August 2, 2017


IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ) left at 1:30 pm;

R. Schemp (RS)

  1. Schedule/Playoffs/Tournament

    SB indicated that the fall 2017/2018 season will commence on Monday, September 11, 2017 and end on January 22, 2018. There will be no games on Monday, 1/15/18, MLK day. There will be no doubleheaders and only two noon games. Playoffs will be on Monday, 1/29/18.

  2. Fall 2017/2018 Preliminary Budget

    Predicated on a $35/player league fee, $0 screen parts, $0 AED battery, and $0 for backup balls, SB gave an initial preliminary budget of a $256.04 surplus for the 2017/18 fall season.

    The following changes were discussed: $30 will be added to the budget for purchase from RS of 2 dozen backup Rock balls at $15/dozen. SB is to contact TJ to determine if any expense needs to be allocated for screen repair. JH reminded SB that our GL insurance is an annual calendar expense, and that we will receive an invoice from SSUSA, probably some time in November or December 2017 to be payable within 30 days. As such, $360 GL insurance expense will be added to this preliminary budget. The $35/player league fee will be changed to $40. With those changes, the revised preliminary budget now shows a surplus of $366.04.



  3. Draft List and Actions

    As of this Board meeting, SB stated that we have 73-74 players for the draft, with all but one being contacted. SB is to contact Alan Gingerelli (OC Mustangs) regarding his status. There is still a question as to whether TJ will be in the draft.

    (Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB spoke to Dave Flournoy, who indicated he will be in the draft.)

  4. Managers

    SB stated that we currently have 5 managers: Rushing, Schemp, Sternberger, Ganley, and Buss.

    RS stated that Glenn Stevenson (GS) will manage if he can be made a “2” (he also offered that if agreed to he will agree to select himself in the first round of “2’s”… round 3. JH motioned and HA seconded to accept GS as a manager, rating him as a “2” and requiring that he selected himself in round 3 (first round of “2’s”). Motion passed 3-1 (JH). RS indicated that TJ was supportive of this.

  5. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT)

    HA indicated he intends to meet next week with Adrian Williams/BLD to firm up dates for this tournament

  6. Proposed Rule Change – New – Picking Up “5’s or 6’s”

    HA stated that most local teams, when missing a “5 or 6”, do not pick up a “5 or 6” which results in a lack of parity/balance from game to game. SB motioned and JH seconded that the starting lineup for local teams must consist of at least three players rated “5 or 6.” Motion failed 2-2 (SB/JH.)

  7. Revised Rule – Pickup Players – Local Teams Playing Each Other

    SB motioned and HA seconded that when a local team is playing against another local team, if its roster already has three (or more) rostered “1’s”, by virtue of having replaced a 2-rated player(s) from its roster with a 1-rated player(s) from the waiting list, it may not replace a missing “1” unless it falls below two 1’s. (THIS RULE ONLY APPLIES TO “1”-RATED PLAYERS.) Motion passed 4-0.

  8. Proposed Rule – Clarification of Substitute (Sub)

    SB motioned and RS seconded the following:

    1. A sub’s name must appear on the lineup card.

    2. There are two (2) types of subs: Rostered Subs may not participate in the game except as a base coach, courtesy runner, or late arrival (reference rule 8). Non-Rostered Subs may not participate in the game except as a base coach, unless he is replacing a player (with the appropriate rating) who is injured during the game or who must leave early.

    3. Subs may play in a suspended version of the game, if necessary. Motion passed 4-0.

  9. Clarification of Current Rule 10 – Lineup Cards

This rule currently states that “Managers must submit lineup cards to the umpire and opposing manager.” This was, in fact done at one point in time, but had very inconsistent application by managers. Although it would be desirable to have this done today, a single lineup card contains the lineups for both teams and is given only to the umpire. Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, “and opposing manager” will be deleted from this rule.