February 5, 2018




IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS)

  1. Action Items from 1/24/2018 Meeting


    Call Mike Feeney, re. first pitch at BKMT opening ceremonies – 1/25 – DONE

    Ask Linda Rushing and Tammy Allen to help out at BKMT tables – 1/22 & 1/25, both YES -— DONE E-mail managers, re. tourney fee deadline 2/11/18 – sent on 2/5/18 -— DONE

    HA – If RS can’t field a team, try to get 1 more 60+ or 65+ team from Palm Springs. Others to waiting list. — DONE Unnecessary. RS was successful.

    RS – Get raffle tickets (a separate set for 50-50) —- DONE

    Put together a 65AAA team for the 65AAA division —- DONE

    TJ – Get 3 professional umpires to cover 12 games (4 games/umpire for $100/umpire)

    —- Darin Rossi, Dennis Morehouse, Chuck Wachter —- DONE


  2. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament


    20 teams (firm) – NEW – 1/25,Top Gun Patriots 70AAA/John Spadea (no longer a MAYBE) 1/27, OC Mustangs/Ernie Stucki 65AAA

    X/X, RS’s Monday League Team/Rod Schemp 65AAA

    8 total PAID – deadline 2/11/18

    includes 2 teams paid since last board meeting

    —- 1/29, OC Mustangs/Ernie Stucki 65AAA – PAID; 1/29, Top Gun Mavericks/Don Chandler 65M – PAID

    Discussed allowing players age 55-59 to play in the 60+ division. Agreed to spread these players throughout the four teams in this division to maintain parity.


    SB – pay David Willey for awards/8 plaques —- DONE

    contact Ken LePore, re. 3 or 4-man Honor Guard —- DONE get volunteer umpires to cover 18 games -— DONE generate game/umpire schedule —- DONE

    post schedule on website —- will post on weekend prior to the tournament see Adrian, re. BLD waivers —-

    bring to park:

    6 boxes (5 new Rock balls, 5 used Rock balls, pen) 6 clipboards (scorecard, rules, umpire info)

    8 plaques

    BLD scoreboards (6)

    bulletin boards (standings, schedule, rules, HR Derby rules)

    clipboard with all forms (speech, standings, schedule, rules, HR Derby rules, umpire info)

    HA – continue collecting entry fees —

    RS – 2.5 doz. new Rock balls and 2.5 doz. used Rock balls for tourney —-

    3.5 doz. new Rock balls for HR Derby (will save for league games; league will pay) —- 2 pitching screens for 70+ M/REC division

    TJ – sign up players for HR Derby —

    a 3rd pitching screen for HR Derby —-

    All – get raffle prizes —- let Steve know when you get a prize; he will maintain a list, sell raffle tickets —- $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5

    Post-tourney assignments —- tabled

  3. Spring 2018 Season – New Players

    Previous Monday league players, John Renwick and Cooly Smith, are coming back into the league.

    Renwick wants to only be a pool player. Smith wants to be a pool player and be wait-listed to be put on a team. After discussion, it was agreed that Renwick would be rated a “5” and Smith would be rated a “2”.


  4. Spring 2018 Season – Assigning Players to Teams

    SB indicated the following, current, waiting list order: Hixon, Waite, Cole, Kurianski, Parris, and Smith. (Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB contacted Waite who indicated he only wants to be in the pool.

    He will be removed from waiting list.) TJ indicated he is not yet ready to be placed in the pool or waiting list. SB indicated that J. Buss lost two players, J. Cannon (6) and Ray Moore (4). E. Rushing lost D. MacRae (4).

    SB stated since J. Buss team dropped below 11 players, he will get first player assigned. That would be Cole. Since all three players who left the league left on the same day, and since both teams are equally entitled to pick up a “4”, the selection of the remaining two “4s” was determined by a coin toss. Buss won the toss and selected Kurianski. Parris was then placed on Rushing’s team.

    SB will notify the managers in question.


  5. SSUSA Rule Change – 1-1 Count

    SSUSA recently changed the pitch count rule for the 50-60 age categories. For a one year trial basis, those age groups will go to a 1-1 count plus a waste pitch. JH motioned and SB seconded that the MVUDSS league adopt the new SSUSA pitch count rule. Motion failed 1 (TJ)-4.


  6. Playoff Structure

    HA stated that a number of players had commented/complained that the out-of-area (OOA) teams always make the playoffs, and based on current playoff format, this results in 6 local teams fighting for two playoff spots.

    They feel this is inherently unfair. JH voiced strong disagreement to opening the playoffs to more teams.

    TJ motioned and HA seconded, effective with the Spring 2018 season, that the playoffs be expanded to include all 8 teams in a single-elimination one-day playoff. Motion passed 3-2 (SB/JH). SB and JH felt that if this change was going to take place that the team with the best regular season record be declared league champion, and that the playoff be “labeled” something else. Without vote, but by general consensus of the Board, the latter was not agreed to. The winner of the playoff would be declared the league champion.


  7. Increase Local Team Rosters to 13 Players

    Discussed the pros-cons of allowing the 6 local teams to add a 13th player when playing the OOA teams. This would permit those 6 local teams to add a third “1” when playing OOA teams, even if it has its full contingent of 12 players. It was agreed, without vote, to not consider this change for the Spring 2018 season. This item is tabled.


  8. Number of Monday League Board Members

HA indicated that a number of players had queried him about why MVUDSS league does not increase the number of Board members. The history of the Monday League Board size was explained to HA, including the fact that the Board did have 7 members at one time and why it was reduced back to 5. It was unclear if those asking HA were interested, themselves, in becoming Board members. The Board suggested to HA that he speak to any of those players who asked about this and let them know that they are welcome to attend a Board meeting, at any time, where they would be free to express their questions and interest on the subject.