February 17, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH);  R. Schemp (RS); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT:  T. Jadwin (TJ)

1. Action Items
a. Assignments
    (1) RB – 3rd league umpire needed; RB indicated that former Monday league umpire Brian Wright
          was just laid off from his full-time job and might be available to take some umpiring dates.
          RB will check with him.
    (2) RS – will contact design studio and determine cost to design and produce the banner.

2. MVUDSS-hosted tournaments
a. BKMT4, Wed, 2/26/20
    22 teams committed.
      2 teams (Top Gun Olde Dawgs 70AA, Top Gun 6 Bits 75AAA) on the waiting list.
      GRD 65AAA was added when Weakend Warriors 60AAA pulled out.
      (Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH spoke to T. DeRocher, manager GRD 65AAA, who indicated that
      he will send the check to SB, possibly, on Wednesday, 2/19/20.)
    16 tournament fees received.

    (1) On 2/10, SB e-mailed managers who have not paid as yet –  regarding confirming participation.
          On 2/11, J-Squared, 75AAA (from waiting list) replaced SoCal Crush 75AAA.

    (2) On 2/13, SB texted 60AAA division managers; regarding 5 players maximum ages 55-59 allowed on team
          as was approved in the 2/7/20 Board meeting.
          Results: LAF 55M – 5, GRD 60AAA – 2, Sammy’s Cafe 60AAA – 2.
          Without vote, but with unanimous consensus of the Board, the 60 age bracket will have 5 HRs + 1-up.
          All other divisions will follow SSUSA HR rules.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus,
          the Board agreed that LAF will give teams either 5 runs (innings 2-6) or an 11th player.

    (3) Status:
          (a) RS – gave the 50-50 raffle tickets to JH.
          (b) TJ  – SB received text from TJ that he is making the HR Derby scorecards.
          (c) GS – contacted Bill Bennett (BB) about taking pictures at the tournament.
                BB will let GS know by middle/end of week of 2/17, whether he will be able to do this.
                (Subsequent to the Board meeting, BB informed SB that he will not be available.)
          (d) SB –  because of teams dropping out of tournament, SB has to redo the schedule.
                He will complete/post the schedule on MVUDSS website by 2/22, then e-mail managers, umpires.
                (On 2/21/20, SB posted the schedule on the website and notified all participating managers.)

 b. “Toys for Kids” Tournament 2019/Tournament for 65-70-75 teams for 2020
     (1) Toys for Kids – 2019.  This item is a carry-over from the 2/7/20 Board meeting.
          The Board is waiting for TJ to update the Board on this issue.
          (RS indicated that in a discussion he had with TJ, TJ gave him 36 used balls for MVUDSS in lieu
          of the $110 owed to MVUDSS as net proceeds from its portion of the Toys for Kids tournament.
          JH motioned and RB seconded that MVUDSS accept payment of the 36 used softballs in lieu
          of the $110 owed from the Toys for Kids tournament.
Motion failed 1 (RS) – 3.  Item remains open.)

     (2) RB reserved Thu, 12/3 – Fri, 12/4/20 at BLD/Perris for MVUDSS to host a seasonal tournament.
          JH motioned and GS seconded that MVUDSS host a tournament on Thursday/Friday 12/3-4/2020
          for age groups 65+ for a seasonal charity to be determined.
         Motion passed 5-0.  JH will look into insurance coverage for this event.

3. 2020 Spring Season
a. SB projects a +$369.95 balance, with additional cost of $45 as a result of Mike Fagan dropping out of the league – league fee.

4. League Players
a. Anderson Allamby – 59, IF(3B) -> Rojo Mojo, replacing Hank Alonzo (2).  RB/RS/GS all rate him a “2”.

b. Kyle Lucas -> SC, replacing Bobby Seaton (2) —- will be rated on 3/2.

c. Mike Fagan, Team D (draft slot 6, board-rated 5) quit – SB contacted manager Bullington on 2/12.
    Team D now at 10 players, so it is first on the list to pick up a new player.

d. Juan Guerrero (JG), Team G (draft slot 6, board-rated 5) quit.  Team G now at 11 players.
    Per existing policy, JG must sit out the remainder of the current season plus the next full season (Fall 2020)
    before consideration may be given to have him return to the Monday league.
    If he subsequently decides he wants to return to the Monday league, the Board will address his eligibility
    at that time and after he satisfies the previously referenced mandatory policy required absence.

5. Other Agenda Items
Rex Finley’s Memorial Service, Monday, February 24, Canyon Lake Community Church, 1:00 pm.
There are 28 current and former Tues/Thurs leaguers playing in our league.
SB recommended a schedule change for 2/24 games to accommodate Monday leaguers who might want to attend:

OLD                                                NEW
9:00   NC-F       C-A                          8:00 C-A        B-G
10:30 E-NC       B-G                         9:30 NC-F      D-B
12:00 D-B                                      11:00 E-NC

Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board approved the above change to the MVUDSS schedule.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 2/19, SB sent an e-mail to all Monday league players advising them of the above schedule change.)