October 21, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT:  R. Schemp (RS)

GUEST:  H. Alberts (HA) – portion of meeting

1.  League Players
a.  Al Shelley – RB indicated that Shelley wants to join the league.  RB/TJ/GS all have direct knowledge of Shelley’s level of play, and rate him a “1”. He will be added to the pool and waiting list.

b.  Mark Miller – his rating as a “1” was confirmed subsequent to the 10/14/19 board meeting.
He too will be added to the pool and waiting list.  He is eligible for placement on a team before Shelley.

2.  Second Monday League Draft
RB stated that managers Hank Alonzo, Andy Bullington, and Jack Buss raised the issue with him about having a second draft; i.e. for the spring season.  The reason cited was so that better players were not waiting for inordinate periods of time to be placed on a team.   JH indicated that this specific topic was raised by RB, and discussed, in our 9/13/19 board meeting.  As of this board meeting, there are three players: M. Miller (“1”), Al Shelley (“1”), and Rob Hellman (“5”) on the waiting list.  The two “1’s” were just added to the waiting list and Hellman has not been on the waiting list for any extended period, so there is no current issue.  The board discussed the same items relative to this topic in the 9/13/19 board meeting:

(1) Getting new players into the league has not been an issue in the 8+ years of the league’s existence;
(2) Higher rated players (“1’s”, “2’s”) that are known to the league and who are available to be picked up get picked up from the pool on a fairly regular basis;
(3) In order to get players on the waiting list placed sooner on a team, the league changed its rules 3-4 years ago to permit a player to be placed on a team based on a rating of one up/down or equal to the rating of the open position;
(4) It is difficult to get players to manage.  Having to get managers twice a year makes the process even that much more difficult;
(5) Keeping teams intact for two seasons allows a team that might falter in the first season to play better in the second season;
(6) Lastly, while the task is not insurmountable, the draft does involve a great deal of work and there is no real benefit to conduct a draft more than once/year.

3.  Board Members Rating New Players Coming into the League
Although this topic was discussed, and unanimous consensus was reached by the board, in the 10/14/19 board meeting, relative to applying the existing policy, the topic was again discussed.  It was agreed, again, without vote, but unanimously by all board members, that we will follow the existing procedure of determining the rating of a new player by either:
(1) at least three (3) board members seeing said player at a batting practice(s), or
(2) two (2) board members who have direct knowledge of the skills of said player.