November 13, 2020


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Buss(JB); J. Hansell(JH); R. Schemp(RS); G. Stevenson(GS)

1. Action Items
GS indicated that he recently changed “Draft Rating” to “Draft Position” in three places on our league website’s Player Finder page.
Item closed.

2. COVID-19 Notification Update
On 10/19, SB posted on MVUDSS website and Facebook group and e-mailed to league players and umpires the following: “10/19/20 COVID-19 UPDATE: ABBREVIATED FALL 2020 SEASON CANCELED  Item closed.

3. Spring 2021 Season – this item is for information/illustration only, is not formally approved, and is contingent on the status of COVID-19 in California and Riverside County.

a. A player draft would be held 2 weeks before the start of play (probably on a Monday and Wednesday).

Draft list, rosters with Spring 2021 player ratings, rules, schedule, standings, and Player Finder updated with current information and posted on our website.

7 (maybe only 6) managers needed —- Alberts, Buss, Hansell, Rushing, Schemp, Skidmore

b. Playing start date is TBD.
Players to sign MVUDSS waiver, BLD waiver; and pay league fee on opening day.

c. The Board will return the Spring 2020 Season balance as follows:
$45 fee for new players
$25 fee for returning players from Spring 2020 Season
$20 refund to non-returning players from Spring 2020 Season
Projected Balance: +$636.87.

Since the 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament has been cancelled (see item 9. below), the Board discussed the possibility of some net proceeds from the BKMT5 (see item 9.c. below) inuring to the MVUDSS league.  Since COVID-19 also places this tournament in jeopardy, and since, at least, one Board member, JH, is opposed to using proceeds from the BKMT for any other purpose other than veteran charity donation this will remain an open item until there is clarity relative to whether this tournament will take place.

4. COVID-19 – Considerations WHEN BLD Opens – this item is for information/illustration only, is not formally approved, and is contingent on the status of COVID-19 in California and Riverside County. The Board did not review this item in any detail at this meeting.

a. When BLD/Perris reopens and if we’re still social distancing and wearing protective face masks (which is likely), SB  recommends the following schedule format for next season only (but possibly for future seasons) in order to minimize the number of players at the park at the same time.

(1) If 16 games (i.e. 7 local teams, 2 OOA teams), play on Mondays and Wednesdays. SB     received OK from Adrian Williams, BLD on 9/8.  This would mean that individual teams will play either on Monday or Wednesday each week.

(2) On Mondays, use 2 fields:
2 games on BLD1 —- 9:00 and 10:30
1 game on BLD2   —- 9:00
out-of-area teams will play doubleheaders on Mondays only

On Wednesdays, use 1 field:
2 games on BLD1 —- 9:00 and 10:30

(3) Monday/Wednesday BLD1 – pro umpire (e.g. Darin, Dennis, or Larry/new umpire) umpires the 2 games.
Monday BLD2 – a league player/umpire (e.g. Ron, Charles, Steve, Joe, or Ernie) umpires the 1 game.

(4) Surveying the players via EVITE regarding playing on Wednesdays.

(5)  Pluses
increases player availability for pickups
no 12:00 games, no byes, 1 DH/local team,
5 or 6 Wednesdays/team 

(6)  Minuses
Additional $700 cost for field rental assuming a 14-week season.  

Item remains open.

5. Revisit Board Decision to Eliminate Player Rating Category “6”

a. In the 8/3/20 Board meeting, by a 4-2 (SB/RS) vote, the Board agreed to eliminate the player rating category “6”, with category “5” being the last rating category.

b. SB indicated he would like the 8/3/20 decision to be rescinded.  He cited some 30 locations in our various policies/procedures/charts, etc., which made reference to rating “6”, would have to be changed.  He also cited an example of a player, currently rated a “5”, who without the rating category “6” could, conceivably be rated a “6”, and this would be unjustified based on the player’s skills. He stated this could happen in other situations.  

c. Some Board members stated they didn’t feel that a “6” rating category was needed, since only three players in the league were board-rated “6.”  While this is accurate, JH pointed out that we draft twelve rounds of players, with the last two rounds resulting in “draft” positions of “6” for those players drafted in the last two rounds.
He pointed out that there should be no reason to eliminate the “6” category (changing his position from the 8/3/20 vote) since both Board ratings and draft positions exist side by side.

d. Without formal motion or vote, the majority consensus of the Board favored rescinding the 8/3/20 Board vote and reinstated player rating category “6”.

6. BLD – Possible Closure – Alternate Locations for Monday League
This item has been on the agenda for a period of time as a result of word that two BLD  locations  had been permanently closed — Mira Loma and West Covina.  It has been determined that that was false information.  The two locations in question have not been closed.  Item closed.  

7. League Insurance
JH will contact SSUSA/Stephanie Hopkins at the end of this year regarding a partial refund on this year’s league liability insurance or at least a future credit.  Item remains open. —- since 8/3/20
Note: Last Monday league game was played on March 9, 2020.  

8. 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament CANCELED
– Thu, 12/3 – Fri, 12/4/20, BLD/Perris, 65-70-75-80 teams

a. On 11/1, the teams listed in 8.b. below were e-mailed regarding the cancellation and asked if they’d be interested in participating in the Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT5) 2021, now, potentially, a 2-day tournament scheduled for Thu, 2/25 – Fri, 2/26/21, BLD/Perris, 60-65-70-75-80.

b. 14 teams had signed up for the 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament.

c. 4 teams have signed up for the Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT5) 2021.  SB secured dates 2/25 and 2/26 (if we decided to do a 2-day tournament) with Adrian Williams, BLD.  RB believes that 3/4 and 3/5 might be more realistic due to possible tournament conflicts.  

9. League Players 
Mostly based on responses to EVITES:
Of the 76 Spring 2020 Season players, currently: 63 returning IN; 8 MAYBES; 5 OUT                = 63
6 new players IN                                                                                                                                 +6 = 69

(+7 ? more potential players – see below) full-time local players on draft list.                         +7 = 76
Potential players need to be approved/rated before being added to draft list.

a. Ted Bennett —- Tues/Thurs league —- undecided, 8/8/20.  Per SB 11/13/20, Bennett still undecided.
Item remains open. —-  

b. Tony Lacey (Vo)  —- Bootleg League —- undecided, 9/16/20.  Item remains open. 

c. Tony Walker —- SB met him at BKMT4 on 2/26/20 —- EVITE, MAYBE (probably YES) 9/23; Per 11/13/20 Board meeting, SB to contact Walker about coming to Wheatfield to get rated, either on a Monday or Wednesday.  

d. Ed Nicholls  —- Tues/Thurs league —- text, 9/10/20

e. Clay Lilley —-  Orlando Lopez knows him.
—- rec’d e-mail from Orlando on 7/20/20.  IN via e-mail from Orlando, 9/26

f.  Brian Crozier –— Tues/Thurs league —- rec’d e-mail on 7/21/20 —- EVITE, YES 9/15

g. Ed Strong —- facebook, 8/9/20 —- EVITE, YES 9/15

10. League Banner
RS – contact graphic artist to design and produce the banner.  Item remains open. —- since 11/20/19

11. AED – Training
AED training also needs to take place.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.
Item remains open. —- since 4/3/20

12. BKMT5 – 2021
An alternative to a 60-division has been tabled until later in the year.
Recommendation:  A Monday League 65AAA/M? team. Currently 55 local full-time Monday League players 65+.
Item remains open. —- since 3/13/20