December 27, 2019


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Hansell(JH);  R. Schemp(RS) – has TJ proxy; G.Stevenson(GS)
ABSENT:  T. Jadwin (TJ)

GUESTS: For Portions of Meeting –  H. Alberts (HA); H. Alonzo (HAL); A. Bullington (AB); M. O’Donnell (MOD)

1.  Action Items 
a. Assignments
(1)  RB will contact Elite Sports on 12/30 or 12/31/19 to get pricing (including design) on 72 T-shirts for the division winners for the BKMT.  Once a price is determined, the Board needs to vote on this issue.
Item remains open.

(2)  RB – League needs a third umpire. Brian Wright now has a M-F job and will be unavailable to umpire for us. Rodney Hunt/Marv’s chief umpire is trying to find someone for us.  RB has a couple of possibilities that he will talk to after the first of the year.  Item remains open.

(3)  RS – League banner – RS to contact his graphic artist to design and produce the banner.  Will work on this while in Arizona over New Year holiday.  Item remains open.

(4)  RS – Need 3 doz. new Rock softballs (minimum 5 new for first games) and 2 doz. used Rock softballs.  Without vote, but by unanimous agreement, the Board authorized RS to purchase 2 1/2 doz. (at $55/doz.) new Rock balls, and 6 doz. Trump Stote softballs ($47/doz.), the latter to be used as Monday league game BP balls.  Cost equals approximately $420.  Item remains open.

(5)  JH – Received insurance certificates and invoice from SSUSA and sent invoice to SB for payment.
Initial invoice received from SSUSA was for $360 for 8 teams.  JH sent e-mail to S. Hopkins on 12/23/19 informing her that we were adding a 9th team and to let him know if we will be charged for the additional team, and if so, to invoice us the $45 for the 9th team.
Item remains open.

b.  League Financials – SB projects a -$64.05 balance at end of 2019 Fall Season, but states that our actual bank account will remain in the black.  Additional cost: $45 insurance for 9th team and additional savings: $25 for 1 less umpire gift card.  Item remains open.  

2.  MVUDSS-hosted tournaments 
a. The “Toys for Kids” Tournament, which ran from Thu, 12/19 – Sun, 12/22 (MVUDSS portion Thu, 12/19 – Fri, 12/20 for teams 65 – 70 – 75 – 80), was done in conjunction with Marv Ruddell’s SCSSA.
MVUDSS netted $740 from this tournament.  

b.  BKMT4, Wed, 2/26/20
(1)  We still need to determine how many players ages 55-59 should be allowed to play on 60AAA division teams, and if we will use a 1-1 count.  Item remains open.

(2)  We currently have 15 teams committed.

3.  2020 Spring Season 
a.  SB gave the Board the following assumptions for spring 2020:
16-game schedule w/SE tournament; regular season schedule – January 13 – May 18, 2020;
single-elimination tournament – June 1, 2020;
assumptions: 2 DHs/local team, play on MLK Day, no rainouts 

b.  SB indicated a projected balance $718.55 with additional cost of $90 in that both SC and NC have 11 (not 12) players.  SB also indicated other items/expenditures to consider such as softballs, post-season BBQ, reduced league fee, etc.  The $718.55 includes a $45 league fee and the possible additional $45 insurance for a 9th team.  

c.  SB raised the issue regarding MVUDSS Rule 20, which indicates that there will not be a season-ending tournament during a season in which 15, or more, games are played.  The spring 2020 season will have 16 games.  After discussion, without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, it was agreed there would not be a season-ending tournament for the spring 2020 season.  It is estimated that this will result in, approximately, a $400 savings (field rental, umpire payment, balls, etc.).  This was used as a consideration in approving the purchase of league softballs per item 1.a.(2)(b) above.

d.  With all the revenue/costs factored per above, it is estimated that the league balance at the end of the spring 2020 season would be approximately $698.  While this is a higher surplus than the Board desires, given there might be needed additional expenditures such as a new pitching screen, the Board is OK with this carry-over on a short-term basis.

e.  Before the decision about the year-end tournament for the spring 2020 season was made in 3.c. above, the Board discussed possibly having a league sponsored/paid (totally or partly) BBQ by the league right after the year-end tournament.  Discussion centered around this being a nice year-end activity to help celebrate the league.  It was also discussed, by some Board members, that not all players could/would attend and that $ spent by the league should go toward softball-related activities which impact all players.  RS motioned and JH seconded that the league hold a BBQ in the BLD parking lot after the spring season tournament with possible funding by the league and players.  After discussion RS rescinded his motion.  

f.  JH motioned, and SB seconded that for the spring 2020 season the Board adopt the following:
16-game schedule to start on 1/13/20 and end on 5/18/20;
2 double headers for local teams; play on MLK Day; league fee of $45/player.
Motion passed 6-0.

4.  Only Bring In New League Players Rated “4” or Higher (“3, ”2”, “1”) – Hank Alberts (HA)
a.  HA suggested to the league Board that since the league is continually getting better that it consider only bringing in new players to the league that are rated “4” or higher, and not bring in new players rated “5” or “6”.

b.  The Board pointed out the number of players currently rated a “5”, if they would be coming into the league today, would not be able to join the league based on his criteria.  The Board also pointed out that very few “5’s” and no “6’s” have come into the league in the past 2-3 years.  The Board mentioned that because the league continually gets better as it gains in reputation and better players continue to join the league, it may happen that “5’s” or even “6’s” in the future are equivalent to today’s “4’s” in terms of talent.
The Board took no action on this item.