January 23, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS)
ABSENT: J. Hansell (JH)
GUEST: R. Barnhart (RB), Mike Graves (MG), Kent Skidmore (KS)

1. AED (defibrillator)

a. SB e-mailed a request (written by JH) for AED Program Manager/AED Unit Coordinator volunteer(s) to 92 league players on 1/7/19.  Only two responses – Mike Fagan, Mike Graves)

b. SB motioned and GS seconded to modify the AED Unit Coordinator’s duties in the AED Policy as follows:
“transporting the AED to all league sanctioned events games.
ensuring that the AED unit is fully functional (battery, pads) according to the AED Program
 Manager direction prior to transportation.”

BPs will not be considered as a league sanctioned event. Motion passed 5-0 (including JH’s proxy).

c. At an impromptu 1/18 meeting with TJ, MG, and SB, the following assignments
 were made as to perform the duties described in the AED Policy:
TJ and MG will assume the duties of the AED Program Manager; except that Mike Fagan (MF)
 will assume the on-going training, documenting, and identifying potential AED users.
SB will assume the duties of the AED Unit Coordinator.
SB motioned and GS seconded to accept these assignments. Motion passed 5-0 (including JH’s proxy).

Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, it was agreed that the AED would be checked every month
 and that a quarterly report would be submitted to the Board at the end of the month (starting in March).

d. SB motioned and GS seconded to schedule a training clinic on Monday, February 4 at 10:30 (immediately after the 9:00 games) with
 the remaining games slipping a half hour. All 8 teams will be playing on that date. Motion passed 4-0. 
 SB will contact MF regarding conducting this training clinic.
(Subsequent to the meeting, MF confirmed that he will be available.)

2. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT3 2019)
a. Status
Teams, max. 22 teams have reserved/requested a spot in the tournament.
5 teams added since last board meeting:
(1) RB – Barny’s 60+ Div. team, manager RB
(2) TJ – Tom’s 60+ Div. team, manager TJ
(3) God’s Warriors REC team, managers John Sennett, Ed Nicholls, Randy Schaaf

(4) Top Gun Olde Dawgs 70AA, managers Rick Fisher/Myron Pembrook —- verbally, 1/14
(5) So. Cal Warriors 70AAA, manager Tony Avila —- e-mail, 1/16
SB e-mailed managers encouraging early submittal of tournament fees to get an accurate team count.
 So far, 3 teams have submitted their fees. (Subsequent to the meeting, 2 more teams submitted their fees.)

SB prepared both a 20-team and a 22-team tournament schedule.

RB contacted Ron Guagenti (RG), manager of the Launchers Softball team from Peoria, AZ, to determine the
 team’s rating since it is not listed on the SSUSA website. They appear to be a very good 60AAA team;
 however, RG is still attempting to field a team to travel to southern California. If he is unable to do so,
 Sammy’s Cafe may be moved into the 60+ Division.
(Subsequent to the meeting, RG confirmed that he will be able to field a team.)

b. Assignments
TJ – Umpires – If 20 teams, need to cover 10 more games with Rodney Hunt’s guys on 3 fields – 3, 3, and 4
20 (of 30) games covered (6 Morehouse, 5 Rossi, 4 Eller; 3 REC Trice, 2 REC Fuhrmann)

If 22 teams, need to cover 9 more games with Rodney Hunt’s guys on 2 fields – 5, 4
24 (of 33) games covered (6 Morehouse, 5 Rossi, 5 Eller; 2 REC Trice, 2 REC Fuhrmann; 2 Barnhart,
 1 Smith or Benedict, 1 TBD)
Backup umpires – Joe, Steve, etc.

TJ – HR Derby
TJ – Bob Kapeller photos and memorabilia

JH – Bob Kapeller writeup

RS – Softballs
3 doz new Rock softballs, 2.5 doz used Rock softballs
RS – 50-50 Raffle Tickets

c. Rules
SB updated Rules with 1-1 count for 60+ Division teams.

SB motioned and RS seconded to limit all teams in the 60+ Division to 5 over-the-fence HRs.
After both teams hit 5 HRs, then 1-up rule will be invoked.
The home team may go 1 up in the open inning(s). Each HR over the limit is a single with runners advancing
only if forced. Motion passed 4-0.
SB will update Rules regarding HR limit for 60+ Division teams.

3. 2019 Spring Season
a. Status
TJ completed repairs on pitching screens.
JH received insurance certificates. SB sent check to SSUSA, 1/6/19.

b. Assignments
RS – Softballs
5 doz new Rock Softballs, 2 doz used Rock softballs, 5 doz BP softballs.
Note: 3.5 doz of these balls will be used during BKMT3 HR Derby.

c. Discussed the need for another umpire to be added to current umpire staff (Darin Rossi, Dennis Morehouse).
Jerry Smith’s name came up.

d. Board rated out-of-area team players.

Sammy’s Cafe
1 Iannone
1 McKenney
2 Haldorson
3 Kluck
2 Gunns
3 Hernandez
2 Hill
3 Benedict
3 Mangiapane
5 Katosta
4 Swick
5 Gutierrez
6 Iavarone
4 Patterson

North County
1 Guthrie
1 Karr
2 Aumann
2 Teeter
3 Stitch
3 Basta
2 Woolsey
3 Chandler
2 Jones
5 Milo
4 Perez