February 7, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB) – has GS proxy; R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH);  R. Schemp (RS)  
ABSENT:  T. Jadwin (TJ); G. Stevenson (GS)

1. Action Items
a. Assignments
    (1) RB – 3rd league umpire (Rodney Hunt/Marv’s chief umpire is trying to find someone for us.)
         – RB has had no luck in finding another umpire.  He will keep looking.
         Remains an open item.

    (2) RS – contact graphic artist to design and produce the banner – RS is still working this issue.
        Remains an open item.  

b. Discussion Items/Announcements
    (1) RB contacted Elite Sports; re. cost of 72 t-shirts w/design for five BKMT4 division champs
         (72 shirts @ $15/shirt = $1,080 – 12/30/19)  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board,
         it was agreed that this was too costly.
         SB ordered plaques as in previous years.  Cost for plaques this year will be $217.50 vs. $120 last year.
         Individual who made plaques moved to Idaho, resulting in a new supplier.

    (2) RS received 4 of 6 doz new Rock “game” softballs, received 2.5 doz new Rock “backup” softballs
          —  1/12/19 received 6 doz, new Stote “BP” balls —- 1/12/19

    (3) JH, on 12/12/19, received new insurance certificates and invoice from SSUSA.
          On 1/21/20, JH received revised insurance invoice  for 9 teams and forwarded it to SB for payment.
          SB sent $405 payment to SSUSA on 1/21/20.

    (4) SB, on 12/28/19, contacted Dan Gutierrez/Sammy’s Cafe (SC); re. Mike Babb being placed in pool/WL,
          and informed him that Chick McKenney remains a “1”.

2. MVUDSS-hosted tournaments
a. BKMT4, Wednesday, 2/26/20
    (1) BLD gates will open at 6:30 am and there will be a $3 gate fee.
         This was confirmed by SB via text fromAdrian Williams/BLD on 1/27/20.  

    (2) How many players ages 55-59 should be allowed to play on 60AAA division teams?
         JH motioned and RS seconded that a maximum of 5 players age 55-59 will be permitted on 60AAA team.
         SB will inform 60AAA division managers.
        Motion passed 3-2 (SB/GS proxy)

    (3) Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed that a 1-1 count with a waste foul
         will be used in the BKMT4.

    (4) Assignment:
         TJ/RS – find 1 or 2 more umpires.
         No success through Rodney Hunt, but all games have been covered since RB will now umpire 2 games.
         SB is hoping to use fewer umpires to cover the games and some currently scheduled umpires as backups.

    (5)  22 teams committed.
             3 teams (Olde Dawgs 70AA, GRD 65AAA, JSquared 75s 75AAA) on the waiting list.
             8 tournament fees received.

b. “Toys for Kids” 2019 tournament, Thu, 12/19 – Fri, 12/20/19
    (1) MVUDSS is considering hosting 65-70-75 portion of the 2020 tournament, possibly Thu, 12/3 – Fri, 12/4
         at BLD/Perris. This needs to be discussed with the full Board and with M. Ruddell.  Item remains open.

    (2) RS indicated that in a discussion he had with TJ, TJ gave him 36 used balls for MVUDSS in lieu of
          an the $110 owed to MVUDSS as net proceeds from its portion of the “Toys for Kids” tournament.
          JH motioned and RB seconded that MVUDSS accept payment of the 36 used softballs in lieu of
          the $110 owed from the “Toys for Kids” 2019 tournament.
          Motion failed 1 (RS) – 3.  Item remains open.

3. 2020 Spring Season
a. SB stated that the Monday league will have a 16-game schedule with no SE tourney,
    based on current MVUDSS Rule 20 which says,   
    “Tournament will be held during seasons with less than 15 regular season games per team.”

    The regular season schedule will be from January 13 – May 18, with assumptions: 2 DHs/local team,
    play on MLK Day (done), and no rainouts

b. SB indicated a +$414.95 projected balance.
    Additional savings: no spring tourney, 1 additional player.
    Additional cost: softballs, fall tourney awards, lineup cards.

c.  SB indicated that draft order, rosters, player rating, rules, schedules, standings, and player finder
     have been posted on their respective website pages.

d.  Current MVUDSS Rule 4.
4. Rosters:
    a. Local Teams: Local team rosters are limited to 12 players.
        An eligible player not on a roster may become a “full-time” player replacing another full-time player
        if the latter resigns from the league.
        Refer to the Player Resignation Policy under the Rules and Policies page on the league website.
        The new full-time player’s rating must be within one of the resigned full-time player’s rating.
        Exception: A 4 may replace a 6.

        SB RECOMMENDS: no change.  No specific action was taken by the Board on this item.

         Item 4: “If necessary, only Round #12 will be modified to ensure that the final draftee will go to Team 1.” 
         SB RECOMMENDS:  If necessary, only the final Rround #12 will be modified to ensure that
                                             the final draftee will go to Team 1.”

        SB offered this change because this is, in fact, what happened during the Spring 2020 draft meeting.
        JH stated that since this action was taken during the Spring 2020 draft in violation of existing procedure,
        it is not necessary to modify the procedure at this time.  JH stated that this proposed change to
        the existing procedure would, in effect, memorialize an 11 player roster size standard for local teams;
        and he does not support this.
        RS indicated that there is no reason, at this time, to take action on such a proposal until we have
        ample time to determine the “results” of this action from the Spring 2020 draft.  Item remains open.  

4. League Players
     a. John Buchanan (1), pool/WL -> pool —- verbal 12/19
     b. Roger Waite (4), pool -> pool/WL -> pool —- phone 12/30
     c. Jim Mangiapane (3) -> pool —- phone 1/3.  JH raised the issue as to whether Mangiapane will be available,
         as a pool player, to all teams, and that this will not be just a way of extending SC’s roster.  
     d. Fred Gershkoff (formerly a 5), OF -> NC, replacing Ken Perez (4) —- text from Chandler 1/14
     e. Hank Alonzo (2), knee replacement on 1/24, will be out for at least this season —- 1/16
     f.  Anderson Allamby (2/3), 59, IF(3B) -> Rojo Mojo replacing Hank Alonzo (2);
         rated a 2 at BP by Glenn and others (Buss, Bullington), 3 by Rod —- 1/16.  His rating is tentative.
         At least one other Board member needs to rate him.
         In terms of his placement on Rojo Mojo, it’s immaterial, based on policy, whether he’s rated a 2 or 3.
     g. Juan Guerrero (5) -> A Lotta Braun… —- 1/16
     h. Kent Skidmore replaced Hank Alonzo as Rojo Mojo manager —- text, 2/1
     i.  Kyle Lucas (rating TBD) -> SC, replacing Bobby Seaton (2) —- phone from Gutierrez 2/4