April 3, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); J. Buss (JB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT:  R. Barnhart (RB)

1.  Action Items

a.  Assignments

(1) RS has not contacted the graphic artist to design and produce the Monday league banner.
SB e-mailed banner information to RS on 3/14.  RS did not receive it.  SB will resend it to RS.
Remains an open item.

(2) RB to contact Donnie Reddig: re. allowing RB to recommend SB and JH as SSUSA umpires.
Remains an open item. 

(3) GS verified the cost of the Security Certificate to help secure our website as $63.99/year.
He also verified the cost of the Domain Name Registration of $42 every 2 years.
GS has paid both fees (Domain Name Registration was paid on 2/22/20), and will submit documentation to SB for reimbursement by the Monday league.

b. Discussion Items/Announcements – no items discussed.

2.  Charity Tournament 2020 – Thu, 12/3 – Fri, 12/4/20 at BLD/Perris for 65-70-75-80 teams

a.  RB – to post flyer on SSUSA website under Recreational Tournaments.  SB did not find posting.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB received a proposed flyer from RB regarding the Toys for Kids Christmas charity tournament.)
Remains an open item.

b.  By unanimous agreement, without vote, the Board agreed that this will be an annual Christmas charity tournament benefiting “Toys for Kids”.

3.  2020 Spring Season

a.  SB indicated a +$299.45 projected balance.  This figure includes $42 for Domain Name Registration
and $70 for a Security Certificate.  The number will be adjusted for the actual cost of those items.  

b.  SB indicated that cancellation of the remainder of the Spring 2020 Season would result in a +$2,191.45 projected balance.

c.  In the event the Spring 2020 Season is canceled, SB recommends league fees for Fall 2020 Season as follows:
$45 for new players; $25 for returning players from previous season; $20 refund to non-returning players.  By unanimous agreement, without vote, the Board agreed to this recommendation.  

d.  Budget: End of Fall 2020 Season – SB indicated a projected balance at the end of Fall 2020 Season:
+$132.45 + profit from the 2020 Christmas charity tournament.

e.  Playing/Canceling Spring 2020 Season and Other Considerations
The Board discussed the following: the possibility, although not likely, of playing a portion of the remaining Spring 2020 season; canceling the remainder of the Spring 2020 season; the possibility of a Summer 2020 season with no out-of-area teams and fewer local teams; the Fall 2020 season.
No decision was reached on any of these items and no decision will be made on any, or all, of these items until 4/30, or sooner if so guided by appropriate authorities. 

f.  AED Training: The Monday league conducts AED training yearly. We last did so in March 2019. Weather, and now the coronavirus crisis, impacted our ability to conduct this training.  Additionally, the Board is not certain that Mike Fagan, who conducted the training and is the AED Program Director will be returning to the league.  Remains an open item.

g.  Rules/Policies – SB modified, and posted on the league website, changes to Rules 13, 16, and 20, and added new Rule 27.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, he also modified the league’s Player Discipline Policy.)
These changes were approved in the 3/13/20 Board meeting. 

h.  Rule 26 – Ejections

(1) The following rule revision was approved (5-1 (JH)) in the 3/13/20 Board meeting.
Ejections:  A player ejected from a game for violating the SSUSA’s Player’s Code of Ethics will, at a minimum, not be eligible to play for the remainder of the game in which he was ejected and not until after his team’s next regularly scheduled game day.  This ineligibility includes games scheduled as a pickup player for another team.  

(2) Subsequent to the 3/13/20 Board meeting, the Board voted 5-2 (RB/TJ), via e-mail and text, to rescind the revised rule in h.(1) above.  This is reflected in the 3/13/20 minutes.

(3) SB/JH offered a proposed revision to the rule in h.(1) as follows:
Ejections:  A player ejected from a game for violating the SSUSA’s Player’s Code of Ethics will, at a minimum, not be eligible to play for the remainder of the game in which he was ejected and not until after his team’s next regularly schedule game, except that he may play as a pickup player on the day of his ejection (so as not to penalize the team(s) that have picked him up for the day).  After a brief discussion, no action was taken on this proposal.

(4) JB proposed that the Board adopt the SSUSA rule on ejections, which basically says the player will miss the remainder of the game in which he was ejected.  He further suggested that we include language in a revised rule which would indicate that this penalty will be “at a minimum”, and that severity/multiple infractions etc. determine if any additional penalty can be dealt with by using the Player Discipline Policy.

SB also indicated that he would like the rule to state that the Board will review all player ejections.
Without vote, but by unanimous agreement, the Board agrees to adopt such a rule revision.
JH will prepare a revised rule for the Board’s review.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH e-mailed a revised Rule 26 – Ejections to the Board.
Via e-mail/text vote, the Board approved the revised rule 6-0.  SB updated the revised rule in the Monday league rules.)

4.  Tom Jadwin Resignation/Pitching Screen Repairs/New Board Member/Board Voting

a.  SB informed the Board that he received Tom Jadwin’s e-mail resignation from the Board on 3/31/20.
This leaves the Board with six (6) members.  The Board wishes to thank Tom for his years of service and his many contributions while serving on the Monday League Board. 

b.  JB volunteered to assume the responsibility to maintain/repair the 3 league pitching screens, the responsibility for which had been performed by Tom.  

c.  The Board briefly discussed whether to add another Board member.  Considering the coronavirus crisis and the fact that the league is in hiatus because of that, discussion on this matter was tabled for another time.

d.  During such time as the Board has six (6) members, the Board agreed, unanimously without vote, that the President’s position would have an additional deciding vote, but only to break a 3-3 tie vote.

5.  Toys for Kids 2019

RS will speak to Tom Jadwin regarding the $110 he agreed is owed to MVUDSS for its participation in 12/19/2019 tournament.  In lieu of the $110, an offer was originally made to give MVUDSS 3 dozen used Rocks/Stotes/Missiles.  Without vote, the Board unanimously agreed to accept these in lieu of the $110 payment.  They will be used as BP balls.
Item remains open.

6.  League Players 

a.  From 3/13/20 Minutes – “Kyle Lucas – potential Bobby Seaton “2”replacement on Sammy’s Cafe (SC).
Two Board members have seen him play.  GS sees him as a “1”, and RB sees him as a “1” or “2”.
By policy, at least one more Board member needs to see him play before he is given a final rating.”
The Board briefly discussed.  No resolution at this time.  Item remains open.

b.  From 3/13/20 Minutes -Tony Walker  – “Wants to be on the WL/pool; 951-285-7590 (C); tony_walker25@hotmail.com; DOB 5/19/60.   Any position but pitcher.
Emergency contact: Bryan Walker/son, 951-285-1749 (C).  SB met him at BKMT4 on 2/26.
SB needs to call him and he needs to be rated.”
The Board briefly discussed.  No resolution at this time.  Item remains open.