March 27, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS)
GUEST: R. Barnhart (RB)

1. AED (Defibrillator)
AED training clinic was conducted by Mike Fagan on March 11.  There were 34 attendees.

2. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT) 2019 Closeout
a. Status
Net profit of $4,500 was presented by SB to Diane Barr, executive assistant to Tim LeBlanc/CEO 4P4P, on 3/6.

The tournament ended up with 23 participating teams and 3 teams on the waiting list.

Lost significant number of softballs.  4 HRD balls and upwards of approximately 44 game balls.

b. Lessons Learned
For future tournaments, we need to minimize the scheduling of board members playing in first and last games in order to be available to handle “issues” which may occur during those periods of time.

SB proposed that future BKMTs be moved to a Tuesday, starting at 8 am.  Significant discussion took place on this.  SB indicated that such a move would really only impact the Hemet and Menifee teams, and in the case of the Menifee team, would only impact 8-10 of the Menifee players.  JH felt that Wednesday should remain the day of the tournament: 1) there are a number of players on tournament teams which participate in the tournament whose players play in leagues on Tuesday/Thursday; 2) both Menifee and Hemet recreation teams have been tournament participants since the beginning and we should not make it difficult for those teams to participate.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to leave the tournament on a Wednesday.

SB was asked if 20 teams was an ideal target and 22 teams as a maximum target and he indicated yes.
Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to have a maximum of 20 teams in the tournament, have the start time at 8 am, and to increase the team fee from $285 to $300 on the possibility of having T-shirts awarded to the team division winners.  Without a final decision, the Board agreed to look into purchasing T-shirts.
(Subsequent to the meeting, SB reviewed previously-generated 20- and 22-game BKMT schedules and found that both finish at the same time; but more important, the 22-game schedule allows more flexibility in providing balanced divisions for the 70+ and 75+ teams.  Therefore, the maximum number of teams should be limited to 22 (instead of 20).)

3. 2019 Spring Season
a. Status
(1) We have been “losing” an inordinate amount of BP balls.  Some of the Board members recently supplied used Trump STOTE balls to be used for BP. Balls are still being “lost”.  Board members agreed unanimously, without vote, to begin supplying used Dudley, etc. balls for BP.  There was discussion that the League no longer supply BP balls on game days.  While that was not officially acted on in this meeting, that will remain a possibility if BP balls continue to be “misplaced”.

(2) The Board discussed the possibility of replacing Trump Rock softballs as the league softball with Trump STOTE microcell softballs after using up the Rocks currently on hand.  The new microcell is the ball that SSUSA now uses for all of its tournaments, except for Las Vegas tournaments.  The microcell balls are approximately $7/doz cheaper than the Rock balls.  Before making a final decision, the Board agreed that it would like league player input on this subject.  SB will send a text or e-mail to league managers asking them to poll their players on this matter.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, an e-mail was sent requesting inputs by April 8.)

(3) League Rule 16: Base Runner Safety Rule
JH indicated that this rule, as written, requires that a runner, vacating either 1B or 3B because of safety issue with a batter, return to the bag after each pitch and leave the bag after each pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand.
  He feels that the batter should be required to leave the bag after the first pitch leaves the pitcher’s hand and return to the bag only when advancing to the next base.
SB believes the current application of the rule should apply as he feels the runner will be more “alert” from a safety perspective if he has to go back to the bag before each pitch.  JH motioned and GS seconded to change League Rule 16, paragraph 3 that the runner need not return to the bag between pitches.
Motion passed 4-1 (SB).  SB will modify the rule on the league website.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, the rule was modified.)

b. Assignments
Still need another umpire to be added to current umpire staff.  SB has not heard back from Jerry Smith.

RB will contact some Big League Dreams umpires about possible interest in umpiring.

4. League Players
Anthony Paschal (AP) “1”/Whitey Fjords moved/moving to Oakland?  He never returned JH’s e-mails/voice mails/texts.
On 3/11, Board notified by JH that AP was being dropped from Whitey Fjords and the league.

On 3/12, SB called Keith “Benjie” Benjamin “1”, who lives in Lake Forest, to replace AP.
 He never returned call.

3/13, Gio Venittelli (GV) to pool (WL?), at BP on 3/13. GV had been rated a “2” when he last played in the league a few years ago. Based on the fact that he has not played much in the last few years, the unanimous consensus of the Board, without vote, was to rate him a “3.”  Need to verify whether he wants to be on the waiting list or just the pool.

On 3/15, John Maples (JM) “3”/Whitey Fjords contacted JH to tell him he was quitting the team/league.

JH notified the Board on the same day that JM should be dropped from the team/league.
This created two openings on Whitey Fjords for a “1” and a “3”.

Al Underwood (AU) (C, 63) and John Gullatta (JG) (RF, 61), both on Top Gun Thunder 60AAA, were at BP on 3/15.
They are only joining the league if both can be placed on teams.  They carpool from Chula Vista and Poway.

By general consensus of the Board, without vote, AU was rated a “2” and JG was rated a “4”.

AU and JG are the only two players currently on the waiting list who can be put on a team.  Following league policy Assigning New Players To A Team, both players were placed on Whitey Fjords, with AU (“2”) replacing AP (“1”), and JG (“4”) replacing JM (“3”).

5. Secure League Website
Prior to the start of the Board meeting, GS informed SB/JH that we may be required, at some time in the near future, to go to a “secure” website at a cost of approximately $75 annually (on a 2-year contract).
This topic was neglected to be raised during the meeting.