January 5, 2018




IN ATTENDANCE: H. Alberts (HA); S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS)

  1. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament 2018

    Per SB, 20 teams have signed up, including 2 “maybes.” The 2 maybes are GRD 80AAA/Bob Merkle (12/12) and So. Cal Gusto 70 Major+/Larry Swearingen (12/27 via e-mail). Swearingen wants to come in as a 70 Major team.


    10/20, Nomads/Bob Clary, 65AA —- via e-mail – PAID

    12/4, USED2BE/Andy Smith, 65M —- verbally/Hank Alberts – PAID

    HA indicated that GRD 75AAA (Gene Dick) has also paid.


    SB – Flyers, SSUSA announcement under Tournaments and on Message Board; get teams; game rules

    – these items have been completed.

    Game/umpire schedule; get volunteer umpires to cover 30 games (e-mail sent); post schedule on website; awards/8 plaques; prepare stuff to bring to park; see Adrian re. BLD waivers.

    SB will send out an e-mail reminder about payment deadline of February 11, 2018.

    HA – get 2 additional teams because 2 of the participating teams are “maybes”, HA will check with Palm Springs. We need 2 more 60+ and/or 65+ division teams. Any others will go to the waiting list.

    Continue to collect entry fees.

    HA spoke to Tim LeBlanc/CEO “4 Paws 4 Patriots” who indicated he will attend opening ceremonies. HA needs to contact him again to make sure he knows of the earlier start time for opening ceremonies.

    RS – 2.5 doz. new Rock balls and 2.5 doz. used Rock balls for the tourney.

    3.5 doz. new Rock balls for the HR Derby —- will save for league games for which league will pay. 2 pitching screens for 75+/REC division, a 3rd screen for the HR Derby.

    RS will have to purchase raffle tickets, including a separate set for the 50-50 raffle.

    TJ – sign up players for the HR Derby. HR Derby rules are complete.

    All – Get raffle prizes. Inform SB when get a prize; SB will maintain a master list. Sell raffle tickets —- $1/ticket, 6 tickets for $5.

    Get volunteer umpires.

    Post-tournament Assignments – tabled for now


    SB contacted 20 individuals: 7 indicated yes (covering 9 of 30 games); 2 indicated no; 11 no responses.

    Of the 7 who said yes, 5 are playing and can only umpire one game. Menifee recreation teams will umpire their own games. Mike Trice and Bob Fuhrmann have volunteered. HA offered to umpire 3 games.

    If recovered, JH will umpire 3 games. TJ will contact Mike Katz and Rodney Hunt about umpiring.

    Other Volunteers

    Beth Dickes will volunteer. SB will contact Tammy and Linda Rushing. JH will ask Shirley Hansell. (Subsequent to Board meeting, Shirley Hansell indicated, based on her current schedule, that she would volunteer.)

    Honor Guard

    Per prior Board meetings, we had agreed to scrap having an honor guard, and instead, try to find a volunteer to sing the national anthem. SB identified Ken LePore, from Menifee Tuesday/Thursday league as being able to provide a 4-man honor guard for the event. It was agreed that we would accept Mr. LePore’s gracious offer.

    We will play a recording of the national anthem rather than having a live singer.

    Throwing First Pitch

    SB will ask Mike Feeney if he will throw out the first pitch.


    SB will contact Bill Bennett. TJ will contact Marv Ruddell. RS and/or his son might be available to take pictures.

    Income/Cost Estimate

    Based on information available as of 1-5-18, SB projects a $5,106 profit to be given to 4 Paws 4 Patriots.

  2. Steve Miller Memorial Service

    The service will be held on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 at the Wheatfield Park Recreation Center at 1:00 pm. Monday league has collected $301. The amount is light because of league being “dark” for a number of weeks. We will attempt to collect more during our games on Monday, 1/8/18. (Subsequent to the Board meeting,

    we collected additional donations for a total of $470).

  3. 2017 AED Training

    2017 AED training will be held during BP at BLD on Wednesday, 1/24/18. Mike Fagan will conduct the training. SB to send out an e-mail to league players informing them of this.

  4. Player Opening – Jesse Cannon

    SB indicated that Monday player, Jesse Cannon (rated a “6”) is leaving the league, effective the first of 2018, to move to Alabama. First person on the wait list who might fill his spot is Rick Kurianski. Kurianski plays in the Tuesday/Thursday league. SB believes he would probably be rated a “3” or “4”. If rated a “4”, he could replace Cannon on Grayful Dead. Kurianski has been asked, a number of times, to come out to BP to get rated, but has yet to do so.

  5. League Insurance

    JH stated that he sent e-mails to Stephanie Hopkins (SSUSA) on November 13, 2017 and January 4, 2018 regarding the status of our league insurance invoice and GL certificates. (Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH received an e-mail from Stephanie Hopkins, containing both the insurance invoice and GL certificates. JH forwarded a copy of the invoice to SB for payment.)

  6. Player Ejection

    A follow-up discussion occurred as a result of a recent situation involving the ejection, from a game, of a Monday league player. SB feels that we need a Monday league rule clarification relative to the ejection rule since we follow the SSUSA rule and, as written, the rule is somewhat vague and basically applies to tournament circumstances. JH motioned and TJ seconded that we implement a Monday league rule whereby a player who is ejected from a game will, at a minimum, not be eligible to play for the remainder of the game in question and his team’s next regularly scheduled game. Motion passed 5-0

    SB to send out a notice to league managers regarding this rule. Although the following will not be included in the league rule, it was discussed and agreed with a consensus of the Board (SB dissenting), without vote, that the ejected player can play as a pickup player during the period in which he cannot play for his own team.

    However, this interpretation will not apply if disciplinary action is handed out which would negate this.

  7. Spring 2018 Season

The Spring 2018 season will start on 2/26/18 with playoffs scheduled for 7/16/18. This assumes 8 teams, no doubleheaders, no rainouts, and the same byes as last spring.