August 3, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Buss(JB); J. Hansell(JH); R. Schemp(RS); G. Stevenson(GS)
GUESTS:  H. Alberts (HA)

1. Action Items

a. JH prepared an MVUDSS Return to Play Guidelines re: COVID-19 (C-19).
This was posted on the league website on 6/19.  Item closed.

b. JH prepared an MVUDSS Waiver/Hold Harmless Player Agreement re: C-19.  This was posted on the league website on 6/19.
Note: players will also be required to sign a BLD waiver (similar to the SSUSA waiver).  Item closed.

c. SB requested on Player Finder page, that “Draft Rating” be changed to “Draft Position” in 3 places.  GS will change.  

d. RB spoke to Jerry Smith (SSUSA) who indicated that SB/JH would have to umpire one SSUSA game in order to be sanctioned as an umpire by SSUSA.  He indicated that it would, most likely, be a game in one of the Top Gun/SSUSA tournaments.  Item closed.  

2.  Summer 2020 Tournament
On 7/3, a notice was posted on the league’s website, on the league’s Facebook group, and via e-mail to all league players that the possible summer tournament had been canceled due to the on-going C-19 issue.  

3.  C-19 Issues

a. JH posed a question as to whether the Board should be required to ask players if they’ve tested positive for coronavirus.  Since we are not an employer, we are not technically bound by legal restrictions imposed by HIPAA regulations.  At the same time, a player is not bound, in any way, to respond if such a question was asked.  Of course, the sentiment expressed by the Board was the hope that a player would inform the Board if he tested positive for C-19.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board will not ask such a question of players.

b. JH posed a question as to what actions should be taken by the Board if a player tests positive for C-19.
The Board agreed, unanimously, without vote to the following:

(1) If informed by the player that he has tested positive, that he give permission to the Board to identify the player as having tested positive.  If the player does not give such permission, the Board will hold the name in confidence.

(2) The Board will indicate to the player that he will not be permitted back on the field until he has provided evidence that he no longer has the virus.

(3) The Board will inform all members of his team and all players in the league that a player on Team X has tested positive.  The name of the player will be identified if the player has granted that permission.

(4) The Board will determine whether games for the player’s team will postponed; if all games will be postponed for a period of time; or if the league will be shut down.  The discussion on this topic was not lengthy.  If at such time this was to occur, there would be many additional factors that may have to be considered and different decisions/results may be appropriated based on those factors.

c. The Board briefly discussed where the league might go in the event that BLD “completely” shuts down.  Some possibilities include:  Wheatfield-Menifee (until a permanent location could be found); Marion Ashley-Menifee; Birdsall Sports Park-Temecula; Diamond Valley Sports Complex-Hemet; various fields in the Murrieta/French Valley area.  

d. All three issues above are predicated on the league once again playing while issues surrounding C-19 are still in force.  

4. Fall 2020 Season

a. Player draft was tentatively scheduled for Wednesday, August 19 and Friday, August 21, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, without vote, the draft will be postponed until a later date.

RB believes that the earliest BLD might be open for play will be around Thanksgiving 2020.  We currently have 81 full-time local players on the draft list and 11 pool players, plus 4 more potential players –
Tony Walker, Clay Lilley, and Brian Crozier.  These players need to be reviewed/rated by the Board.

b. With the original projected draft dates of 8/19 & 8/21, we established a Fall 2020 season tentative start on September 7/Labor Day.  Again, without vote, but with unanimous consensus of the Board, the Fall 2020 season will be postponed until a later date.  When we do start play, players must sign an MVUDSS waiver and a BLD waiver; and pay a league fee on opening day.

c. As established in previous Board meetings, fees would be: $45 for new players; $25 for returning players; and $20 refund to non-returning players.  Those fees are predicated on a normal full season.  

d. Although academic at this point, a full season would have a current projected balance of +$582.87, with an approximate additional $2,000 from the Monday league sponsored XMAS Tournament.

e. The Board agreed that SB would post on the MVUDSS website and Facebook group and via e-mail to league players and umpires a communication along the following lines regarding the slippage of the Fall 2020 season 

Due to the current state and county mandates, the projected playing start date of September 7 has been slipped.  Hopefully, if given the go-ahead later in the year, we will try to squeeze in an abbreviated Fall 2020 Season.  Again, the Board will keep you apprised.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB sent out communications notifying players and umpires.)

f. Once we are able to start a new season, we will be trying a new system for “signing up” for the league.
We will be using EVITE, an online invitation.  With this system, each player will receive an e-mail EVITE invitation, which will require the player to select YES, NO, or MAYBE as to whether the player will be signing up for the league to be drafted.  There will also be space for the player to provide comments.
SB sent out a trial run of this procedure to Board members.  

g. Draft list, rosters with Spring 2020 player ratings, rules, schedule, standings, and Player Finder have been updated with current information and have been posted on our website.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB posted the Fall 2020 player ratings on the league website.)

h. Player ratings 

(1) The Board rated all 81 players currently expected to participate in the next draft.

(2) Although the Board has addressed and voted on the rating of Sammy’s Cafe player Chick McKinney, numerous times, the subject was discussed again.  JH motioned and JB seconded that McKinney be rated a “1”.  Motion passed 5-0-1 (JB)

(3)  Category “6” Rating:
RB believes that since we treat players rated “5” and “6” the same, and because we only have three Board rated “6’s” that the two categories be combined into one category “5”.  After discussion, JH motioned and RB seconded, that we eliminate rating category “6”, with those being rated and/or drafted as a “6”, become “5’s”.  The result of this would be four “lines” of “5”-rated players.
Motion passed 4-2 (SB/GS)

One complication of the above decision was to determine the fairest possible treatment of what draft round to place managers who were rated “5” or “6” under the previous rating system.  Previously, a “5”-rated manager would be placed in the second round of “5’s” and a “6”-rated manager would be placed in the second round of the “6’s”.  After much discussion, JH motioned and GS seconded that managers rated a “5” under the revised rating criteria will select himself in the fourth round of “5’s”.
Motion passed 4-2 (SB/RS)

(4) Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB posted the Fall 2020 player ratings on the league website.

i. 7 managers are needed.  Currently, HA, JB, JH, E. Rushing, and RS have agreed to manage.  During a break in the Board meeting, JB contacted Kent Skidmore who agreed to manage, leaving us one manager short.
(That’s one manager short, Hank.  Not one short manager.  Just seeing who reads this.)

5. League Insurance
At the appropriate time, JH will contact SSUSA/Stephanie Hopkins regarding a partial refund on this year’s league liability insurance or, at least, a future credit. Note: Our last game was played on March 9, 2020.

6.  1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament – Thu, 12/3 – Fri, 12/4/20, BLD/Perris, 65-70-75-80

a. GS updated flyer. SB e-mailed it to SSUSA (info@seniorsoftball,com, Anthony Ramos, Fran Dowell) on 6/13.

b. SSUSA posted flyer under Recreational Tournaments on the SSUSA website on 6/25.  
Note: With the exception of a tournament in Yuba City (which is 500 miles from here), the only CA tournament listed on the SSUSA website between mid-August 2020 and late-January 2021 is the Monday league XMAS tournament. 

c. A specific charity still needs to be identified.

d. 10 teams, so far.

JH stated that at no time during the first 9 years of the Monday league did he feel it either appropriate or necessary to formally raise the issue of social/legal fairness and equity as relates to the Monday league.
He stated that given the current social climate that it is appropriate for the Monday league to make an official statement on this issue, if only in a generalized way.  As such, he offered that the below language, in italics, be added to the league’s Mission Statement.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, the Board agreed to add the two paragraphs below to the league’s Mission Statement.

Within its rules, policies, decision making, guidelines, actions and normal league/game functioning, MVUDSS strives to ensure equality and fairness of treatment and opportunity for all existing and potential players irrespective of race, sex, gender, religion/creed, color, ethnicity, national origin or sexual orientation.

Although MVUDSS supports freedom of expression, during its games and at its venue site(s), the league discourages displays of political: parties/causes/issues/candidates or social justice issues/causes for action. The league will not offer recognition of, nor support for or against, any such issues, causes, parties or candidates.

SB will add the above to the league Mission Statement.  
(Subsequent to the meeting, SB added the above language to the league Mission Statement.)



8. League Banner
RS – needs to contact graphic artist to design and produce the banner.  Due: Start of Fall 2020 Season.
Item remains open. —- since 11/20/19

9. AED – Training
AED training also needs to take place.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.
Item remains open. —- since 4/3/20

10. League Players 

a. From 3/13/20 Minutes – Kyle Lucas – potential Bobby Seaton “2” replacement on Sammy’s Cafe (SC).  By policy, three Board members have observed his level of play.  In this Board meeting, RB rates him a “1”, and RS/GS rate him a “2”.  He will be rated a “2”.  Item is closed.

b. From 3/13/20 Minutes – Tony Walker – “Wants to be on the WL/pool; 951-285-7590 (C);; DOB 5/19/60.   Any position but pitcher.  Emergency contact: Bryan Walker/son, 951-285-1749 C.  SB met him at BKMT4 on 2/26.  Needs to be approved and rated before being added to draft list.  Item remains open. —- since 3/13/20

c. Joe Jennings – RB and GS rate him as a “2”.  This satisfies league procedure for rating a player.  He will be rated a “2.”  Item is closed.  

d. Joe DeFrancesco – plays in the Tuesday/Thursday league. SS/outfielder.  SB/JB/JH and ER rate him as a “2”.  This satisfies league procedure for rating a player.  Item is closed.

Added since last board meeting:
e. Clay Lilley – 310-951-6333 (C), 951-244-2259 (H);; DOB 7/8/58.  RCF/RF.  Emergency contact: Diana Lilley/wife, 951-756-5862 (C).  Orlando Lopez (OL) knows him.  Needs to be approved and rated before being added to draft list. SB received an e-mail from OL on 7/20/20.
Item remains open.

f. Brian Crozier – 951-334-6082 (C);; DOB 12/13/57.  IF(not SS)/OF.  Emergency contact: Teresa Crozier/wife, 951-334-5714 (C).  Plays in Tues/Thurs league. SB received e-mail on 7/21/20.  Needs to be approved and rated before being added to draft list.  Item remains open.  

11. BKMT5 – 2021
An alternative to a 60-division has been tabled until later in the year.
Recommendation: A Monday League 65AAA/M? team.  Currently 55 local full-time Monday Leaguers 65+.
Item remains open. —- since 3/13/20