May 30, 2018


IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS)
ABSENT: T. Jadwin (TJ)

GUEST: Adrian Williams (AW) – GM BLD Perris

At his request, the Monday league Board of Directors (BOD/Board) held a special meeting on Wednesday, May 30 at BLD Perris with Adrian Williams, General Manager of BLD Perris, to discuss a restroom issue at BLD Perris and attendant behavior by some Monday league players.

The Problem/Issues as Originally Understood
During regular league games on Monday, May 21, the restrooms normally used by Monday league players in the BLD Administration building were locked and players were told that they had to use the restrooms in the building closest to the Durham/Pawtucket fields. The “explanation” that ultimately made its way to some players and BOD members was that this action had to be taken because the seniors were “trashing” the restrooms.

The Actual Problem/Issues
AW explained to the BOD that his facility had a recent visit from the Riverside County Health Department. During the discussion of restroom usage, the use of the small Employee restrooms by the Monday league was reviewed. The County indicated that this was a health code violation because of the smallness of the restrooms being utilized relative to the number of potential users. On that basis, AW ordered that these small restrooms would no longer be available to the Monday league and that the larger restrooms in the building closest to Durham and Pawtucket would be made available for the Monday league. AW also explained that these smaller restrooms are identified as Employee restrooms and are to be used ONLY by BLD employees. He stated that they are to remain locked at all times. AW also acknowledged that, contrary to the rumor being expressed, “trashing” of restrooms by Monday league players was NOT an issue. He also told the BOD that these restrooms are locked during all league and tournament play as well.

AW went on to explain that he was upset and concerned about a number of Monday league players who had confronted him and some of his staff on this restroom issue. He told the Board that two Monday league players, separately, confronted him and in an angry/defiant manner, told him that if they couldn’t use these “closer” restrooms, they would “pee” in the bushes. AW stated that some of his staff members were similarly confronted. Whether these statements were done in jest or were serious, AW and his staff took all of them as serious. AW told the Board that it is a privilege, and not a right, for the Monday league to play at BLD. He also stated that he did not appreciate having his staff confronted on issues such as this. His expectation is that if a player has a problem with something at BLD, that he take that issue to the BOD and not confront his staff. He went on to say that while he is happy to provide BLD for Monday league play and that the relationship between the two “parties” has been beneficial to both for the last 6 years, that he would, reluctantly, make BLD unavailable to the league if this or similar behavior persists.

On behalf of the BOD and the Monday league, JH apologized to AW for, what the BOD assured him was, the actions/response/statements of a very small minority of Monday league players. The BOD made commitments to him that this type of behavior would permanently cease. The BOD told AW that it agrees with him that if a player has an issue with the BLD facility, that the player is to bring this to the attention of the BOD and not confront the BLD staff.

Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the behavior/statements made to BLD Perris personnel on this issue is unacceptable to this BOD and that any such behavior/statements on this, or similar issues, will result in appropriate disciplinary action to the offending player(s).

The BOD requested JH to draft a document that would be e-mailed to all Monday league players prior to the Monday league games of 6/4. (Subsequent to this Board meeting, a draft copy was reviewed and approved by the Board at its 6/1/18 Board meeting.)