May 1, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Buss (JB); J. Hansell (JH);  G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT:  R. Schemp (RS)
GUEST:  E. Rushing (ER)

1. Action Items

a.  Assignments

(1) RS has not contacted the graphic artist to design and produce the Monday league banner.
SB e-mailed banner information to RS on 3/14.  RS did not receive.  SB resent on 4/4.
Remains an open item.

(2) RB to contact Donnie Reddig; re. allowing RB to recommend SB and JH as SSUSA umpires.
Remains an open item.

b.  Discussion Items/Announcements

(1)  Board e-mailed all league players on 4/6 regarding status of the Monday league during the coronavirus.

(2)  SB sent check to GS on 4/4 for $36 for website domain registration and $64 for website security certificate.

(3)  Based on prior Board approval, SB updated the website with a revised Player Discipline Policy (4/4) and a revised Rule 26, Ejections (4/8).

2. Spring 2020 Season

a.  After receiving information from the Riverside County Health Department on 4/29 that its “stay-in-place” and other attendant orders will be extended to June 19, SB, on behalf of the Board, sent  an e-mail to all Monday league players informing them that the remainder of the Spring 2020 season was officially canceled.  

b.  Based on 2.a. above, SB projects a balance at the end of the Spring 2020 season of +$2,306.87 –
a savings of $6, based on $36 pro-rated (normally $42) for league website domain name registration;
a savings of $6, based on $64 (instead of $70) for league website security certificate fee;
a savings of $1,883.42 based on:

field rental (14 sessions x $50/session = $700),
umpires (36 games x $30/game = $1,080),
awards ($103.42)  

3.  Summer Games – Summer Tournament/Summer League

a.  Summer Tournament – 2020

(1)  The Board discussed the possibility of having a double-elimination tournament comprising all 9 league teams to be played over a four (4) day period.
(2) Seeding would be based on the Spring 2020 standings as of 3/9/20.
(3) Games would be played on Mondays and Wednesdays.

b.  Summer League – 2020

(1) Six (6) teams, or fewer, with twelve (12) players on a team will be drafted.
(2) Out-of-area (OOA) teams will not participate, although any of the OOA players may participate in the draft.
(3) One field will be used, with playing times of 8:00 am, 9:30 am, and 11:00 am.
(4) The summer league would commence in early July for 5 weeks, ending, most likely, in early August.
(5) Games would be played on Mondays and Wednesdays.

c.  For either 3.a. and/or 3.b. to occur, the following factors need to be addressed:

(1)  The County of Riverside’s “stay-in-place” orders which restricts, among many things, using ball fields must be removed to permit playing softball.
(2)  Big League Dreams must be open and available to play.
(3)  Monday league players will need to be polled to determine who would play in the proposed summer tournament and/or the summer league.
(4)  If given the OK to play, the Board will have to identify any specific restrictions regarding playing and communicate same to all players.
(5)  For 3.b. above, it would have to be determined whether there is a sufficient number of “volunteer” umpires to be able to play any games.
(6)  Costs, and any fees, would have to be determined.  
(7)  RB will contact Adrian Williams (AW), General Manager of Big League Dreams (BLD)/Perris, to determine:

(a) if Wednesdays would be available for Monday league use,
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, AW approved Wednesdays’ availability.)
(b) if BLD was to be made available to play as early as some time in June, what dates might be available for a summer tournament, and
(c) if there would be any date restrictions for Monday league to have a summer league starting in early July.  

4.  1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament

a.  RB has reserved BLD Perris for Thursday/Friday, 12/3-12/4/20 for age groups 65-70-75-80.

b.  The United Way of Hemet Valley needs to be contacted regarding donating to the “Toys for Kids” charity.

c.  RB has sent the flyer to SSUSA for posting on their website under Recreational Tournaments.
He indicated it won’t be posted until someone at SSUSA comes into their office.

d.  SB indicated that we need a backup rainout date.  RB will check with AW to see if December 10/11 will be available as a backup.  RB wanted the Board to be aware that Marv Ruddell has a tournament on these dates, although his tournament is scheduled for the Diamond Valley Sports Complex in Hemet.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, AW approved December 10/11 as a backup date.) 

e.  SB indicated that the flyer for the tournament should have his address identified, so participating managers will know where to mail tournament fees.  He indicated that the backup date should be on the flyer as well.  GS will take a look at the flyer to see if these two items can be added.  If they can, RB will forward a revised flyer to SSUSA.

f.  RB has spoken to Carlos at Elite Sports regarding the cost of shirts that would be given to age group winners at the tournament.  Carlos indicated that because this is a charity tournament, he would charge $15/shirt instead of the normal $30/shirt.  There would be 5 division champions, but we would order an additional dozen shirts to cover any teams that had more than 12 players.
Cost would be $1,080 ($15/shirt x 12 shirts/team x 6 teams).  

5.  Toys for Kids Tournament – 2019
RS to contact Tom Jadwin to obtain 3 doz. BP balls that were originally offered in lieu of $110 owed MVUDSS from the “Toys for Kids” 2019 tournament.
Item remains open.

6.  AED  – Manager/Training
M. Fagan, current AED Program Manager, needs to be replaced in that capacity if he doesn’t return to the Monday league.  AED training also needs to take place.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.
Item remains open.  

7.  League Players 

a.  From 3/13/20 Minutes – “Kyle Lucas – potential Bobby Seaton “2”replacement on Sammy’s Cafe (SC).
Two Board members have seen him play.  GS sees him as a “1”, and RB sees him as a “1” or “2”.
By policy, at least one more Board member needs to see him play before a final rating can be placed on him.”
Item remains open.

b.  From 3/13/20 Minutes -Tony Walker  – “Wants to be on the WL/pool; 951-285-7590 (C);; DOB 5/19/60.   Any position but pitcher.  Emergency contact: Bryan Walker/son, 951-285-1749 (C).  SB met him at BKMT4 on 2/26.  SB needs to call and he needs to be rated.”
Item remains open.

8.  BKMT5 – 2021
An alternative to a 60-division has been tabled until later in the year.
Item remains open.