December 27, 2019 – Player Draft


ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Hansell(JH); R. Schemp(RS); G.Stevenson(GS)
ABSENT:  T. Jadwin (TJ)

MANAGERS:  H. Alberts; H. Alonzo; R. Braun; A. Bullington; E. Rushing; R. Schemp; G. Stevenson
PLAYERS: J. Blanscet; J. Buss; J. Leavitt; H. McCasland; M. O’Donnell

1.  Draft Ground Rules  SB informed attendees that for the spring 2020 draft: 
a. 77 players will be drafted with 11 players on each team

b. Round 11 draft order will be reversed with Team 7 having the 71st pick, and Team 1 the 77th pick.

c. Players coming into the league subsequent to the draft (i.e. players rated 4-6) will fill open slots in the last (12th) round.  This assertion drew a number of complaints from Board members and other attendees stating that there should be no “new” players added to draft line 12.

New players coming into the league must fill an open position by virtue of a player(s) leaving the league.  JH stated that this issue should have been discussed in the 12/13 Board meeting when adding the 7th team was approved.  He also stated that, notwithstanding this draft, our league rules still call for 12 players per team.  SB stated that this issue will be tabled for discussion at a later Board meeting.    

d. The spring 2020 season will be 16 games, starting on January 13, ending on May 18, 2020.  There will be two (2) double headers for each local team and we will play games on MLK Day.
All of this is predicated on no rainouts.

e. The league fee will be $45/player.  


2. Player Draft
a.  Order Selection of Draft/Team Color (reverse order of draft):

      1. Stevenson – Pink
      2. Rushing – Powder Blue
      3. Schemp – Royal Blue
      4. Bullington – Gray
      5. Alberts – Dark Blue
      6. Alonzo – Red
      7. Braun – White

b. During the draft, an issue arose as to where (which round) a player is to be placed when two players are “required” (for commuting reasons) to be placed on the same team.  JH explained that once the higher rated of the two players is drafted, the “coupled” player will automatically be placed in the second round of his Board rating.  Example used:  If the second of the two players is Board-rated a “3”, he will be placed in the second round of the “3’s”; i.e. round 6.