August 13, 2018


IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS)
GUESTS: H. Alonzo (HAL); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Buss (JB); M. O’Donnell (MOD); J. Roach (JR)

1. MOD – Splitting the League into Two Divisions
MOD requested to speak to the Board regarding his desire to split the league into an upper and lower division.  Although MOD spoke to the Board in a July 26, 2017 Board meeting on the same subject and the Board by a 5-0 vote rejected that request, MOD was given a forum for his concerns/ideas.  Players HAL, RB, and JR were there to support MOD.  This was the first item discussed on the agenda and took approximately 1 1/2 hours.

MOD stated that he has become more frustrated with the level of play in the league.  He stated that he needs a challenge and that he’s not getting a challenge from playing in the Monday league.  As a major+ player he doesn’t get the consistent high level of play that he requires in order to be best prepared for playing at the major+ level.  He stated that he is “wary” of how hard/where he throws a ball and where he hits a ball, citing concern about guys who, while they may be on tournament teams and even on higher-rated tournament teams, they are nevertheless, not at the skill level of the tournament players with whom he is accustomed to playing.  This, he states, is what is frustrating about playing in the Monday league.  MOD also feels that the league is not honoring its mission statement, specifically as it relates to the mission provision to “attract sufficient players of superior skill to provide a variety of competition”.  His concern centers around the word “sufficient.” A number of Board members disagreed with MOD on this issue.  Almost all players in the Monday league are playing on tournament teams and, if they are not, they are tournament-caliber players.  While there may not be a “sufficient” number of players with superior skills, the Board believes the Monday league more than satisfies this portion of the mission statement and does, in fact, provide a “variety of competition” which is another portion of the mission statement.

MOD stated that he contacted 30 players in the league who share his concerns/frustrations.  He also stated that the significant number of major+ players in the league are dissatisfied with the challenge they receive from the league.  TJ and RS queried MOD and the other guests regarding the actual number of major+ players in the league.  The actual number is eight (8).

The original belief was that MOD wants to create three (3) teams with 12 players per team consisting of the first 36 rated players.  He stated that this is not accurate, but that he wants to create two (2) teams with 11 players per team consisting of the first 22 rated players.  His proposal is to form two teams which would play each other and the two OOA teams, which would comprise one division.  The remaining 50 players would be divided into teams and form the other division.

HA voiced strong opposition to the MOD proposal stating, among other things, that such a proposal is a move toward breaking up the league.  HA stated that he knows that a number of players, including MOD, indicated that they would boycott the start of the fall 2018 season as a way to make the Board take formal action on such a proposal.  He stated that this is simply wrong and that if MOD and the others wishing to boycott are so disenchanted with the league, then they should consider going to Palm Springs or other areas to secure the level of play they desire.  MOD stated that he took responsibility for the starting of boycott being used by some players.  Later in the discussion, TJ asked MOD if he was going to boycott the draft.  After some avoidance in answering the question, MOD stated that he would not boycott.

RB asked if the Board would consider allowing them to do the two teams plus the OOA teams on a trial basis (basically for 1 season) and if it became problematic, either correct areas needing correction or go back to the “normal” league structure.

JR proposed that the league draft its normal 6 teams, set a schedule as normal with the 6 teams plus the OOA teams, but that the top 22 players form two other teams which will play each other in a doubleheader after regularly scheduled league games are played.  He also offered, similar to the RB proposal to include OOA teams playing against the two “top 22” player teams in some form of schedule.

MOD was asked if he contacted the OOA teams about any of this.  He said that he spoke to them in 2017 when this same subject was first discussed, but not recently.

JH offered, as one of the two remaining founders of the league, that his long term vision of the league when it was in its formative stages 8 years ago was not a multi-division league.  His vision was a league which routinely added new, quality players, and that over time, as the league grew in size, the league would increase the number of “local” teams from 6 to 7, etc.
He pointed out that the league has, in fact, added a number of highly-skilled new players over the years, that the league has also lost a number of highly-skilled players during those same years, with the result that our league numbers have remained relatively fixed at 72 players, and that more skilled players have left the league over time than lesser-skilled players.
JH told MOD that over time the lesser skilled players will leave the league through attrition, but that this will not happen fast enough for MOD.  When that does happen, the skill level of players rated 5/6 in the league will be higher than those comparably-rated players in the past.

JH pointed out to MOD that splitting the league into two divisions as he proposes will break up the league and that the remaining 50 “lower-skilled” players could not adequately field players in all skilled positions to make such a division work…. lack of pitchers, shortstops, etc.

JH addressed MOD’s comments about being wary of throwing to and hitting at certain Monday league players.
JH stated that he has seen MOD and all of the other highly-rated players play many Monday games over the years and has not seen one example where MOD or any highly-skilled player,“hold back” on throwing or hitting, other than possibly throwing to some Monday league catchers.  JH said this is not a sentiment that he can accept or that he finds reasonable.
RS pointed out to the guests that with some, if not all, of this proposed league restructuring, there will be additional costs for field rental, umpires, insurance, balls, etc.

The Board discussed all of the above items for a significant period after the guests left the Board meeting.
JH motioned and RS seconded that the Board approve the MOD proposal to split the Monday league into an upper and lower division. Motion failed 0-5.

Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board has agreed to leave open the JR proposal cited above.
The caveat to this is that the Board is taking no action on reviewing/evaluating this proposal.  If such a proposal is to be pursued, JR and MOD must prepare a formal proposal for the Board to review.  Such a proposal must have, not only a full mock game schedule, at least for 1 season, for the upper level teams they are proposing to establish, but also must show the schedule impact on the league’s schedule.  Any such proposal must also cover getting an umpire(s) if a third field is used.  Such a proposal must take into account that the league must vacate the BLD fields by 3:00 pm.  A proposal must also address the issue of these top 22 players potentially playing 3-4 games on one day and must address the impact that such a playing schedule will have on their regular Monday league team.  The proposal is also to address where these two additional teams will get pickup players for their additional games if they are short players and if these pickup players are to come from the Monday league the impact this will have on the regular Monday teams.  Any such proposal must address any additional costs and how/by whom these costs will be paid: field rentals, umpires, insurance, balls, etc.  The proposal will also cover any other factors/issues not specifically identified above that MOD, JR, and/or the Board feel is pertinent to consider such a change.  Lastly, by agreeing to accept such a proposal, the Board is not endorsing nor agreeing to such a restructuring, and will accept or reject any such proposal based on its impact on the league and all of its players.

SB, on behalf of the Board, will send an e-mail notification to MOD and JR on this matter.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, the e-mail notification was sent.)

2. Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Player Draft and Start of Fall Season
a. Player Draft – currently 73 draftees – T. Jelks included.  SB to contact Jelks to verify he will be in the draft.
(SB contacted him subsequent to the Board meeting and, although he will miss the first 3 weeks the season due to injury, he wants to be included in the draft.)

Currently 15 pool players.

SB recommended one (1) draft round (6 “1s”) on Mon, Aug 20, with remaining rounds on Wed, Aug 22.  Without vote, but by general consensus of the Board, we will hold two (2) draft rounds (12 “1s”) on Monday, 8/20, with the balance of the rounds to be drafted on Wednesday, 8/22.
HA will not be able to attend on 8/20.  He will be available by phone.  He will be at the draft on 8/22.

RS will not be able to attend either day.  He will be available by phone.  TJ will assist RS in drafting his team.

b.  Schedule – BLD available on Labor Day.  Will eliminate 1 doubleheader/team during Fall 2018.
Tentative schedule e-mailed to Board members, Adrian Williams/BLD.

c.  Budget – approx. $208 deficit at $40/player; approx. $292 surplus at $45/player 
(pitching screen repairs, extra softballs not included)
$45/player, $630/OOA team (based on a 14-man roster) agreed by SB, JH, and RS at an impromptu meeting on 7/23/18; and HA and TJ after the meeting via text/e-mail.

d.  Managers – Alberts, Ganley, Hansell, Schemp, Skidmore
During the Board meeting, mention was made that K. Skidmore (KS) had a severe injury to his shoulder and would not be playing his normal position of shortstop.  It was discussed whether to grant KS some consideration for this injury limitation for his role as manager. Without vote, but with general consensus of the Board, it was agreed that KS should remain a “1” as a manager.  J. Brunschmid and G. Stevenson were used as comparable examples.  (In informing KS of this decision by the Board subsequent to the Board meeting, KS informed SB, who, in turn, informed the Board via text, that KS did not think this would be fair to the team he would manage under these circumstances, and withdrew his name as a manager.  Following that decision, SB, TJ, RS, and Glenn Stevenson (GS) via text agreed to make KS a “2” as a manager.  
JH had not had a chance to reply.
As a result of this, KS, as a manager, will draft himself in the first round of the “2s”.  There is precedence for this.
A further stipulation regarding this re-rating of KS, is that he would have to refrain from playing shortstop for the remaining portion of any season after he becomes healthy enough to play shortstop.)

(SB had a conversation with Ed Rushing (ER) subsequent to the Board meeting in which ER, again, agreed to manage a team.)

e.  Final Player Rating
JH motioned and RS seconded that the rating given to each league player by the Board be the final rating for the player and not the rating designated by the draft round in which the player is selected.
Motion failed 2 (TJ/RS) – 3.

3. Draft List Changes Subsequent to 7/18/18 Board Meeting
Brian Allen (1) added to draft list.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of Board, Allen re-rated a “2”.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, Allen was injured and removed himself from the draft list.)

Ed Parris back on the draft list. Without vote, but by general consensus of the Board, Parris rated a “4.”
Jack Buss went from POOL to the draft list.
Humberto Cornejo went from a MAYBE to the draft list.
Ron Martel went from a MAYBE to the draft list.
Roger Waite will remain in the pool.
Brad Huard to the pool.

Lou Juarez added to the draft list. HA and RS saw him at BP and rated him a “5”.

Rick Kurianski is injured and will undergo minor hernia surgery.
(SB contacted him subsequent to the Board meeting, and although out for half the season, he wants to be included in the draft.)

Ken Perez, who is leaving the North County team and entering the pool, was discussed.  Without vote, but by unanimous agreement, the Board stated that Perez must be availing and willing to play for all teams who ask, and not simply be a roster extension of the NC team.

(Both SB and JH spoke to Perez about this subsequent to the Board meeting; he’ll be availing and willing.)

(David Woods added to draft list subsequent to the Board meeting; HA and others at 8/15 BP rated him a “4”.)

Number of draftees remains at 73.

4. North County (NC) 13-Man Roster for the Fall 2018 Season
OUT – Jeff Blakeman (2), Donnie Ludwig (3); POOL – Ken Perez (4)
IN – Scott Guthrie/60 major (?) replacing Blakeman?, Nick Basta (?) replacing Ludwig?

The Board had a lengthy discussion about the ultimate objective to get proper ratings for OOA teams, to put their players and ratings in line, as much as possible, with comparable players of the six (6) “local teams”.
It was discussed that the opportune time to do this is when an OOA team is losing roster players.
This is also the time to review and adjust, as appropriate and able, ratings for OOA players who remain on the OOA roster. The Board voted 5-0 to change the rating of NC player John Woolsey from a “3” to a “2”.
The Board voted 5-0 to set NC player Nick Basta’s rating as a “3”. In setting these ratings, Woolsey as a “2”, would replace Blakeman’s roster position, and Basta as a “3” would replace Ludwig’s roster position.
Although Guthrie has not been seen by Board members, in order to set a rating, numerous inquiries including to previous NC manager Bob Miller, suggest that Guthrie would, most likely, be rated a “1” or “2”.
As such, there is no place for Guthrie to be placed on the current NC roster.
SB to contact new NC manager Mike Karr to inform him of these decisions.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, there were “discussions” which resulted in a change to the above.
Initially, in response to a text that TJ sent to Bob Miller (BM)/North County asking him how he rated Guthrie, BM’s response was that he saw him as a replacement for Blakeman, who is rated a “2.” For clarification. TJ spoke to BM. During that conversation, BM cited the reasons he felt that John Woolsey is a “3” and should not be rerated a “2.” BM also offered, as a compromise, to rerate Jim Teeter (JT), who is currently rated a “1”, to a “2” and rate Guthrie as a “1”. TJ told BM that he would have to discuss it with the Board. TJ spoke to all Board members on this matter, including new Board member Glenn Stevenson (GS). SB, TJ, RS, and GS agreed to “rerate” Woolsey as a “3.” In other words, to leave him at his current rating (“3”).
JH dissented, believing Woolsey should be rerated a “2”.
The end result of all of the above is as follows:
Guthrie is rated a “1” and will replace the roster spot of Teeter.

Teeter is rerated a “2” and will replace the roster spot of Blakeman.

Basta is rated a “3” and will replace the roster spot of Ludwig.

The net of all of this is that NC will now have 13 roster players going into the 2018-2019 season.)

5. Assigning New Players to a Team Policy – Out-of-Area (OOA) Teams
In the 7/18/18 Board meeting, JH was asked to draft revisions to the above regarding OOA teams.
JH sent an e-mail to Board members on 8/6/18 with proposed revisions to this policy plus revisions to the Pool Player Policy and the Player Rating Procedure.

This topic was not reviewed in this Board meeting and remains an open agenda item.

6. Out-of-Area (OOA) Teams Roster Size
In connection with the previous agenda item, whereby NC was planning on reducing its roster size to 13 players for the 2018-2019 season, TJ pointed out that any historical reasons/logic for allowing the OOA teams to have up to a 14-man roster (compared to local teams who have a maximum of 12-man rosters) has ceased to exist in its necessity, practicality, and fairness. 14-man rosters give greater flexibility to OOA teams, some rest to players, some relief to players during hot weather, more options defensively, etc. OOA teams are playing doubleheaders every other week, not every week.  Although local teams don’t often play doubleheaders, they do play some doubleheaders and don’t have the luxury of a larger roster during such games. Local teams also, at times, play OOA teams as part of a doubleheader.  It was discussed that both OOA teams have been in the league long enough to know most of the players in the league from whom they could select if they are ever “short” players for a given game.  The Board had some discussion about requiring the OOA teams to immediately reduce their roster to 12 players, but the general consensus was that the Board did not want to cause existing players to be removed from the roster.
JH motioned and RS seconded that effective immediately, through attrition and over time by policy, the OOA teams will have their rosters reduced to a maximum of 12 roster players.
Motion passed 5-0.  SB to inform OOA team managers of this change.

The Board discussed and agreed by general consensus without vote, that since NC has proposed to reduce its roster to 13 players for the 2018-2019 season, that this will be their first step toward satisfying the new policy requirement.  The Board further discussed that the objective of getting both OOA teams rosters down to the new policy level of 12 players will not be punitive and that thought, reason, and logic will be applied, as best as possible, when an OOA roster player leaves a team, toward satisfying the new roster limitation.

7. Out-of-Area (OOA) Teams Picking Up New Roster Players – Geography
Some league players have expressed concern to the Board that OOA teams have added roster players who do not live in the original general geographic area from which their teams were originally established, but are coming from as far away as Orange County.  These same league players have asked the Board if, in fact, there was originally a geographic limitation component to these OOA teams.  The Board acknowledged that while this is accurate as far as it goes, this was never a hard and fast policy requirement imposed on the OOA teams. TJ took time to draw up some possible preliminary geographical boundaries from which the OOA teams could draw new roster players.  Time was spent discussing the pros-cons of formally establishing such a requirement.  No final decision was made in this meeting.  This will remain an open agenda item.

8. Rule #17 – Over-the-Fence Home Run (HR) Rule
a.  Based on Board approval in a prior Board meeting, clarification was given to the 1-up rule in the open inning by adding:  “The home team may go 1 up in the open inning(s).”
SB updated the rule.

b.  JH stated that he feels that our current HR rule of 4 per team, then an out and 1-up is not sufficient given the change in player personnel that has come into the league in the last couple of years.  And, while our league tries to follow SSUSA rules as close as practical, JH feels that requiring an out after the 4th HR is unfair to league “secondary” home run hitters.  JH offered information regarding league HR hitters.  Doing a quick, non-scientific review of this issue, JH said there are 13 players in the league who could be considered “routine” HR hitters (17 when pool players are included), and 9 “occasional” HR hitters (11 when pool players are included).  JH motioned and HA seconded to change the current HR rule from 4/1-up/out to 5/1-up/single with runners advancing only if forced.
Motion passed 4-1 (SB).  SB to make change to rules.

9.  Rule #5 – Offense
Based on discussion and agreement in a prior Board meeting, SB added and updated Rule #5 as follows:
“Managers must include on the lineup card:
 a. all roster players attending the game, unless injured or have other valid excuse, must be included in the batting order, and
 b. all non-roster substitute players who may have to replace other players later in the game.”

10.  Rule #3
SB informed the Board that because, for the first time in the history of the Monday league, we will be starting the league prior to September 1, he replaced “considered to be 55 as of September 1” with “eligible to play during the Fall Season” in Rule #3.
He had discussed this cosmetic change with JH prior to making any change.  SB has updated this rule change.

11. AED
SB spoke to Andy Bullington (AB), who is unable to take over the role of AED Program Manager from Mike Fagan.
AB has agreed to conduct the annual AED training clinic in January, 2019.

The issue of the league AED Program Manager remains an open agenda item.

12. Step Stool
SB pointed out that the league loses a significant number of both game and practice balls in the “stands” at the BLD major league replica fields.  We have asked, many times over the years, for key access to these areas, but have been denied.
SB suggested that the league purchase a step stool to permit easier access to retrieve these balls.  Without vote, but by unanimous agreement, the Board authorized SB to purchase a step stool for the league in an amount NTE $50.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB purchased 2 step stools at $23 each.)

13. Labor Day BBQ – BP Guys
RS suggested that since we are going to play league games on Labor Day, that we consider having a BBQ at the Four Seasons/Hemet for the BP guys.  He believes he has about $200 in the “kitty.”  When it was offered that the Four Seasons/Hemet would not be available, the item was dropped.

14. Weakend Warriors (60 AAA) Joining Monday League
At the request of his fellow Weakend Warriors teammates, JB stated that his tournament team would like to join the Monday league as an OOA team, but play every week.  In speaking for the team, he indicated he felt this would help develop his team to be able to compete in tournaments, that it would give good competition to other league teams, and that they would be willing to provide any type of “consideration” to other teams, such as a 5-run equalizer, taking the last 2 players in the draft, etc.
Some Board members pointed out that the roster of the Weakend Warrior represents 36% of the local league players rated “1-3” and that 2 shortstops and 1-2 pitchers would not be available for the draft if this was to occur.  JH motioned and HA seconded that the Board will not accept any tournament team to play as a sanctioned team in the Monday league.  Motion passed 5-0.

15. HA Resigning from Board and Appointment of a New Board Member
a.  The Board, regretfully, accepted Hank’s 8/9/18 resignation from the Board, effective with the completion of this Board meeting.  (The Board extends its deepest gratitude and appreciation to Hank for taking on this role after the passing of league co-founder Bob Kapeller.  During the time he has served on the Board,
 Hank has always been engaged, prepared, inquisitive, seeking answers, offering ideas, and always looking for ways to make the league better.  While Hank remains with the league for the upcoming 2018-2019 year both as a player and manager, and for that we offer our thanks.  His presence and contributions on the Board will be greatly missed.)

b.  Former Board member Glenn Stevenson (GS) was approached about possible interest in returning as a Board member.  He gave an affirmative reply to this.  JH motioned and HA seconded to appoint GS, effective immediately after completion of this Board meeting, as a Monday league Board member replacing departing Board member HA.  Motion passed 4-0-1 (JH)
JH stated that until this meeting, he wasn’t aware that anyone had been contacted about replacing HA.  
He stated that anointing anyone to the Board position without the Board having a full discussion was inconsiderate, at the very least, to his having an opinion on the subject.  JH stated, in regard to GS coming back on the Board, that he simply would have liked to have asked him the reason(s) he originally resigned before officially voting to put him back.