May 11, 2018




IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS) – late arrival
ABSENT: H. Alberts (HA)

GUESTS: A. Bullington (AB); G. Stevenson (GS); J. Blanscet (JB)

  1. AED – Defibrillator – Andy Bullington (AB)

    AB was asked to attend this meeting as we are in need for assistance with the AED program. SB was impressed with AB’s knowledge of the equipment during the league’s recent AED training. AB indicated that he would give consideration to assisting with the AED program, but not before speaking to the league’s AED Program Manager, Mike Fagan (MFe). AB said he would speak to MFe sometime during Monday league games on 5/14/18 and would inform SB of the results of those discussions.


  2. League Website – Glenn Stevenson (GS)

    GS indicated that the Microsoft software being used for our website on the existing server at San Jacinto College is not conducive to upgrade. As a result, there have been too many times when the system/server is down and he is unable to make any corrections (i.e. if the server goes down over the weekend, he is unable to get at the server until start of the week.) As a result, he is going to move the server to his house, where the server will be dedicated to the league website. He will be switching from Word Press to DNN. He indicates that there will be better up time and, if the server goes down, he will be able to react more quickly to resolving the problem. He did indicate that there will be some “learning” required for SB in terms of operating the new website. On behalf of the Board, JH thanked GS for all the work he has done over the years on maintaining the league website.


  3. Use of Same Balls during League Games – Jim Blanscet (JB)

    JB raised concern that in a recent league game that one team ended up using (hitting) the Tattoo ball, while

    its opponent used (hit) the Rock ball. His primary concern was not so much which ball was used, but that both teams play (hit) on an equal playing field with the same ball. JH motioned and TJ seconded that, starting with the second half of the Spring 2018 season (5/14/18), we cease using the Tattoo ball for league games and only use Rock balls (new and backup.) Motion passed 4-0. (RS not in attendance, but SB had HA’s proxy on this vote.) JH motioned and TJ seconded that if we are unable to purchase/obtain new Rock balls, that we do not use Tattoo balls for games, but instead, use the best available Rock balls for games. Motion passed 3-0.


  4. No Game Time Limit – Ron Barnhart (RB)

    Although not in attendance, based on a recent “problem” relative to the “shortening” of a specific Monday game, RB requested that the Board given consideration to removing the existing 75-minute time limit on games. It was discussed that in imposing a game time limit, that the Monday league was simply modeling itself after SSUSA, whose rules, with some local league modifications, the league follows. It was also discussed that there have been very few issues during the seven years of the league regarding “short” games. SB motioned and JH seconded that the league maintain its 75-minute game limitation. Motion passed 3-1 (RS) The Board also asked SB to make it clear to the umpires that there is a game time limit, and that while an overly rigid interpretation of the time limit is not appropriate, nevertheless, the time limit needs to be applied.

  5. MVUDSS Scheduling Playing Fields

    SB has contacted Adrian Williams (AW) at BLD requesting the ability for MVUDSS to pick and schedule the playing fields on a week-to-week basis. This is to, ostensibly, allay concerns expressed by some Monday league players about continuously playing on the two “minor” league fields. JH and other Board members expressed to SB that this would simply add to his, already, large to-do list. SB indicated no concern with this. SB has not heard from AW. (Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB received a text from AW, in which AW indicated that he just started a new maintenance director and the new director is going to be working on his grass issues and would like to stay on the current 2 week rotation. For that reason, AW indicates that they will be staying on the 2 and 2 rotation.)


  6. Spring 2018 Schedule Change

    As a result of BLD schedule conflicts (youth baseball/softball tournaments on June 18 and 25 and July 16), SB offered the following options:

    Rev. 3A – slip schedule 2 weeks, season will end on July 30

    Rev. 3B – starting June 25 modify schedule by moving June 25 and July 16 games to Lago Vista Park (field prep required.) Lago Vista is not available on June 18.

    Rev. 3C – same as Rev. 3B, except play at Wheat Field (no field prep required.) There is a question as to whether Wheat Field will be available on June 25.

    SB contacted Vince Valdez/Valley Wide Recreation and Parks who indicated we could use Lago Vista Park or Wheat Field Park at no cost.

    TJ suggested that Marion Ashley Park be considered as an alternative location. Marion Ashley is operated by Valley Wide Recreation and Parks District (as is Lago Vista Park).

    JH motioned and SB seconded that we adopt schedule revision 3A above. Motion failed 0-4.

    SB motioned and JH seconded that we adopt the dates in 3B above at Lago Vista unless Marion Ashley is available, in which case we will use the latter fields. Motion passed 5-0 (SB had HA’s proxy.)

    (Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH contacted Stephanie Hopkins, insurance coordinator at SSUSA, about adding Lago Vista Park and Marion Ashley Park as fields included under our insurance coverage, and if there will be any cost to doing this. Wheat Field is already included. Waiting for a response.)


  7. Spring 2018 Season – New Players

    SB indicated the following changes:

    On 2/26 Larry Hixson (1) from pool to Ganley’s Gamble replacing Mike Moller (1) who went to the pool. On 4/14 Larry Wood (5) from pool to Yellow Snow replacing Ed Nicholls (5) who’ll be out until next season.

    ?/? New player Chris Pavoni, 59, not rated; wants to go to waiting list/pool.

    ?/? New player Dan Olivas, 55, rated a 2 (by RS only); wants to go to waiting list/pool.


  8. 2018 BKMT Closeout

    Lessons Learned

    1. time limit issues —- see e-mail on below from Tom Lowry/BLD.

    2. managing 16 umpires (3 professionals, 13 volunteers) created several problems

      (e.g. late dropouts, some did not read the tournament rules as requested or kept score properly, JH, Jerry Smith, Mike Trice, Dennis Morehouse, and SB had to umpire an extra game).

    3. no Umpire Chuck Wachter.

If SB didn’t step in, 2 teams would have left early —- Mavericks, West Coast All-Stars.


  1. Weds -> Tues – SB motioned and TJ seconded to change the day of the BKMT from Wednesday to Tuesday, for the issues identified in Tom Lowry’s e-mail below. Motion passed 4-0.

    It was noted that changing to Tuesday may have an adverse impact on the availability of some teams.

  2. $250 tournament fee -> $285 tournament fee ($35 extra/team x 20 teams = $700).

    JH motioned and SB seconded to change the BKMT team fee from $250 to $285 beginning in 2019.

    Motion passed 4-0.

  3. Use some/all professional umpires at $25/game ($25/game x 30 games = $750 if use all pro umps). JH motioned and TJ seconded that we hire 6 professional umpires at $25/game to umpire all games at the BKMT beginning in 2019. Motion passed 4-0.

  4. Use individual scorecards for each game instead of a single scoresheet for each field. No vote required. SB indicated that he will make this change for 2019.


The league started with 60 Rock softballs for the games; ended up with 36 Rock softballs. All 36 Tattoo balls from the HR Derby were retrieved. $4,407 profit —- $73 added from the $123 left in our account from last year leaving $50 in account. $20 donation added to bring the final total up to $4,500.

$4,500 check presented to Tim LeBlanc/CEO 4P4P on 3/14/18.

Raffle prizes given out to all raffle winners. Website updated (standings, summary, photos). JH questioned whether it is worth the amount of time/effort spent on the raffle/50-50, given the minimal return: a little more than $500 for the raffle, and $36 for the 50-50. JH motioned and RS seconded that we cease holding a raffle and 50-50 for future BKMTs. Motion failed 1 (JH)-3.


Thank you to BLD personnel, the teams, the umpires, those who contributed raffle prizes, the girls who (wo)manned the tables, and photographer Bill Bennett.

Tom Lowry’s E-Mail

Hello Steve,

I revised the invoice, removing the Home Run Derby field and also corrected the discount amount. Thank you for checking on that.

As for this tournament for future years, Tuesday is a much better day since my adult league doesn’t start until 6 or 7pm, giving you guys a little more time to finish up without being rushed. Wednesdays are always a Youth Baseball day, where we use all 6 fields for the youth league and they are generally on their fields by 4:30pm and start playing by 5:30. The other big issue is for our field crew, having to wait until your tournament is over before they can start dropping all 6 of the portable mounds and getting the fields prepped for baseball.

Obviously, if Wednesday is the only day you can do it, then we make it work, but Tuesday, if possible, would be a much easier transition from your tournament into my adult league.

Thank you sir, Tom Lowry

Big League Dreams Perris Sports Director 951-943-8110 x105