November 20, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); J. Hansell (JH); T. Jadwin (TJ); R. Schemp (RS); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT:  R. Barnhart (RB)

1. 2019 Fall Season

a. Assignments

(1) RB – to contact Elite Sports; re. T-shirts (72) for BKMT4 five division champions.  From last couple of Board meetings, RB indicated that Elite was going to determine, from its year-end surplus inventory, the best price that could be made available.  JH mentioned that RB had told the Board that this MIGHT be in the $5-$8 range.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH checked and RB had indicated a POSSIBLE $5-$6 range in the 9/13/19 Board meeting.)

SB indicated that the plaques awarded to the 5 division champions last year cost $75 ($45 for the HR Derby winners).  Using the $5-$8 range, figuring 12 players/team, and having an extra dozen for those teams with more than 12 players, the cost would range from $360-$576.
(Using the $5-$6 range from the 9/13/19 Board meeting, that cost would range from $360-$432.)
Those figures can be offset, somewhat, by the $15/team increase in tournament fee and $15/plaque decrease for each division champion.
$15 x 22 (maximum # of teams) + $15 x 5 (# of division champions) = $330 + $75 = $405.
Remains an open item.

(2) TJ – to contact Adrian Williams (AW)/BLD; re. 3’ x 5’ MVUDSS league banner at BLD at no cost?
First discussed at 7/19/19 board meeting.  JH to call AW as to whether BLD will charge for hanging/posting banner.  RS indicated that he had a banner done with Signs For Tomorrow at a cost of approximately $65.  RS indicated that he could get his graphic artist to design a Monday league banner.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, TJ and JH spoke to AW.  AW indicated that there will be no charge “until his boss tells him otherwise”.)  Remains an open item.

(3) TJ – Strike zone mats – TJ will order material, and make six (6) mats with dimensions of 34.5” x 19”.  Remains an open item.

(4) TJ asked if there was a budget for items identified in 1.a.(2) and (3) above.  There is no specific budget at this point in time.  The assumption is that surplus dollars which will inure to the Monday league from the “Toys For Kids” tournament in December will pay for these items.

b. Discussion Items/Announcements

(1) “Toys for Kids” tournament will be held on Thu, 12/19 – Sun, 12/22 at BLD.  The MVUDSS portion will be Thu, 12/19 – Fri, 12/20 for teams 65 – 80.  On 10/14/19, SB sent an e-mail to managers of 65 – 80 teams as possible tournament participants.  SB indicated that there are 8 teams signed up at this point in time.  He also indicated that the Mustangs will come in as a 65AAA team.  TJ indicated that the Weakend Warriors will enter as a 65M team, thus increasing the teams committed to 9.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB indicated that Top Gun Patriots 70AAA have backed out of the tournament, moving the committed number of 65-80 teams back to 8.)

TJ indicated that either 3 or 4 fields (with a corresponding number of umpires) would be needed for the 65-80 age group, with games probably starting at 8:00 am and last games at 3:30 pm.  TJ indicated that RB would serve as Tournament Director for the 65-80 group.   

Based on an e-mail correspondence among AW/TJ/JH and Marv Ruddell (MR), TJ indicated that MR will use BLD insurance for the tournament.  MVUDSS will receive a per team charge for insurance coverage based on the number of 65-80 teams participating.
Remains an open item.

(2) BKMT4 – On 10/30/19, SB  sent an e-mail to managers regarding reserving a spot in this tournament (Wednesday, 2/26/20 primary and 3/4/20 backup.)  SB indicated that, as of this meeting, 9 teams have signed up.  Remains an open item.  

(3) MVUDSS Budget Balance – SB indicated a +$90.66 projected balance at the end of the 2019 Fall season based on an additional income of $30 resulting from SB umpiring on 11/4.   

2. League Players 


Al Shelley, rated a (1), was added to the pool/WL on 10/21/19.

John Buchanan – SB spoke to him on 10/28/19.  He needs to be rated.  TJ knows him and said, based on prior play, he’s probably a (1).  TJ will contact Buchanan about coming out to a BP to get rated. SB indicated that Buchanan is in the Tues-Thurs league pool.    

Frank Camou, formerly rated a 2, would like to be added to the pool/WL.  SB spoke to him on 10/30.
Camou needs to be contacted to come out to BP to be rated.   

Randy Reynolds P/OF was rated a (3) on 11/15 and has been placed in the pool/WL.