October 14, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Hansell(JH); T. Jadwin(TJ); R. Schemp(RS); G. Stevenson(GS)

1.  2019 Fall Season
a. Assignments
(1) RB – has been in contact with Carlos from Elite Sports; re. T-shirts for BKMT4 five division champions.
Carlos is waiting to see what his surplus will be at the end of the year, in order to be able to give us the best possible price.
Remains an open item.  

(2) TJ – contacted Adrian Williams (AW)/BLD; re. MVUDSS league banner at BLD at no cost?
TJ and RB met with AW on 9/13.  May be able to obtain banner, at reasonable cost, from Marv Ruddell.
Remains an open item.

(3)  Discussion took place that the strike mats supplied by BLD for Monday League games are not regulation (34 1/2” X 19”), and that a number of players are complaining that the mats should conform to SSUSA regulations.  TJ will discuss with Marv Ruddell to determine if he could provide us with the correct size mats.  Remains an open item.

(4) RS – need 5 1/2 doz. (i.e. 66) new Rock softballs – done 8/19, 8/30, 9/14 & 10/14.  We continue to have a serious problem relative to Rock softballs.  GS stated that the BP (Monday games) Rock balls are horrible, with some having dates over 1 year.  RS stated that Monday game balls continue to disappear.  He said that over the course of the first 6 weeks of this season, there should be 12 “game” balls in the BP (Monday games) buckets.  There are none.  It was suggested that players were taking them; possibly BLD workers were taking them (TJ stated that this has been done in the past); and that managers were not taking responsibility to retrieve HR balls in all cases.  JH suggested that all games be played on the two minor league fields, where ball retrieval is significantly easier.  Board consensus is that too many players would be opposed to this, not being able to play on the major replica fields.  It was discussed that a portion of the Monday league proceeds from the “Toys for Kids” tournament be used for new balls.  Remains an open item.  

(5) GS brought up the subject of a “virtual” board meeting.  He raised this possibility in a recent text to the board as a way to have this (10/14) board meeting.  One moronic board member (JH), thought the original text/idea was a joke.  It was not.  GS discussed, with the board, exactly how this would work.  Without vote, but with unanimous agreement of the board, the board will consider conducting board business via a “virtual” meeting at some time in the future considering an appropriate (size) agenda.  Remains an open item.

b. Discussion Items/Announcements
(1) SB indicated that the latest projected balance at the end of the fall 2019 season is +$60.66

(2) BKMT4 assignments:
On 9/9, SB confirmed with AW of BLD that tournament dates (both Wednesdays) of 2/26/20 (primary),   and 3/4/20 (backup) are available.  

SB placed an announcement on the SSUSA/2020 website Recreational Tournaments link on 10/2/19.

1 team so far – Launchers Softball/Ron Guagenti, called SB on 9/7.  

In reviewing the history, of the now BKMT, as relates to insurance coverage for the event, JH could not locate any record of the details of a $75 “event insurance” charge paid to BLD for the event.  JH will speak to both AW and SSUSA to get clarification on this issue.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH spoke to Stephanie Hopkins (SH) at SSUSA and AW at BLD about insurance issues.  The results of that discussion are covered under b.(3) below.)

(3) “Toys for Kids” (TFK) tournament – the tournament dates will be Thursday, 12/19 – Sunday, 12/22, instead of the tentative dates of 12/5 – 12/8.  It has been confirmed that the gate fee for Thursday/Friday games will be $3/day.

JH commented that when the subject was broached at a prior board meeting of MVUDSS possibly participating in this tournament on a Thursday/Friday, he supported this when the dates in question were 12/5 – 12/8.  He would not have supported this, initially, if he had known about the final dates.  He believes that expecting any level of participation in a tournament 6/5 days before Christmas is just not feasible.
That said, MVUDSS will contact teams to try to get participation.

SB posted a narrative of, and copy of, a flyer on the Monday league website about the TFK tournament.  He will also be sending an e-mail notice, with a copy of the flyer, to potential tournament teams in the 65+ categories.

SB indicated that AW requested that SB sign a “waiver” that MVUDSS will provide insurance for all 4 days of the tournament, as Marv Ruddell indicated that MVUDSS would provide insurance.  JH stated if this subject had been brought up at the last board meeting in front of the entire board, he would have stated that our Monday league insurance could not simply add a “rider” to our existing coverage to cover any of the days of the TFK tournament.  Our existing insurance covers the 8 teams in our league for games at 3 different fields – BLD, Wheatfield, and Lago Vista.  

(Subsequent to the board meeting, JH spoke to SH, of SSUSA, onTuesday, 10/15/19.  JH asked her if we could have a rider added to our Monday league insurance for an “event”.  She said it would be possible only if all 8 Monday league teams were playing in the “event” and “x” number of other teams would be participating.  If that was to occur, a rider could, probably, be added to include the “additional” teams, with charges for the additional teams.  JH gave her the specifics about the “Toys for Kids” tournament: locations; dates; # of teams; paid umpires; no pitching screen; SSUSA rules; etc.  He asked her to obtain an “event” insurance quote, and, if possible, to quote Thursday/Friday, Saturday/Sunday separately.  She said she would get the quote, but did not believe the quote would be for separate days.

JH also asked SH about the BKMT and if she recalled and/or had record of our Monday league securing insurance for this event.  JH also mentioned to her about the $75 “itemized” insurance charge we send to BLD for the tournament.  She did not recall any conversation about covering this event and did not know the $75.  She did a quick computer check and could not see anything relative to this charge.
JH gave her particulars about the tournament, that it would be held in February 2020, and asked her to get a quote.  SH indicated that she should have a quote within a couple of days.
No contact from her as of the writing of these minutes – 10/19/19.

JH spoke to AW on 10/16/19 about TFK and BKMT insurance.
Regarding the “waiver” AW requested SB to sign, his comment was that he really was encouraging SB to not sign such a waiver, as he did not think the Monday league should assume the risk for the younger players playing on Saturday/Sunday.  JH explained to AW the reasons why a “rider” could not be added to the Monday league insurance coverage.  JH told AW that he was securing an “event” quote for insurance for the TFK tournament, and that either the Monday league or Marv Ruddell would provide insurance for the event.

Regarding the $75 “event” insurance charge to BLD for the BKMT, AW stated that he met with Bob Kapeller and SB a number of years ago, and that AW contacted SSUSA and secured insurance coverage for this event.  That is why the $75 charge exists.)

2. League Players
a.  Quit – On 9/9, Mike “Pony” Karr (“1”) left the North County roster.
      New – On 10/2, Jeff Blakeman (“2”) was added to the North County roster, replacing Karr.

b.  Quit – On 9/30, Ralph Hernandez (“3”) left the Sammy’s Cafe roster – he was one of 4 players rated a “3”.
      New – On 9/30, Bobby Seaton (“2”) was added to the Sammy’s Cafe roster, to fill an opening for a “2”.

c.  Pool – Mark Miller seen by board members RS and RB who rated him a “1”.
(Subsequent to the board meeting, SB played with Miller in a 1-day tournament on 10/18/19 and also rates him a “1”.)

3.  Board Members Rating New Players Coming into the League
This topic was discussed in conjunction with the incident of an illegal player being used in a game on 10/7/19, and the manner in which the rating of said player was determined.  It was discussed that, at times, in its desire and haste to get new players into the league, either on a team or into the pool, the board might “cut corners” to move the process along.  It was agreed, by all board members, that the procedure of having, at least, three (3) board members determine the rating of a new player by either seeing said player in a batting practice(s) or by having direct knowledge of the skills of said player is to be followed.  

4.  Appealing a Game
This topic was discussed, also in conjunction with the incident of an illegal player being used in the game on  10/7/19, and the manner in which, and by whom, appealing the illegal player can be made.  All board members agreed that it is critically important that things be done properly and that rules are to be followed.  JH motioned and RS seconded, that if prior to or during a game, if the opposing manager won’t or doesn’t appeal the use of an illegal player, an appeal may be made by any board member aware of the appealable incident.
Motion passed 5-1 (TJ).

5.  Managers Appealing the Use of an Illegal Player
This topic was discussed, also in in conjunction with the incident of an illegal player being used in the game on 10/7/19, and the responsibility Monday league managers have in making sure this rule is universally followed, and appealed when there is a known violation.  The board agreed, unanimously without vote, to send an e-mail notice to Monday league managers on this issue.  SB to draft.  Remains an open item.