January 26, 2021


IN ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Buss(JB); J. Hansell(JH); R. Schemp(RS); G. Stevenson(GS)

1.  Action Items

a. RB indicated that BLD is targeting a possible opening some time in mid- to late-April, 2021.  It is still believed that whenever that date is determined, it will still take a minimum of two weeks for BLD to get fields ready, etc.

b. JH/SB  generated a draft email that will be sent to all Monday league players as to when the Spring 2021 season might commence.  The Board reviewed the draf and, without vote but, by unanimous agreement approved the document.  See item 3. below for more details about the Spring 2021 season.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 1/27, SB sent the e-mail to a total of 91 players, which included players who played last season, new players, and pool players.  As of 2/1/21, SB has received 60 responses.  See item 3. below for more details.)

2. Players
Of the 76 Spring 2020 Season Full-time players, currently, 62 (10 no replies) returning IN; 8 MAYBES; 6 OUT            = 62
12 (2 no replies) new players IN                                                                                                                                                   +12 = 74

Of the 9 Spring 2020 Season Pool players, 8 returning IN; 1 OUT

3. Spring 2021 Season

a. The Board spent considerable time discussing whether to target the start of the Spring 2021 season when BLD “might” open in April.  The unanimous consensus, without vote, was to not wait and try to start earlier.

b. The Board decided to consider using Fieldview Park as an interim location to begin the Spring 2021 season and, although not ideal, to also consider Aldergate Park as a backup.  Alternative locations will be considered if these locations don’t work out.

c. Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to the following:

    1. The 2021 Spring season and draft will consist of only “local” players and teams.
    2. Neither out-of-area (OOA) teams nor players will participate in the Spring 2021 season.
    3. When BLD  reopens. we will move our games there if it is practical to do so.
    4. When BLD reopens, we will give consideration to adding OOA teams and adjusting the schedule if it is practical to do so.
    5. The Board will meet on Monday, 2/15/21, if necessary, to rate players that were not rated during the August 3, 2020 Board meeting and any new players not previously rated.
    6. A draft will occur on Monday, 2/22/21.  Because of time implications, the draft will be completed in one day, and will not be done over two days as has been past practice.  The first two rounds of the draft will take place on 2/22, after which a short recess will occur to allow managers to contact their #1 draft picks for possible assistance for the remaining rounds of the draft.  A draft list, rosters with Spring 2021 player ratings, rules, schedule, standings, and Player Finder will be updated with current information and posted on the league website.
    7. A tentative start date  of 3/1/21 for the Spring 2021 season.
    8. The number of scheduled games is to be determined.
    9. The number of teams is to be determined.  There will be a maximum of 12 players per team.
    10. Game times are projected as:  9:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m.
    11. Players will be required to sign an MVUDSS waiver.  A player will not be permitted to play until such waiver is signed.  Players will also be required to sign a BLD waiver when play commences at BLD.  The latter waiver is also mandatory.
    12. As agreed in a prior Board meeting, the Board will return the Spring 2020 balance and set the Spring 2021 fee as follows:

 $25 fee for new players; i.e. players who did not play in the Spring 2020 Season
  $0 fee for returning players from Spring 2020 Season
$20 refund to non-returning players from Spring 2020 Season

   13.  SB will prepare a Spring 2021 budget based on all of the above.

d. Managers for the Spring 2021 season will be:
    H. Alberts, J. Buss, J. Hansell, E. Rushing, R. Schemp, K. Skidmore

4. Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament (BKMT5) 2021
Because of all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and its impact on league play, tournaments, shortening the “year”, etc., the consensus of the Board is that there will not be a BKMT5 in 2021, but we will resume this charity tournament in 2022.  This item will be suspended from the agenda until later in 2021.

5. 1st Annual Christmas Tournament (XMAS1) 2021
The consensus of the Board was to try to hold this tournament in early December, 2021.  This item will be suspended from the agenda until later in 2021.

6. New SSUSA Rules for 2021
Several rule changes/clarifications were approved by the SSUSA Rules Committee and went into effect on December 9, 2020.  The MVUDSS Board  reviewed the following rule changes and included those adopted into its Spring 2021 Season rules.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, the Rules-Spring 2021 file was updated and posted under the Rules & Policies page on our league website.)

a. §X.X • ERASING THE BATTER’S BOX  – A two-step penalty has been implemented for intentionally erasing any portion of the batter’s box.  Previously, the act resulted in an ejection.  Going forward, it will be an out for the first offense and an inning-ending out for the second offense involving the same team in the same game.  If the person who erases the box (such as a manager or a catcher) is not due to bat next, the next batter for that team will be declared out.  JH motioned and RB seconded that the Board adopt this SSUSA rule.
Motion passed 4-2 (SB/RS.)

b. §X.X • MERCY RULE – 15 runs after five innings or 20 runs after four innings.  JH motioned and GS seconded that the Board adopt this SSUSA rule.
Motion failed 2 (JB/GS)-4.

c. §X.X • OBSTRUCTION – Defenders no longer can block a base legally while waiting on a throw to arrive. Now, to avoid being called for obstruction for impeding a runner legally running the bases, a defender must have possession of the ball or be in the act of fielding a batted ball.  JH motioned and SB seconded that the Board adopt this SSUSA rule.
Motion passed 6-0.

7. Player Ratings
SB – to schedule a rating date for Tony Walker at Wheatfield Park, 8:00, on either a Monday or a Wednesday.
Item remains open. —- since 11/13/20.  SB will contact this individual to determine if he still has interest.

8. League Insurance
JH called Stephanie Hopkins, SSUSA, on 1/26/21.  She works from home.  SSUSA wouldn’t provide her number, but gave JH her e-mail.  JH e-mailed her the same day, requesting a credit for insurance payments made for the 2020 year, considering the number of games actually played during the year.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH received a text from Hopkins, in which she indicated that SSUSA is giving credits for 2020 insurance payments, and is working with its insurance carrier on pro-rata rates.  JH not certain, but believes that these are (may be?) two different things…one for 2020, one for 2021.  Hopkins requested that she be given the total number of games played versus the expected number of games played in 2020.  JH sent Hopkins an e-mail on 1/28, providing that information (36 games played out of 144 scheduled for 2020).  JH also requested that Hopkins add two additional ball fields to our certificates of insurance:  Aldergate and Fieldview).

9. AED – Training
AED training also needs to take place.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.
Item remains open. —- since 4/3/20

10. BKMT5 – 2021
An alternative to a 60-division has been tabled until later in the year.
Recommendation:  A Monday League 65AAA/M? team.  Currently 55 local full-time Monday League players 65+.
Item remains open. —- since 3/13/20

11. League Banner
RS – contact graphic artist to design and produce the banner.  Due: Start of Spring 2021 season.  RS is attempting to locate a place to produce the banner.
Item remains open. —- since 11/20/19