August 20 & 22, 2018


Board Members: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS) (absent)

Local Managers: H. Alberts (HA) – via phone (SB); J. Ganley (JG); JH; E. Rushing (ER); K. Skidmore (KS);
R. Schemp (RS) – via phone (TJ)

Out-of-Area (OOA) Teams: North County – M. Karr (MK), B. Miller (BM);
Sammy’s Cafe – D. Gutierrez (DG)

GUESTS: R. Barnhart (RB); J. Buss (JB); J. Maples (JM); M. O’Donnell (MOD); L. Wood (LW)

1. Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Player Draft and Start of Fall 2018 Season
a.  Player Draft – currently 73 draftees; 15 pool players

b.  Managers – Alberts, Ganley, Schemp, Skidmore; recently added Hansell, Rushing

c.  Schedule – game/umpire schedule, rule changes posted on website.

2.  Draft List Changes (since 8/13/18 board meeting) and Other Personnel Changes
E-mailed draft list with board ratings (as of 8/15/18).     

Brian Allen, re-rated a 2 — OUT, hamstring

Kent Skidmore re-rated a 2 — injury. After all managers left, the Board agreed, without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board members present, that when KS is able to return to his normal shortstop position, that he will be rerated a “1” and that his 2nd round selection Ray Sikes will be rerated from a “1” to a “2.”

Tom Jelks will miss first 3 weeks — injury
Rick Kurianski will miss first half of season — hernia surgery
Rich Cruz – injured; expects to play 10/8, after Worlds    
David Woods (4) added to draft list on 8/17/18

Randy Gomez/Sammy’s Cafe — OUT, knee injury
Ken Perez available for all 8 teams as a pool player

Larry Hernandez added to umpire crew

3. Player Draft – 6 Local Teams – Rounds 1 & 2
Draft order selected by random drawing of 1-6 playing cards. Order of draft is: 1) JG; 2) ER: 3) HA;
4) JH; 5) KS; 6) RS. The first two rounds of the draft were completed in approximately 45 minutes.
The only change to the original 12 selections was by JG who had the 1st and 12th picks. With the 12th pick he initially selected J. Brunschmid. Prior to leaving the meeting he requested to change the 12th pick.
Since he also had the 13th pick in the draft, this was allowable. So, he selected P. Siniard with the 12th pick and J. Brunschmid with the 13th pick.

(Subsequent to the draft, SB posted the first 12 draft picks plus the “slots” in which the managers will be drafted on the league website.)

4. Rule /Procedure Changes/Clarifications
SB reviewed the following rule/procedure changes/clarifications for all managers and OOA representatives.
a. The 1-up home run rule has been clarified to state that the home team can go “1-up” in the open inning.

b. The current home run rule has been changed from 4 + 1-up and out to 5 + 1-up and single with runners advancing if forced.

c. The Board recently approved a rule which will require OOA team rosters to be reduced from a maximum of 14 to 12 roster players, through attrition, over time.

d. Lineup cards. Current rules require that each team complete a lineup card for each game.
Teams are not following this rule, and both SB and JH implored the team managers to follow this rule.
It’s important to have such a game record when dealing with proper player substitutions, batting out of order, etc.

(Subsequent to this Board/draft meeting, SB purchased lineup cards with triplicate copies.
One copy for manager filling out the card, one for the competing manager, and one for the umpire.)

5. Assigning New Players to a Team Policy
SB indicated to the OOA team representatives that this policy is being revised to include a section on OOA teams. Although the revisions have not been formally approved by the Board, it is anticipated that this will occur. SB informed the OOA teams that they must:
a. bat all players that they bring to the field to play.

b. over time, through attrition, reduce their approved maximum roster size from 14 to 12

c. have proposed new roster players attend, at least, two local batting practices so a majority of Board members can evaluate their level of play.

6. Sammy’s Cafe Roster Size
DG stated that he has 14 roster players with Randy Gomez, one of his long-time roster players out with an injury. He requested that the Board allow him to increase his roster size to 15 players when Gomez returns from injury. He stated that he didn’t want to penalize Gomez, who has been on the team for a number of years. He also stated that Tony Iavarone, 79 years old, was not an impact player and that he didn’t want to have to drop him either. He suggested that if this request wasn’t granted that his team could either play as an exhibition team or not at all. The Board addressed this issue after all team managers left the meeting. The Board has no interest in Sammy’s Cafe playing in the league as an exhibition team. The Board voted 3-1 (SB) to reject DG’s request to have a 15-player roster.
SB to inform DG of this decision.

7. OOA Teams and Geographic Restrictions Relative to Roster
A few participants in this meeting stated concern that there was no geographical limitation on the OOA teams when they add a new player to their roster. A question was asked when OOA teams first came into the league, did they do so on the basis of drawing roster players from a confined geographical area so as to allow car pooling, etc? JH answered yes to that question, but also stated that there never was a specific geographic limitation placed on any OOA teams. MK from NC stated that they pick up all of their roster players from the Stagecoach league. TJ suggested to them that they could go further south, Oceanside, etc. to pick up new players. DG gave no indication that he has roster players outside of his “original” geographic area. JH stated that since the Board began imposing tighter restrictions on the OOA teams a couple of years ago such as being responsible for placing final ratings on their players, and the recent requirement (over time) to reduce their rosters to 12 players, he doesn’t understand the concern about geography. If a “2” player from Upland leaves a roster and is replaced by a “2” (as sanctioned by the Board) from Thousand Oaks, why do we have concern where the player lives? No further action was taken on this issue at this time.

8. Local Team Roster Players Being Picked Up as Roster Players for OOA Teams
During the discussion in the topic of item 7. above, a question was asked of the Board if it would be acceptable for a local area roster player to be picked up as a roster player for an OOA team. The initial response was that there is no, current, specific, rule covering this item. The Board expressed its point of view that allowing this to occur, with some possible exceptions, would not be in the best interest of the league.
The league struggles to reach 72 players to form 6 local teams, so allowing this would be against the league’s best interest. This is to remain an open agenda for the Board to incorporate into league rules.

9. Playing Games on Labor Day 2018
While all team managers were present, the subject of playing league games on Labor Day was discussed.
SB noted that the league finished the spring 2018 season on July 9, that it was hot and, because of vacations, 18 local players were missing. With the stated objective of trying to finish the upcoming 2018-2019 seasons by the end of May 2019, the Board agreed at earlier Board meetings to play on Labor Day. SB was able to put together a compressed schedule, and only 2 doubleheaders/team to try to achieve this objective. A number of individuals, including KS, had problems with playing on this date. KS indicated that at least 8 of his tournament team members, who play in the Monday league, were not available to play on Labor Day.
As a compromise, SB modified the original Labor Day schedule by moving the 12 pm game to the following week resulting in only 2 time slots that day and moving the 9 am and 10:30 am games to earlier starts…8 am and 9:30 am This would get those who play the “late” game out by 11-11:30 am.
SB stated that he had communication in to Adrian Williams/BLD to confirm we could move the games up.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB spoke to Tom Lowry/BLD who indicated we could move the games up.
And, although there will be a 2-day tournament at BLD that weekend., Monday 9/3 will still be available.)


DRAFT ROUNDS 3 – 12 OF 2018-2019 DRAFT – 8/22/18

Board Members: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS) (absent)

Local Managers: H. Alberts (HA); J. Ganley (JG); JH; E. Rushing (ER); K. Skidmore (KS);
R. Schemp (RS) – via phone (TJ)

GUESTS: R. Barnhart (RB); J. Brunschmid (JBR); J. Buss (JB); M. O’Donnell (MOD)

1. SB Pre-draft Announcements
a.  New player Pat McDowell attended BP today. A number of league players saw him at BP and the consensus is that he is a “4/5”. The Board voted 4-0 to include McDowell in the draft which makes the draft final total of 74 players. This means that 2 players will not be drafted and will be placed on the waiting list and in the pool.

b.  SB heard from Adrian Williams/BLD. The tournament on Labor Day weekend at BLD will be 2 days, so we are moving forward to play league games on Labor Day, 9/3.

c.  SB stated that after early fall 2018 season expenditures (week 1 umpire fees, lineup cards), our league checking account balance is $46.48. Because of this, he requested that managers attempt to obtain as many of the league fees, as possible, on Monday, 8/27.

2.  Player Draft
a. The draft was completed. 72 players were selected.

b. Dennis Phistry and Mike Wiemer were not selected during the draft and have been placed on the waiting list and in the pool. SB will inform the two players. (Subsequent to the draft both were informed.)

c. One trade was completed before the meeting/draft was adjourned. Team C (manager HA) traded Mike Daniels to Team F (manager RS) for Larry Wood. The players will assume the rating of the player for whom they were traded.

d. Subsequent to the draft, SB completed sheets showing the full rosters for all teams and the complete draft order selections by round. He posted these items on the league website.

3. Step Stools
No longer requiring them for his business, ER offered to give two step stools to the league. The league graciously accepted and thanked Ed for his generosity.

4. Team Color Selections
By policy, teams select team colors in reverse draft order.
The color selections are:
a. Team F (RS) – Royal Blue
b. Team E (KS) – Gray
c. Team D (JH) – White
d. Team C (HA) – Black
e. Team B (ER) – Powder Blue
f. Team A (JG) – Red