June 10, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Buss(JB); J. Hansell(JH); R. Schemp(RS); G. Stevenson(GS)
GUESTS:  H. Alberts (HA);  E. Rushing (ER)

1.  Action Items

a. Assignments

(1) RS committed that he will have a Monday league banner completed by the Fall 2020 Season.
Remains an open item.

(2) RB will contact Donnie Reddig to determine if  SSUSA will permit SB and JH to become SSUSA-sanctioned umpires without formally umpiring an SSUSA game.
Remains an open item.   

b. Discussion Items/Announcements  
    No items/announcements

2.  Spring 2020 Season 

a. SB stated the balance at the end of the Spring 2020 Season is +$2,306.87.

b. Return of Spring 2020 Season Balance to Players
The Board agreed that the most reasonable way to handle the “return” of the $2,306.87 remaining Spring 2020 Season balance to players is to do so in conjunction with the Fall 2020 Season.  In the 4/3/20 Board meeting, the Board agreed to return the Spring 2020 Season balance at the Fall 2020 Season as follows: $45 fee for new players; $25 fee for returning players; and $20 refund to non-returning players.

3.  Summer 2020 Games 

a.  Summer League or Summer Tournament – 2020

(1) On 5/21, SB e-mailed Spring 2020 managers requesting they poll their players regarding their availability to play in either a summer league and/or a summer double-elimination tournament.  SB also called a number of players for whom he did not initially receive a response.  As a result of identifying players not playing during the summer, players returning for the summer, new players to the league, and returning players who did not play during the Spring 2020 Season, a total of 69 players have been identified to play in the summer.  SB stated that a Summer league would need five (5) weeks to complete and a double-elimination tournament would need 2-3 weeks to complete.  

(2) As stated in a prior Board meeting, on 5/4/20 SB received the approval from Adrian Williams (AW)/BLD for the Summer league to play on Wednesday in addition to Monday.  SB subsequently heard from AW, confirmed in this Board meeting by RB, that BLD is targeting July 6 to reopen.  RB cautions that BLD needs 2-3 weeks to “prep” (recall/hire some employees, work with vendors, order food/drink, etc.) before they can open.  JH stated that he has not seen anything from either the State of California or Riverside County about relaxing restrictions of team sports other than professional team sports.  

(3) SB pointed out that depending on when BLD actually opens and the scheduling of youth tournaments, we could play for the remainder of July up through the first week in August.  Fields would not be available after the first week in August due to scheduled major SSUSA tournaments. 

(4) SB spent considerable time preparing schedules, costs, etc. for both a summer league and a summer double-elimination tournament.  JB stated that we should determine to have one or the other before discussing any specific details of either.  RB pointed out that SSUSA Western Nationals in Sacramento will be held from July 27 through August 2 resulting in many of our Monday league players not being available to play.  RB stated this means that the last week in July and the first week in August would not be available and that, practically, only a summer double-elimination tournament is feasible.

b. Summer Double-Elimination Tournament – 2020 – based on 3. above, the following will apply:

(1) JH motioned and JB seconded that:
if play is able to start on July 6, we will have a 3-week double-elimination tournament with 1 week of seeding; or,
if play is able to start on July 13, we will have a 2-week double-elimination tournament, with seeding based on the Spring 2020 Season standings as of 3/9/20.
The cost will be $15/player.  Motion passed 6-0.  

(2)  We will utilize our professional umpires, Darin and Dennis, for regular tournament games and will use volunteer umpires for seeding games if we’re able to play a third week.
SB has identified the following as volunteer umpires:  SB/RB/JH/ER/C. Pickett/E. Regalado.
John Benedict and Donnie Sternberger will be additional possibilities.

(3)  For the most part, teams from the Spring 2020 Season will remain intact for the summer tournament.  Team D (Snap, Crackle, POP) did not have sufficient enough players to remain intact.  The Board took those remaining players from Team D who want to play in the summer, along with new and returning players to the league and placed them on teams with the idea of creating the best possible balance for each team.  The result is that for the summer tournament there will be 6 teams with the following number of players on each roster: A- 12; B- 12; C- 11; E- 11; F- 11;  G- 12.
Managers will be: A- GS;  B- ER; C- RS;  E- H. Alonzo (replacing HA); F- K. Skidmore;  G- R. Braun. 

(4) Neither North County (NC) nor Sammy’s Cafe (SC) will play during the summer. 

(5) Guarantee of three games minimum.

(6) Cost (2 weeks): field rental $300; balls $0; professional umpires $390; awards (e.g.12 caps) $123
Total $813.
Cost (3 weeks): additional $100 for field rental for a total of $913.  

(7) (Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB posted the Summer 2020 Season rosters on the league website.) 

4.  Waiver/Hold Harmless Player Agreement

a. JH told the Board that he received an email from SSUSA CEO Terry Hennessy on 5/29/20.  The email was, presumably, sent to managers of all teams who participate in SSUSA tournaments.  The email stated that an attached SSUSA Player Waiver Form (Form) was going to be a requirement for all SSUSA tournament players to sign in order to participate in SSUSA tournaments.  Their Form was written from the Senior Softball World Championships, Inc. which is the legal parent organization of SSUSA.   JH indicated that the Form was a boilerplate waiver/hold harmless document modified specifically to include a section on COVID-19.  

b. JH suggested that since SSUSA is taking the lead on this to protect themselves, that the Monday Board should consider doing the same.  RS and GS asked if BLD was going to require such a form to be signed by Monday league players and, if so, wouldn’t that be enough protection.  JH indicated that it would be highly likely that BLD would require our players to sign such a waiver, but such a waiver would not provide protection to the Monday league board.

c. JH motioned and JB seconded that all players (including non-playing managers/coaches) and umpires will be required to sign the MVUDSS Waiver/Hold Harmless Player Agreement (Agreement) and will not be permitted to play/manage/coach/umpire until the Agreement is signed.
Motion passed 6-0.  JH will prepare and finalize the Agreement.

5.  Reopening Guidelines

a. Along with the agenda for this meeting, SB sent the Summer Games Rules and Recommendations from SSUSA to the Board, one dated 4/30/20 and an update dated 5/20/20.  

b. SB reviewed a few of the suggested guidelines offered by SSUSA.  Most of the Board felt that many of these guidelines, while well-intentioned, were overly broad.  The consensus was that while some general guidelines might be appropriate, Monday players are informed reasonable adults who can decide, on their own, whether playing softball constitutes a risk.

c. JH motioned and JB seconded that the Board prepare and provide to all Monday league players general guidelines for Monday league players to follow upon return to playing softball.  The general guidelines will include, but may not be limited to: no, after game congratulation lines; no high fives; no handshakes; players are encouraged to social distance; catchers/umpires are encouraged to wear masks during a game; a player may wear a facial mask during a game; a player who is showing “symptoms”/is sick should not play in a game or show up at the field.
Motion passed 6-0.  JH to prepare a safety guidelines document.

6.  Fall 2020 Season 

a. Without vote, but by unanimous agreement of the Board, we will hold a draft for the Fall 2020 Season.

b. Projected balance at the end of the Fall 2020 Season: +$247.87 (if no Summer games) + Christmas Tournament (approx. $2,000).

c. We are hopeful for a start date of September 7, 2020/Labor Day

d. SB asked GS if he would be able to develop an automated sign-up process for the Fall 2020 Season via our MVUDSS website.  GS indicated that if the “design” is kept simple and using player email addresses, cell numbers, and name, along with a yes, no, or maybe response, it could be done.  GS will develop this prior to the Fall 2020 Season draft.  Item remains open.

7.  1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament – Thu, 12/3 – Fri, 12/4/20, BLD/Perris, 65-70-75-80 teams

a. SB reviewed and made changes, in this meeting, to the flyer to be sent to SSUSA for posting on the SSUSA website.  Apparently, an incorrect flyer was sent to Jerry Smith who sent it to SSUSA.
(Subsequent to the meeting on 6/13/20, GS sent a revised flyer to SB.  SB submitted the flyer to three SSUSA contacts for posting on SSUSA website: info@seniorsoftball.com, Anthony Ramos, Fran Dowell.)

b. Backup dates if rained out – Thu, 12/10 – Fri, 12/11/20 were approved by Adrian on 5/4/20

c. Tournament softballs – assuming 20 teams participating, we will order 10 dozen (120) softballs for games, and an extra 2 dozen balls for teams that may need to purchase extras. 

d. The Board’s preference is to identify a local charity to which the toys can be donated.
If not, we will contact United Way of Hemet Valley regarding donating to the “Toys for Kids” charity.

e. SB e-mailed tournament team managers (from BKMT4) and a few others on 5/15/20 regarding this tournament and has received a yes response from 7 teams.
(Subsequent to the meeting, an 8th team has been added.)

8.  Toys for Kids Tournament – 2019
RS contacted Tom Jadwin (TJ) to obtain 3 doz. BP balls that were originally offered in lieu of $110 owed MVUDSS from the “Toys for Kids” 2019 tournament.  Toward the end of May, TJ gave pitching screen parts and 4 doz. used softballs to JB.
Item is complete.

9.  AED – Manager
M. Fagan may need to be replaced as the AED Program Manager if he doesn’t return to the Monday league.
(On 6/2, SB contacted Fagan who indicated he will be playing in the summer and fall leagues.)
Item is complete.

10.  AED – Training
AED training also needs to take place.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.
Item remains open. 

11.  League Players 

a. From 3/13/20 Minutes – “Kyle Lucas – potential Bobby Seaton “2” replacement on Sammy’s Cafe (SC).
Two Board members have seen him play.  GS sees him as a “1”, and RB sees him as a “1” or “2”.
By policy, at least one more Board member needs to see him play before a final rating can be placed on him.”
Item remains open.

b. From 3/13/20 Minutes -Tony Walker  – “Wants to be on the WL/pool; 951-285-7590 (C); tony_walker25@hotmail.com; DOB 5/19/60.   Any position but pitcher.  Emergency contact: Bryan Walker/son, 951-285-1749 (C).  SB met him at BKMT4 on 2/26.  SB needs to call and he needs to be rated.”
Item remains open.

c. Joe Jennings – RB and GS rate him as a “2”.  He will play during the summer with a provisional “2” rating until the Fall 2020 Season draft.
Item remains open.

d. Joe DeFrancesco – plays in the Tues/Thurs league. SS/outfielder.  SB/JB/JH and ER rate him as a “2”.
He will play during the summer with a provisional “2” rating until the Fall 2020 Season draft.
Item remains open.

12.  BKMT 5 – 2021
An alternative to a 60-division has been tabled until later in the year.
Item remains open.