January 4, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS)
GUEST: R. Barnhart (RB)

1. General League Information
Big 5 Sporting Goods XMAS gift cards were given to umpires Darin and Dennis on December 17, 2018.

2. Rules & Policies
The rule adopted at the 11/26/18 board meeting permitting a “local” team playing with its full 12-man roster to add a 13th player (any rating level) when playing out-of-area (OOA) teams was rescinded at the 12/17/18 Board meeting and was reflected in the Board meeting minutes on that date.

Significant discussion took place as to the continued viability/necessity of maintaining the current “equalizer” rule allowing “local teams” to add a third “1” when playing OOA teams.  Part of this discussion was a reiteration that the Board approved, in its 8/13/18 Board meeting to require, through attrition, both OOA teams to reduce their official rosters to 12 players.  TJ motioned and JH seconded that the current “equalizer” rule relative to OOA teams be eliminated at such time as each OOA official team roster is reduced to 12 players.  Motion passed 5-0.  SB to inform league managers.

3. AED (defibrillator)
a.  SB contacted league managers; re. a list of players familiar with the operation and use of the AED.

b.  AED Program Manager
SB e-mailed some of those players requesting a volunteer(s) to assume the duties of the AED Program Manager.  He received no responses.

Considerable time spent discussing the efficacy of the AED program. In the last year or so, routine maintenance checking of the AED and responsibility to get the AED to the appropriate venues has been spotty. The general consensus of the Board is that if we can’t find someone(s) to assume responsibility for the AED, then it is not worth the risk of having the AED available. JH will draft an e-mail to be sent to all league players, describing the status of the program and that we may eliminate the program if we don’t find volunteers. 
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH sent a writeup on this subject to SB for distribution to all league players; distributed on 1/7/19.)

We have, typically, held AED training for league players in January.  We will hold off in that regard to see if we receive any player response on this matter.

4. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT3) 2019

a. Awards: SB e-mailed plaque information to Tom Jadwin.  However, we will continue with David Willey/ColorMagic as in past years. Better deal.

b. Teams: So far, 17 teams (1 paid) 
Other possibilities: Monday League team, Menifee League team.  Ron Barnhart (RB), who has agreed to manage a Monday team (to be identified as 60M) has 8 players identified, including 3 players under age 60.
TJ will attempt to find a manager to put together a second Monday 60’s team.  SB has been in contact with the manager of Launchers Softball (AZ) who identifies his team as a 60AA.  The Launchers have committed to come to the tournament and is included in the 17 number above.  RB has contacts in the AZ area, so he‘ll make some calls to determine if this team is truly 60AA.  If a second Monday 60’s team can be put together, the 60’s bracket could include 2 Monday teams, Weakend Warriors, and either Sammy’s Cafe or the Launchers.

If we are able to get the two Monday teams and a Menifee team, we will be at our target of 20 teams.
Without vote, but with unanimous consensus of the Board, it was agreed that 60’s teams, when playing other 60’s teams will follow SSUSA rules and use a 1-1 count.

SB e-mailed Bill Gombos/President Palm Springs league; re. their participation in BKMT3 – can’t field a team.

c. Umpires: So far, 20 (of 30) games are covered (6 Morehouse, 5 Hernandez, 4 Rossi; 3 REC Trice, 2 REC Fuhrmann).
Need to cover 10 more games by Rodney Hunt’s (RH) guys – 3, 3, and 4). TJ will contact RH.

Backup umpires – SB, RB, JH, etc.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, Hernandez dropped out.  SB replaced him with Dennis Eller.

Still need to cover 10 more games with RH’s guys.)

d. Recommendation: Allow teams in the 60+ Division and REC Division to have a maximum of 3 players ages 55-59.  Allow 70+ tournament teams playing in the REC division to have a maximum of 6 players ages 55-69.  Without vote, but with unanimous consensus of the Board, both recommendations agreed to.

5. 2019 Spring Season

a. Schedule, standings, rules, rosters, player ratings have been updated and posted on our league website.

b. A $45/player league fee for Spring 2019 includes a current surplus of $377.58, annual insurance payments, new balls for the Spring season, estimated $400 for screen repair (3 screens), and payment of $50 to RS for 5 dozen BP balls.  This will leave us with an estimated surplus of $339.56.  JH motioned and TJ seconded that the Board adopt a league fee of $45/player for the Spring 2019 season.  Motion passed 5-0.

c. The 2019 Spring Season will start on January 14 and end on May 13, followed by a single-elimination tournament on May 20.
We will play on MLK Day, Jan 21. We will not play on Presidents’ Day, Feb 18 and Memorial Day, May 27.

d. Assuming no rainouts/cancellations, each local team will play one (1) doubleheader.

e. SB e-mailed the schedule to BLD/Adrian Williams, Tom Lowry.

f. RS to provide 5 doz new Rock Softballs and 2 doz used Rock softballs by 2nd day of season, January 21.

g. TJ will undertake the necessary pitching screen repairs.  The Board and league express their thanks and appreciation to TJ for routinely taking on this thankless job.

h. 2019 insurance

On 11/17/18, JH contacted Stephanie Hopkins (SH), insurance coordinator for SSUSA regarding our league insurance.  He received a response the same day indicating that the insurance broker would not have the certificates available until mid-December, 2018.
She indicated that once received, she would send the certificates and the invoice to JH.  JH had not received a response, so on 1/2/19 he sent an e-mail to SH, who responded on the same day by e-mail the new certificates of insurance and invoice to JH.  JH will forward a copy of the invoice to SB for payment.
(Subsequent to Board meeting, SB mailed the payment to SSUSA.)

6. SSUSA 2019 Rules Changes/Additions/Clarifications to Consider
Most of the changes made were minor in nature or simple clarifications, and not necessary to vote on.
  One rule change worth looking at follows:
§7.3(1) • OBLITERATING THE BATTER’S BOX – Removes the “out” for first offense, with an automatic ejection for first offense, to read: Any player A batter, in the umpire’s judgment, deliberately erasing any portion of the batter’s box will be called out.  A second offense by the same player will result in the player’s ejection ejected from the game. • PASSED: 10‐1‐1.
The Board felt that while this rule change was somewhat understandable, the penalty was too harsh. JH motioned and TJ seconded that MVUDSS retain the SSUSA rule on this matter that existed just prior to this change.  Motion passed 5-0.

7. League Players

a. Hank Alberts (HA), Manager Hankster’s Gangsters, quit league via e-mail on 12/11/18. Mike Wiemer (6) moved from the pool/waiting list to replace HA (5) as a player, starting in the 2019 Spring Season, 1/14/19.

Eric Morrison will serve as acting manager.

b. SB contacted Bill McPhillips (5)/Whitey Fjords on 12/27.  He is recovering from triple bypass surgery.
  He was removed from Whitey Fjords and placed on the DL for the spring season.
  SB contacted Bill Bennett (5)/Royal PITA on 12/27.  He has knee problems and was removed from Royal PITA and placed in the player pool for the spring season.
These two players were replaced by Mike Morrison (MM) (5), added to league on 12/27, Kamikaze 60AAA, OF, Tue/Thu league, attended a BP on 12/14, 5 rating by SB/JH and Brad Huard (BH) (4), added to league 12/27, OF, pre-2018 fall season board rating).
A coin toss occurred between Whitey Fjords/JH and Royal PITA/RS to determine player placement.  JH won the coin toss and selected BH.  MM will be placed on Royal PITA.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH spoke to BH and SB spoke to MM.)

c. Brian Allen (BA) added to player pool.  Text message request from BA on12/14/18.

d. By e-mail request on 12/16/18, due to work schedule, Dave Neal has been removed from the player pool.

e. Fred Gershkoff is leaving North County as result of physical problems. North County, through attrition, are now at their maximum roster of 12 players.

f. Mike Swearingen, Mustangs 65AAA, contacted SB 11/6 re. joining the league, but has not yet attended a BP.  Still working.

g. Keith Benjamin wants to join the league as a pool player.  Lives in Orange County, on Sommerville 55M+, plays IF(SS). RB and TJ know him.  A very strong “1”.

h. Bob Miller, Manager North County (NC) texted SB on 12/31/18 resigning from the team and the league.
Don Chandler will be the new NC manager.