August 19 & 21, 2019 – Player Draft


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ) – Absent 8/21;
G. Stevenson (GS); R. Schemp (RS)

MANAGERS:  H. Alberts (HA); H. Alonzo (HAL); R. Braun (RBR); A Bullington (AB); J. Buss (JB);
E. Rushing (ER)

GUESTS: (8/21):  M. O’Donnell; J. Roach; K. Skidmore 

1.  Player draft of 6 local teams   
      SB reviewed the general parameters of draft with managers.

2.  2019 Fall Season
a.  North County (NC) and Sammy’s Cafe (SC) Rosters
     SB and JH explained to the managers the changes that will be required of NC and SC for
     the 2019 fall season.

b.  Assignments 
(1) SB – contacted Don Chandler/NC, re. changes to NC’s 2019 Fall Roster:
      a) remove Lyle Wood, one of four 2’s on NC’s roster, since only allowed two 2’s;
      b) since NC now has three 2’s, when one 2 is missing, NC  may only “pick up” a 5 or a 6;
      c) since NC now has three 2’s, when one 2 quits, he may only be “replaced” on roster with a 5 or a 6;
      d) re-rate Chandler from 3 to 4, re-rate Milo from 4 to 5
           —- NC now has two 1’s, three 2’s, two 3’s, two 4’s, one 5, no 6’s – DONE via e-mail 8/10
      SB spoke to Chandler at recent SSUSA tournament in San Clemente.

(2) RB – contact umpire Brian Wright; re. Monday league umpiring – DONE; SB has spoken to Wright.
             – contact Elite Sports; re. T-shirts (72) for BKMT4 five division champions
               —- Elite rep-representative to give RB quote on 8/26.  Item still open.
             – contact Brad Peterson; re. local draft —- DONE.  Peterson will go in pool.
             – contact Harold Halldorson; re. local draft —- DONE, 8/9.  Halldorson will enter draft.

(3) TJ – contact Adrian/BLD; re. MVUDSS league banner at BLD at no cost? —- TJ to contact AW 8/19.  

(4) RS – has 2 doz used, ordered 5 dozen new, and has 9 new Rock softballs.

(5) GS – write a web-based program (based on SB’s design) to list potential pickups for a missing player.
               GS has looked into this and there is a question as to whether it is feasible from a number of
               perspectives of integrating a needed data base into the league website.  GS will continue to pursue.  

c. Discussion Items/Announcements
(1) Lineup Cards —- SB discussed the requirement to complete these cards with the managers.
      These cards are utilized for three primary reasons:
      a) to be able to determine if a batter has batted out of order;
      b) to include substitutes on the official lineup card in the event a player has to leave the lineup.
      c) in the event a game is postponed while in progress, and has to be re-scheduled.

(2) Player Draft:
      72 players will be in the draft.  JH and John Sennett were removed from the draft.
      Jim Clayton (“4”) was added to the draft, resulting in 72 players.  

(3) League Finances  + $21.66 projected balance at end of 2019 Fall season
      Assumes 8 teams, 72 local players, 12 SC, 10 NC, $45/player
      Cost updates: $25 for 1 more umpire XMAS gift; $38 lineup cards; 
      Savings update: $44 no potential additional awards for SC (14->12) 

 (4) Picking Up Players
      SB reviewed the new Monday league rule/process regarding picking up players.
      He indicated that managers should have copy of the Player Rating sheet (on league website) for
      all Monday games.  The sheet contains the draft and Board ratings for all players.  

      When picking up a player, the DRAFT rating of the player missing must be equal to or greater than
      (higher rating #) the BOARD rating of the player being picked up from another team. 

3. League Players

a.  Potential new players, Mike Trusty (“3”), Harold Halldorson/SC (“1”), and Mike Babb (“1”)  were contacted
     and added to the draft.  

b.  Tony Bayuke (“2”), age 64, OF, who last played for SC in Fall 2015 will not be playing for SC.
     Steve Swager (“5”), age 74, IF (3B), last played for SC in Fall 2017 has been added to SC roster.
     Tony Iavarone (“6”) has left the SC roster.  This gives SC 12 players on their roster.  

c.  Based on a discussion at the 8/5/19 Board meeting and a subsequent communication between
     SB and Don Chandler/NC manager, Lyle Wood (“2”) will not be on the NC roster.
     This gives NC 10 players on their current roster.
     (Subsequent to the Board meeting/draft, Bob Miller (“5”) was added to the NC roster.
     This gives NC 11 players.)

d. Brad Peterson (“1”) has been added to the pool.

e.  (Subsequent to the draft, JH was added to the pool.)

f.  (Subsequent to the draft, 2 new players are potential additions to the league:
     Bobby Seaton:  age 64, bats/throws left, 
lives in Fontana, plays for Lights Out 60AA, plays 1B/C/OF.
     He needs to attend BP to be rated.
     Juan Guerrero has played in the Monday league; tentative rating of “5”.
     If qualified, both players will be placed in the pool/waiting list.)

4. Draft

a.  Draft Pick Selection – Managers drew playing cards (A-6) to determine draft selection order and
     team shirt colors (reverse order).
     1st pick: HA – Yellow    Top Banana
     2nd pick: HAL – Red       Rojo Mojo
     3rd pick: ER – Blue         Blues Brothers
     4th pick: AB – Green
     5th pick: JB – Gray
     6th pick: RBR – White    A Lotta Braun, A Little Brain

b.  The first two rounds of the draft completed on Monday, 8/19 and the remainder of the draft
      was completed on Wednesday, 8/21.   No trades were consummated.
      (Subsequent to the Board meeting/Draft, SB posted the results of the draft on the league website.)