February 8, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS)
GUESTS: R. Barnhart (RB); M. Ruddell (MR)

1. AED (Defibrillator)
SB updated the AED Unit Coordinator’s duties in the AED Policy as follows: “transporting the AED to all league sanctioned events games. ensuring that the AED unit is fully functional (battery, pads) according to the AED Program Manager direction prior to transportation.”  AED training clinic will be conducted by Mike Fagan on March 4.

2. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament 2019
a. Teams – 2 teams added since last board meeting:
    1) Waiting List – So. Cal Warriors 65AAA, manager David Delgadillo —- e-mail, 1/31
     Top Gun 80 Gold, manager Don McCage —- e-mail, 2/2

    2) 60+ Division – equalizers –
SB received the Launchers Softball (AZ) roster on 2/5. RB reviewed the roster and identified 5 players under age 60.  After a significant amount of discussion regarding age 60 and under players on some of the teams, by general consensus and compromise, the following was agreed to. 60+ division teams being managed by RB, TJ, and the Launchers will be classified as 60 Major and will play each other straight up.  The Weakend Warriors, also in this division, will be classified as 60AAA and will have the option of receiving 5 runs or an 11th defensive player.

b. Status
    1) So far, 11 teams have submitted their tournament fees, with nine (9) days remaining until the deadline.

    2) TJ/SB – Umpires – Assuming 22 teams, all 33 games covered as follows:

        (6 Morehouse, 5 Eller, 4 Rossi, 3 REC Trice, 3 REC Fuhrmann, 2 Barnhart, 1 Smith, 5 Norkin, 4 Katz)

        Backup umpires – Joe, Steve, etc.

    3) TJ – HR Derby –
TJ announced that there will be a format change to the HR Derby.  We will do away with HR rounds. Instead, initially, there will be no balls/strikes.  A participant will have 5 “strikes” (i.e. any ball that does not go over the fence for a HR) in which to hit as many HRs as possible.  If participants are tied after this initial effort, the same process will apply except utilizing 3 “strikes”.  GS proposed that there be some financial “incentive” for a participant to enter more than one HR Derby age category.  It was unanimously agreed to by the Board, without vote, to charge the following fee schedule for someone participating in multiple HR Derby categories: $20/$10/$10.

    4) TJ – Bob Kapeller photos and memorabilia

    5) JH – Bob Kapeller writeup – JH in process of drafting.

    6) RS – Softballs – 3 doz new Rock softballs, 2.5 doz used Rock softballs —- $55/doz new Rock softballs.

    7) RS – 50-50 Raffle Tickets

    8) SB – contacted Tim LeBlanc/CEO “4 Paws 4 Patriots” on 2/2 and invited him to the tournament.

         He indicated that he will attend.

    9) SB – received 5 Division Champions and 3 HR Derby Winner plaques from David Willey on 2/5.

c. Rules – SB updated the Rules for 60+ Division teams regarding limiting over-the-fence HRs to 5 then a single (with runners advancing/scoring only if forced), then 1-up.

d. Schedule – rainouts/cancellations contingency plans —- 3/6 backup date in the event of a rainout on 2/27.

3. 2019 Spring Season
a. Status
RS – Softballs – 5 doz new Rock Softballs, 2 doz used Rock softballs, 1 doz BP softballs needed.
Note: 4 doz of these balls will be used during the BKMT3 HR Derby.
  SB currently has 1 doz new, 1 doz used, and RS has provided 1 doz (Stote) balls for BP.
League will owe RS for the balls once he has received them from SSUSA.

b. We need to add another umpire to the current umpire staff (Darin Rossi, Dennis Morehouse) — SB spoke to Jerry Smith about umpiring.  Smith is considering.  SB will rotate 3 umpires if Smith decides to join us.

c. Out-of-area (OOA) team ratings – The Board has agreed on the player ratings for the OOA teams.
  SB will reflect these ratings on the league website.

d. Schedule – rainouts/cancellations contingency plans
We have had 3 rainouts out of the first four weeks of the spring season.
  As of today, the final date of the spring season has slipped 3 weeks to 6/10.  To accommodate this, SB has scheduled local teams for two doubleheaders.
RS raised the issue of the difficulty in picking up players if local teams are scheduled for split doubleheaders.  SB will adjust the schedule to preclude that from happening.  The Board agreed unanimously, without vote, that if rained out on 2/11/19, we will slip the entire schedule one week with the spring season to end on 6/17/19.

4. League Players
a. On 1/25, Jack Buss (JB), was rated a “5” and placed in the player pool;
On 1/25, Robb Braun (RBR), Tues/Thurs league, was rated a “5” and placed in the player pool and waiting list.

b. On 1/25, SB contacted Rick Kurianski (RK), rated a “3” on Royal PITA.  RK has a fractured ankle and will be out for 6-8 weeks.  He was placed in the player pool and waiting list. Brian Allen (BA) , rated a “2”, from the pool and waiting list replaced RK on Royal PITA.

c. Al Underwood was rated at this meeting by RB/RS/GS, who know him as a “2”, and will be placed in the pool.
  A friend of Underwood’s John Galati(sp?), Top Gun Thunder 60AAA, who attended BP, needs to be seen to rate.

d. Brad Huard (BH), rated a “4” on Whitey Fjords, gave notice to JH on 2/6 that he had to resign from the league due to health reasons.  BH had replaced Bill McPhillips, who had been rated a “5”. RBR, rated a “5” and the only eligible waiting list player to put in this open slot, was assigned to Whitey Fjords.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH contacted RBR.)

e. SB found out today that David Woods (DW), rated a “2”, from Hankster’s Gangsters, is quitting the league.  With the managerial void as a result of the departure of Hank Alberts (HA), TJ contacted both Eric Morrison (EM) regarding the managerial duties and JB regarding possibly playing and assisting in managing Hankster’s Gangsters.  EM said that he would manage, but did not really want to, and JB said he would both play (thus also going on the waiting list, effective today) and assist in managing.  The Board, via general consensus, rated JB a “4”.  Although it was not required for Hankster’s Gangsters to take a player rated two lower than the departed player, such a replacement was acceptable to the managers (EM/JB) and the Board.  JB was, therefore, assigned to Hankster’s Gangsters, replacing DW.