January 24, 2018




IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS)

  1. Action Items from 1/5/2018 Meeting

    SB – Text managers, re. BP from LF or RF corner prior to 9:00 am games – DONE;

    Text Mike Fagan and schedule 2017 AED Training for Weds, January 24 at BLD/Perris – DONE; Player Ejection Rule – website/home page, 2017 Fall Rules; text to managers – DONE;

    Defibrillator to Dennis McCoy- discussed possibility of HA being responsible for defibrillator at games and BP. No decision reached. OPEN.

    E-mail BKMT 2018 Raffle Prize List as of 1/5/18 in word format to JH – DONE; E-mail potential BKMT umpires again – DONE;

    Text Bill Bennett, re. BKMT photography – DONE-Bennett will provide photography services for tournament; Text Mike Feeney, re. first pitch at BKMT opening ceremonies – SB not able to get in touch with him; did not have Feeney’s new number. During the meeting, TJ called Feeney, who agreed to throw out first pitch – DONE; Ask Linda Rushing and Tammy Allen to help out at the BKMT tables – Linda, YES – DONE;

    SB will speak to Tammy at Wheatfield on 1/25 (Subsequent to the meeting, Tammy volunteered to help out.); E-mail managers, re. tourney fee deadline 2/11/18 – SB will do this on 2/1/18.

    JH – Write Player Ejection Rule and include in minutes – DONE; E-mail updated BKMT 2018 raffle prize list to SB – DONE.

    RS – Get raffle tickets (a separate set for 50-50) – RS indicated that he has at least 1/2 roll for each, so we will not need to purchase new raffle tickets. RS will bring tickets to next Board meeting;

    SB noted: $115, 24” Samsung TV available at Costco. Discussed offering senior bats as large raffle prizes. RS will contact Kelly Sports to see if can get 3 senior bats for +/- $150.

    TJ – Since Bill Bennett has agreed to do photography, no need to contact either Marv Ruddell or RS son.

  2. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament 2018 CURRENT STATUS

    17 teams firm, which includes new team, West Coast All Stars/Phillip Cobbs, 65M, added 1/9 to 65M division. The 17 also includes 1 recreation team each from Menifee and Hemet.

    1 MAYBE – Top Gun Patriots 70AAA/John Spadea.

    (Subsequent to the meeting, OC Mustangs/Ernie Stucki, 65AAA was added and Top Gun Patriots confirmed. With RS putting together a team, this puts the tournament at its maximum of 20 teams.

    New teams will be added to a waiting list.)

    3 NO – GRD/Bob Merkle, 80AAA, 12/12/17 – will go on waiting list;

    So. Cal. Gusto/Larry Swearingen, 70M+, 1/12; (NG)2/Jack Brunschmid, 65AAA

    6 PAID – 10/20/17, Nomads/Bob Clary, 65AAA; 12/4/17, USED2BE/Andy Smith, 65M; 11/29/17, GRD/Gene Dick, 75AAA; 1/22, Hemet/Larry Lund, 70AAA.

    HA announced that Cal Connection and Sons of Pitches have also paid bringing the total up to 6 of 20 paid. HA stated that current BKMT account balance is $1,373.

    SB will send an e-mail to all Monday league players to ascertain if any players want to play on a team in the tournament if not already committed to a team playing in the tournament.

    RS is putting together a 65+ for the tournament, most likely a 65AAA team. Ron Barnhart is putting together a 60+ team for the tournament.


    SB – flyers – DONE;

    SSUSA announcement under Tournaments and on Message Board, get teams (e-mail) – DONE; Game rules – DONE;

    Awards/8 plaques ordered – DONE;

    SB to contact Ken LePore re: 3-4 man color guard – DONE;

    SB to contact Adrian re: BLD waiver forms; SB believes there will probably be a $3 gate fee at BLD; SB to prepare “stuff” to bring to BLD.

    Volunteer umpires to cover 30 games – SB contacted 28 players, with 15 yes, 3 no, and 10 no response;

    the 15 yes will cover a total of 23 games. 1/20, SB e-mailed Monday league requesting volunteer umpires. Board discussed whether to consider bringing in some paid umpires. Although this will reduce the net proceeds, we are not having success getting the requisite number of umpires. JH motioned and HA seconded that we attempt to retain 3 professional umpires to cover 3 fields, umpiring 5 games each for a fee of $100/ump Motion passed 5-0.

    TJ will attempt to see if Darin Rossi and Larry Hernandez would be willing to umpire.

    TJ contacted Rodney Hunt during the Board meeting. Hunt will see if he can get us a couple of umpires. (Subsequent to the meeting, Rossi agreed to umpire.)

    HA – contacted Tim LeBlanc/CEO of 4 Paws 4 Patriots, re: attending opening ceremonies – DONE; HA will ask teams at the PS tournament (1/31-2/2) if they’d be interested in participating in the BKMT. (Subsequent to the meeting, this became unnecessary when we reached the 20-team limit.)

    RS – will provide 2.5 doz new and 2.5 doz used Rock balls for tournament; instead of 3.5 new Rock balls for HR Derby, it was agreed that we will try the new AD Star Tatoo ball. This will be done provided that Marv, via TJ, can offer the balls at the $59/doz we pay for Rock balls. The HR Derby balls will be used for league games. Need to provide 2 pitching screens for 75+/Rec division.

    TJ – HR Derby rules – DONE; Sign up players for HR Derby;

    Secure 3rd pitching screen for HR Derby

    All – Get raffle prizes. Inform SB when you get a prize; SB will maintain a master list. Sell raffle tickets – $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5.

    1/20, SB e-mailed Monday league players, re: obtaining raffle prizes, selling tickets, buying tickets. (Subsequent to the meeting, RS indicated player John Maples said he would donate a 27 oz Dudley Lightning.)

  3. GL Insurance

    SB sent payment to SSUSA Leagues on 1/6/18.

  4. Spring 2018 Season

    The Spring 2018 Season will start 2/26, playoffs 7/16 (assuming 8 teams, no doubleheaders, no rainouts, same byes as the Spring 2017 Season). Estimate $40/player league fee. Based on this, SB’s current projection for the Spring 2018 season would be a $209 surplus.

  5. New League Players

    We currently have 3 players, Greg Cole, Rick Kurianski, and Ed Parris who are on the waiting list. The order of eligibility for placement: 1) Cole, 2) Kurianski, 3) Parris.

    HA/RS rate Cole a “4.” HA/SB/JH/RS all rate Kurianski a “4.” HA/SB/RS rate Parris a “4”.

    Doug MacRae will not be playing next season due to job commitments. Jessie Cannon will not be playing next season as he is moving. Larry Littlejohn is having shoulder surgery, so his status is uncertain.

  6. AED/Training

Annual AED training (for 2017) was conducted on 1/24/18 at BLD by Mike Fagan (MFa). 10 players plus MFa attended. MFa will be asked to attend the next Board meeting to review the AED Program Manager’s role. HA indicated that Andy Bullington appeared to be very knowledgeable about the operation of the AED.

He will be approached to see if he has any interest in helping the league regarding the AED program.