August 5, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); G. Stevenson (GS) 
ABSENT:  T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS)
GUESTS:  H. Alberts (HA); Robb Braun (RBr)

1. 2019 Fall Season
a.  Assignments
(1) Umpires – RB spoke to Brian Wright in Sacramento.  Wright is interested in umpiring for the Monday league starting in the fall 2019 season.  RB will put Wright in contact with SB.
Item remains open.

(2) T-shirts for BKMT4 for the 5 division champions – RB will be speaking to Elite later on this week.
Item remains open.

(3)  TJ will contact Adrian Williams (AW) at BLD about whether he would permit, at no cost, some type of “banner” at BLD “advertising” the Monday league.
Item remains open.

(4)  GS spoke to Jim Roach about possibility of managing.  Roach not interested.

b.  Discussion Items/Announcements
(1)  Player Draft – As of today’s date, 67 players have committed to the draft.  Howard McCasland, rated a “1”, has been added to the draft and is part of the 67.  Three players: JH, M. Morrison, and R. Kurianski are undecided.  During the meeting, RB identified three individuals who may enter the draft:  Mike Babb, Brad Peterson, and Mike Trusty.  Those Board members who know these three players indicated that Babb and Peterson are “1’s” and Trusty a “3”.  During the meeting, RB received notice from Babb and Trusty that they will enter the draft.  RB is waiting to hear from Peterson.

(2)  Managers – Subsequent to the last Board meeting, SB sent an e-mail to league players, requesting players volunteer to manage.  Robb Braun, Mike Wiemer, and Hank Alonzo offered their names for consideration.  As a result, the following players will be managing for the 2019-2020 seasons:
Andy Bullington, Ed Rushing, Jack Buss, Hank Alberts, Robb Braun, Hank Alonzo.  RS will serve as assistant manager with Robb Braun.

(3)  BLD – Schedule of Games – SB sent an e-mail to Adrian Williams (AW)/BLD general manager regarding        the schedule of Monday games, which AW subsequently approved.

(4)  Countdown Timers – Per Board approval in 7/19/19 Board meeting, SB purchased two countdown timers ($14 each) to be used by umpires during games.

(5)  SB sent an e-mail to Monday league umpires Darin Rossi and Dennis Morehouse regarding:
       a)  All teams required to complete lineup cards,
       b)  Game countdown timer to be set at 77 minutes, and
       c)  The proper location of the pitching screen.

(6)  TJ purchased ($185) and installed new AED battery.  Purchased authorized in 7/19/19 Board meeting.

(7)  Rock Softballs – From 7/19/19 Board meeting, league needs 5 1/2 dozen new Rock softballs, with a minimum of 5 new balls for the first games and 2 dozen used Rock softballs.  GS spoke to RS who is about ready to order the new balls.

(8) SB designed and GS will generate the code for a web-based computer program which will provide the team manager with a list of potential pickup players to replace a missing player on a given date/time.
The Board will determine if this type of program is practical/feasible.
Item remains open.

2.  League Budget/Financials/League Fee – Fall 2019
SB indicated a $175.51 projected balance at the end of the 2019 fall season assuming:  8 teams, 72 players, and $45/player.  He also gave cost updates: $50 1 more session (2->1 DH); $185 for AED battery;  $45 league fee (SC’s roster 14->13); $28 for 2 umpire countdown timers;  $39 for 2 more new manager gifts; no dollars for pitching screens.  Savings updates: $20 – no BP softballs.

SB indicated that with 67 players in the draft, the league would have approximately a $50 deficit.  He asked for the Board to allow this, stating that he could delay certain payments past the end of the season to cover the deficit.  Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board approved this.

SB motioned and RB seconded to set the league player fee at $45/player for the fall 2019 season.
Motion passed 4-0.

JH asked whether, when OOA teams add a player to their roster post-draft, the league receives full or pro-rata league fee for that new player.  SB indicated no.  It was agreed that OOA teams would be treated the same, in this regard, as when new players join local area teams post-draft.

3.  Robb Braun – Managing
As a new manager, Robb Braun attended the Board meeting to get a flavor of the league.  The Board provided an overview of managerial responsibilities and answered a few questions.