September 13, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT: R. Schemp (RS)
GUEST:  M. Ruddell (MR)

1.  2019 Fall Season

a. Assignments

(1) RB – contact Elite Sports; re. T-shirts (72) for BKMT4 five division champions.
— RB in contact with Carlos from Elite, who will have a quote for RB (estimated $5-$6/shirt)
           next weekend at the Worlds in Las Vegas.

(2) TJ – contact Adrian Williams (AW)/BLD; re. MVUDSS league banner at BLD at no cost?
— TJ and RB to meet with AW on 9/13.
     (Subsequent to the board meeting, AW agreed to allow Monday league to display a 3’ x 5’ or 3’x 6’
     banner promoting our league.)

(3) RS – need 5 1/2 doz. (i.e. 66) new Rock softballs; so far received 15 new Rocks on 8/19, 8/30.
— RS has the new Rock balls.
     (Subsequent to the board meeting, the remaining balls were received.)

(4) GS – write a web-based program to list potential pickups for a missing player – COMPLETED.   PLAYER FINDER page added to league website on 9/8.  SB requested that GS modify the program to identify players rated a “5” when a manager needs to pick up a “6”, since the “5’s” and “6’s” are interchangeable.  GS does not believe that this is necessary in that managers know they can pick up a “5” for a “6”.  JH commented that managers will not pick up a player when missing a “6”.
It was left that nothing would be done on this unless we have a manager “complain”, some time during the season, that he wanted to replace a “6”.  On behalf of the league, the Board extends its thanks and appreciation to GS for completing this very beneficial project.

b. Discussion Items/Announcements

(1) Rules:

Rule 7. Late Roster Arrival: a./b./c. in black below represents the current MVUDSS rule.
Consider adding (in red):
a. If a team is playing with all roster players …
b. If a team is playing with pickup players …
For a. and b. above, the late roster arrival is out if not present for his first scheduled time at bat only.
He is not allowed to play if still not present for his second scheduled time at bat, except as a base coach.
c. Pickup players must be identified on the lineup card.

RB indicated that a player, identified on the lineup card, remains in the lineup unless he has been removed from the lineup card prior to the start of the game.  If he does not show for the start of the game and has not been removed from the lineup card, his team will have an out recorded for each time his at bat occurs during the game.  If the player subsequently arrives, he can enter the game at any time, and take his rightful place in the batting order.  Should such a situation occur, the application of this paragraph will apply.  This will not be added to Monday league rules.  The two sentences in red above will NOT be included in the Monday league rules.

(2) SB indicated that the league has a $66.66 projected surplus for the end of the 2019 Fall season.
This includes: 8 teams, 72 local players, 12 Sammy’s Cafe (SC), 11 North County (NC) at $45/player.
There were no additional expenditures.  There was an additional income of $45, adding Bob Miller to the NC roster on 8/25.  This now puts NC’s roster at 11 players.  

(3) SB sent out an e-mail to all Monday league players to determine the impact of the Huntsman Games on Monday league player availability. He determined that 20+ Monday league players will be absent for the Huntsman Games, which may result in a possible rescheduling (reordering 9/30, 10/7, 10/14 games):

Huntsman Games Schedule –
10/7   (Mon) – 60+, 65+, 74+
10/14 (Mon) – 70+, 79+, 84+
10/16 (Wed) – 50+, 55+

B/Alonzo – Alonzo 60+, Halldorson 60+, 55+, Olsen 65+, Siniard 65+, Millard 74+, Sternberger +74
C/Rushing – Younker 60+, Barnhart 65+, Ward 65+
F/Braun – Brunschmid 65+, Gingerelli 65+
SC – Benedict, Hernandez, Hill, Kakuska, Mangiapane, Patterson
NC – 3 players in 70+ division should be OK, since their Monday games are on 10/14, not 10/7.

SB will evaluate the schedule and make the necessary adjustments, which may include giving team B (Alonzo) a bye on 10/7. 

(4) BKMT4 assignments:

On 9/9, SB confirmed with AW of BLD that tournament dates (both Wednesdays) of 2/26/20 (primary)   and 3/4/20 (backup) are available.  

SB will place an announcement on the SSUSA/2020 website Recreational Tournaments link.

All Board members – will discuss other assignments later this year

1 team so far – Launchers Softball/Ron Guagenti, called SB on 9/7.  

We had 23 teams in the tournament last year, which is not ideal.  “Ideal” would be 20 teams, but 22 teams is more workable than 23.  

(5) “Toys for Kids” Tournament – MR, and his SCSSA, puts on a tournament every year in early December to benefit the “Toys For Kids” organization.  The SCSSA tournament has, traditionally, been on the weekend, and predominantly, for younger teams 60 and below.  Given the Monday league “contacts” with “older” (65-75) teams, MR and TJ (who is part of the SCSSA organization) asked if MVUDSS would be willing to try to get “older” teams to play on Thursday/Friday, as an “extension” of sorts, of the existing tournament.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed that this would be feasible.  SB and JH, however conditioned its participation with the caveat that any proceeds from the tournament which inure to MVUDSS would be used as expeditiously as possible and only to defray MVUDSS league costs/expenses, such as, but not limited to: reducing league fees for players; paying for league balls; pitching screen repairs/new screen(s); etc.  The Board agreed to this, without vote, but by unanimous consensus.  

The tentative dates for the tournament are December 5-8.  RB and TJ will meet with AW of BLD on 9/13 to confirm the dates and will also try to get a reduced gate entry fee for the tournament.
(Subsequent to the board meeting, the tournament dates of December 19-22, not December 5-8, were confirmed.)

It was agreed that Rodney Hunt would provide umpires for all four days and that RB would be chief umpire for the Thursday/Friday games.  RB will decide whether he will umpire any of those games.  SCSSA pays its umpires $30/game.  

MR indicated that he would do the scheduling for all games for all 4 days and that he would provide a flyer to MVUDSS to promote the tournament.  He also indicated that he gives back $100/$50 to the first and second place teams in each bracket.  

RB believes that 16 teams for the older divisions would be ideal and that a fee of $400/team with a guarantee of five (5) games is reasonable.  

Based on 16 teams in the “older” divisions and a $400/team fee, TJ estimates that MVUDSS could have a surplus of $1,500 – $2,500 from the tournament.  

2. League Players

a.  NEW – Juan Guerrero (5) replaced Jim Clayton (4)/injury-severely strained muscles in both arms, 8/28.
                 Rob Hellman (5) was added to the pool and waiting list (WL) on 9/8.  

b.  Bobby Seaton, who was rated a (2), will be placed in the pool and WL.
His particulars: 909-749-7641 (cell),, DOB 5/2/56 age 64, 1B/C/OF, bats/throws left, Lights Out 60AA.  

c.  Ed Rushing requested that former Monday player, Ed Nicholls, pitcher and previously rated a (6) be added to the pool, as he (Rushing) has only one pitcher on his roster.  Nicholls is presently recovering from single knee surgery.  The Board agreed, unanimously, without vote, that Nicholls will not be added to the pool for this season and most likely next season, and then not until such time that he can be evaluated and rated.

d.  Don Chandler, manager of NC, informed SB that Mike “Pony” Karr, rated a “1”, has quit the NC team, and that he now has an opening for a “1”.

3.  Second Monday League Draft

RB indicated that 3-4 Monday managers had approached him asking why we don’t have a second draft
(i.e. a spring season draft) in order to get guys on the WL into the league sooner.  JH mentioned that we only have 2 players on the current waiting list, and they were just placed on the list, so there is no current issue.
Board members indicated that this has been discussed in the past.  In order to get a player on the waiting list placed sooner on a team, the league changed its rules 3-4 years ago to permit a player to be placed on a team based on a rating of one up/down or equal to the rating of the open position.  The Board also mentioned that the draft involves a great deal of work and there is no real benefit to conduct a draft more than once/year.  Also, keeping teams intact for two seasons allows a team that might falter in the first season to play better in the second season.  Lastly, it is difficult to get players to manage.  Having to get managers twice a year makes the process even that much more difficult.