself was originally purchased. If MFa/MFe determine that the battery needs to be replaced, SB will increase the budget amount for this from $100 to $200. If they determine a replacement battery is not necessary, SB will remove from the budget the current $100 allocated for the replacement battery. It was also discussed and agreed to unanimously, without vote, that we not order a “backup” battery since there still is conceivably 2 years left on the current battery. SB indicated that we have a surplus of $489.45, which includes the $100/$360 amounts previously mentioned, or a surplus of $589.45 if the $100 is removed from the budget.

Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board approved a $40/player fee for the spring 2017 season.