November 26, 2018


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS)

1. League Players
    Dave Neal (rated a 3 last season) to player pool, but not to waiting list —- 10/11.
 SB believes he may be ready to play next season.
    Dan Fallon (2) replaced Jack Buss (2), who is out due to knee surgery, on Better Red Than Dead —- 10/16.
    Mike Swearingen, Mustangs 65AAA, age 70, needs to attend a practice and get rated —- 11/6.

2. Rules & Policies
The following rules and policies were updated/posted on our website, reflecting the changes agreed to
 at the 10/10/18 board meeting regarding assigning new Out-of-Area (OOA) players to a team:

    a. Assigning New Players to a Team Policy
    b. Pool Player Policy
    c. Rating Procedure for Local Players
    d. Rules-Fall 2018 (4.b. and 5.)

3. AED (defibrillator)
    a.  SB contacted league managers; re. a list of players familiar with the operation and use of the AED.
         A – Brunschmid, McCoy, B – Bullington, Rushing, C – none, D – Fagan,

         E – Gambold, Jankowski, O’D, Pickett,  F – none, SC – Katosta, Kluck, NC –
    b.  AED Program Manager
    This topic remains an open agenda item.

4. “Local Teams” Equalizer/13th Player vs. OOA Teams 
This topic has been addressed in numerous recent Board meetings, without full resolution, so the Board agreed to fully and completely address this topic.
Options for rule changes to consider when a local team has its full 12-man roster:
    a.  5-run equalizer
    b.  allowing a 13th player to be added
    c.  neither a. nor b.; i.e. no change to existing rule
JH motioned and TJ seconded to add a rule to give “local” teams a 5-run equalizer when playing OOA teams.
Motion failed 0-5.

JH motioned and TJ seconded that “local” teams be permitted to add a 13th player (any rating level) when playing OOA teams. This rule change will take effect for the Spring 2019 season and beyond.
Motion passed 4-1 (JH).
JH does not support this change as adding a 13th player will take playing time, both offensively and defensively away from certain roster players.  He also stated that given the records of both OOA teams, this type of action is not warranted.

5. Other Agenda Items
     a. Lost & Found page removed from website.
         More effective to e-mail ALL league players regarding lost and found items.
     b. Palm Springs weekend league is looking for players.  Contact Bill Gombos, 760-641-1003.
    League starts in December.

6. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT3) 2019
     a. SB contacted Tom Lowry/BLD; re. tournament date. The date for the tournament is firm for
         Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019 with a backup date of Wednesday, Mar 6, 2019.

    b. BKMT3 is now listed under Recreational Tournaments on the SSUSA website.

    c.  Teams, – per SB, so far 11 teams have committed. SB again indicated that 20 teams is the ideal number of team participants, but we could accommodate up to 22.  
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, a 12th and 13th team were added on 11/29 and a 14th team was added on 11/30.)

   d.  Umpires, so far 15 games covered:
We presently have 3 umpires identified covering the above referenced 15 games. We need 3 more umpires. TJ will contact Rodney Hunt to, hopefully, pick up the remaining 3 needed umpires. Each umpire will be assigned to a specific field, and each will umpire from 4-6 games. SB will contact R. Barnhart and C. Pickett regarding being back-up umpires.

   e.  Allow teams in the 60+ Division and REC Division to have a maximum number of players ages 55-59.
Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, it was agreed that 60 Division teams will be comprised of players from the Monday league —- regular league players/pool/waiting list.
Currently, Weakend Warriors and Sammy’s Cafe comprise two of the, hopefully, four teams in this division.  TJ will try to put together two other 60 Division teams.

  f.  Since we will not be having an opening ceremony for the BKMT, it was agreed that we would have a picture of Bob Kapeller, along with a brief writeup on Bob to be placed at the “sign-up” table.  
JH will do a writeup on Bob.