February 12, 2018




IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS) ABSENT: T. Jadwin (TJ)

GUEST: Jack Buss (JB)

  1. Action Items from 2/5/18 Board Meeting

    SB – Update BKMT game/umpire schedule —- DONE;

    Update schedule (regular season, playoffs), rules, rosters, player rating with new league and pool players for Spring 2018 Season —- DONE

    RS – Bring 2.5 doz. new Rock balls and 2.5 doz. used Rock balls for BKMT to next meeting —- DONE


  2. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT) STATUS –

    20 teams (firm) –

    14 total PAID prior to the deadline 2/11/18. includes 6 teams paid since last Board meeting

    1/XX, FV Outlaw/Al Garcia 65AAA – PAID; 1/XX, Git-R-Done/Ed Rushing 65AAA – PAID; 2/8, Menifee League Team 65AAA/REC – PAID; 2/9, Sammy’ Cafe/Dan Gutierrez 65M – PAID; 2/9, Top Gun Olde Dawgs/Myron Pembrook 65AA – PAID;

    2/9, West Coast All Stars/Phillip Cobbs 65M – PAID

    2/8, Top Gun Patriots/John Spadea 70AAA – check is in the mail;

    2/9, GRD/Jerry McGee 70AAA – check is in the mail (check received on 2/13/18.)


    SB – game/umpire schedule on website – will post on weekend prior to the tournament (SB posted 2/13 instead) e-mail managers, umpires, re. tourney rules, umpire info, umpire schedule —- DONE

    text Adrian: microphone, 2-3 tables, & 4 chairs?, park entry fee $3?, open gates 7 am?—-DONE (yes to all) e-mail Adrian a list of the 20 participating teams for the BLD waivers —- DONE

    prepare the following to bring to park:

    6 boxes (SB gave RS 6 boxes for balls: each of the 6 boxes has 5 backup balls;

    Yankee/Dodger has 6 new balls, Angel/Fenway has 4, Pawtucket/Durham has 5, pen) – DONE 6 clipboards (scorecard, rules, umpire info) —- DONE

    8 plaques (5 Division Champion, 3 Home Run Derby Winner) -— DONE BLD scoreboards (5) —- DONE

    bulletin boards (standings, schedule, rules, HR Derby rules) —- DONE, except schedule

    clipboard (speech, standings, schedule, rules, umpire info, HR Derby rules) —- DONE, except schedule

    HA – continue collecting entry fees – 14 (of 20) paid as of 2/11;

    Per HA, OTE, Weakend Warriors, Barnhart’s team, RS’s team, Top Gun Patriots 70, GRD 70 haven’t paid. As of today, HA indicates the BKMT account has $2,623 plus he has $1,000 more to be deposited.

    RS – 3.5 doz. new Rock balls for HR Derby (will save for league games; league will pay) 2 pitching screens for 70+ M/REC division.

    There is a total of 5 games for which a pitching screen is needed plus another screen for the HR Derby. The pitching screen for the HR Derby will be needed during the timeframe that two of the REC division games are being played.

    TJ – sign up players for HR Derby; a 3rd pitching screen for HR Derby; scoreboard (1) from Marv Ruddell

    All – get raffle prizes —- let Steve know when you get a prize; he will maintain a list ; sell raffle tickets —- $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5 —- $159 sold as of 2/11

    Post-tourney assignments —- tabled

  3. Spring 2018 Season

    SB indicated that the website is up to date with the schedule, rules, rosters, and player rating for the upcoming season.


  4. Spring 2018 Season – League Fees

    SB indicated that with a $40 league fee for the Spring 2018 season, we would have a projected surplus of

    $105.57. The $40 league fee includes the new umpire rate of $30/game, but does not include any budget for repair of screens. JH motioned and RS seconded that a $40/player league fee be applied for the Spring 2018 season. Motion passed 4-0.


  5. Spring 2018 Season – League Balls

    We will have 56 regular season games and 7 playoff games for the Spring 2018 season. On that basis, RS may have to obtain up to 5 dozen new balls for the season. The number of new balls needed will be reduced by the number of BKMT HR Derby balls that can be used as new game balls.


  6. AED

    The Board needs to have a meeting with Mike Fagan (MFa) regarding the AED program. MFa will be invited to a Board meeting after completion of the BKMT to discuss this topic. Also, Andy Bullington needs to be contacted to see if he has any interest in becoming involved relative to the AED.

    This will remain an open topic.


  7. Monday League Rule 12 – Mercy Rule

    HA raised his concern about current Monday league rule 12 – Mercy Rule. This rule actually refers to the 5-run rule limitation which applies to all but the open and extra innings. HA indicated that this is confusing since, in fact, there is no true Mercy Rule. JH indicated SSUSA does have a Mercy Rule, but only for Major+ teams.

    Without vote, but by general consensus of the Board, SB will simply change the heading of this rule to “Run Limit Rule”. (Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB changed Rule 12.)


  8. Monday League Board Membership

In the 2/5/12 Board meeting, HA stated that a number of players had approached him about possible interest in becoming a Board member. As a result, HA was asked to let any of those players know that they are welcome to attend a Board meeting and discuss this issue. As a result, JB attended this Board meeting. JB indicated that while he was possibly interested in helping the Board in some fashion, he did not believe he could devote the time necessary as a permanent Board member. He said he would be more than willing to help on an “ad hoc” basis. The Board indicated they would take this under consideration.

Next Board meeting scheduled for Monday, February 19, Pizza Factory/French Valley after BP at Lago Vista, 12:00 pm.