February 16, 2021


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Buss (JB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS) – via phone for item 5 only; G. Stevenson (GS)
GUEST:  H. Alberts

1. Action Items

a.  JH/SB – send email to all potential league players; re. player availability for Spring 2021 Season.
      -— Done 1/27

b.  SB – update/post Rules-Spring 2021 file with adopted/not adopted new SSUSA 2021 rules.
      -— Done 1/27

c.  SB – generate draft list with current information and post on league website —-  Done

2. Spring 2021 Season

a. At Fieldview Park – after much discussion, without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, the Spring 2021 season will be held at Fieldview Park, Winchester, CA.  

(1)  For practical purposes, we will consider the games played at Fieldview to be a “practice” and not a “league”.  Also, without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, the following will apply:

(a)  There will be no team colors.  
(b)  Umpires: no paid umpires; no umpire uniforms; hopefully, “volunteer” umpires can be utilized from the following tentative list:
R. Barnhart, C. Pickett, D. Sternberger, S. Baranick, J. Hansell, H. Alberts, E. Regalado,
E. Rushing, H. Alonzo, B. Jones

(2)  SB has screen, mat, scoreboard that will be used for games
(3)  COVID-19 safety measures will be utilized.  These measures have been previously communicated to all players, and can be found on the MVUDSS website.
(4)  There will be no league fees for the Spring season while playing at Fieldview Park.
(5)  There appears to be sufficient street parking on Washington St., both in front of and across from the park.
(6)  Because there is only one field, and no other place to “hit” on the complex, there will be no BP for the 10:30 a.m. and 12:00 noon games.  Because of this, and potential parking limitations if too many players for late games “arrive early”, we ask that players for the 10:30 a.m. and noon games arrive within 15 minutes of your game time.
(7)  There will not be a double base at first base.  The batter-runner will be encouraged to run to the outside base spot, but will not be called out if he touches the inside base.
(8)  There will be standings.
(9)  There will not be any awards.

b. Spring season start date scheduled for Monday, March 1, 2021 at Fieldview Park (end date June 21, 2021)

(1)  This will be a shortened 10-game season (with a 2-day season-ending tourney).
(2)  Game times will be:  9:00, 10:30, 12:00.
(3)  There will be 6 local teams with 11 or 12 players/team.
(4)  There will be no out-of-area teams, but we may consider adding them on 5/3, start of Round #2 if BLD has reopened.
(5)  Players must sign MVUDSS waiver on opening day, or when they first play if not on opening day.  A player will not be permitted to play if he does not sign the waiver. 

c.  If BLD opens, and IF we move to BLD during the Spring 2021 Season:

(1)  COVID safety measures will still apply.  Refer to MVUDSS website.
(2)  Players must sign BLD waiver, and pay league fee, as may be applicable. 

3. Players (as of 2/16/21)

a. Of the 76 Spring 2020 Season Full-time players:
    56 full-time local players returning IN, 10 OUT, 8 POOL;     2 NO RESPONSES (Lou, Dario)   = 76
       1 full-time OOA player returning IN (“Milo” from NC)                                                                 =   1

    Of the 14 potential new players:
    10 new players IN; 4 OUT                                                          0 NO RESPONSES                         = 14
    ——-                                                                                               ——————-————
    67 IN                                                                                              2 NO RESPONSES

    Of the 9 Spring 2020 Season Pool players: 7 returning to Pool IN, 1 (Buchanan) to new player, 1 OUT

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, Lou Bratcher, Bobby Jones, and Mark Aumann were added to the draft.  As of 2/20/21, that leaves 70 players for the draft with two possibles: Dario DelaRosa and Alejandro Quinonez (new player who will be rated on 2/22/21).) 


a. Purchase 3 dozen Rock softballs.

b. Return the Spring 2020 Season balance as a credit toward the Fall 2021 Season league fee (assuming BLD has reopened).

5.  Local Player Ratings

a. The Board reviewed all draft player ratings.

b. SB will send revised player rating sheet to Board members and all drafting managers.
(This was completed subsequent to the Board meeting.)

6 . Player draft scheduled for Monday, February 22, Pizza Factory/Menifee, 11:00 am.

a. Draft list, rosters with Spring 2021 player ratings, rules, schedule, standings files, and Player Finder will be updated with current information; and posted on our website after the draft.

b. (Subsequent to the Board meeting, the player draft was changed to Tuesday, 2/23/21 @ 2:30 p.m. as a result of managers/Board members not returning from Yuma tournament until Monday, 2/22/21.) 

7. New Player Ratings
Alejandro Quinonez (Herb Younker referral) will try out/be rated Monday, February 22 at Fieldview Park.
Personal information:  909-957-9123, al19454@yahoo.com, DOB 5/19/45 (76), P/IF

Open Items from previous meetings

8. New Player Ratings
SB – to schedule a rating date for Tony Walker at Wheatfield Park, 8:00 am, on either a Monday or a Wednesday.  Item open since 11/13/20.  SB contacted Walker, out as of 2/13/21.  Item closed.

9. League Insurance
JH repeated what was included in the 1/26/21 Board minutes regarding his communication with SSUSA/Stephanie Hopkins that SSUSA will be crediting for unused 2020 payments, and are working with their insurance carrier regarding pro-rata premiums.  Without official word, JH believes our credit for 2020 (last game played was March 9, 2020) should more than offset any insurance charge for 2021.
(Subsequent to this Board meeting, JH notified Hopkins that MVUDSS intends to start play on March 1, 2021 at Fieldview Park.)
Item remains open. —- since 8/3/20

Items Below Were Not Discussed And Remain Open

10. AED – Training
AED training also needs to take place.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.
Item remains open. —- since 4/3/20

11. BKMT5 – 2021
An alternative to a 60-division has been tabled until later in the year.
Recommendation:  A Monday League 65AAA/M? team.  Currently 55 local full-time Monday Leaguers 65+.
Item remains open. —- since 3/13/20

12. League Banner
RS – contact graphic artist to design and produce the banner.  Due: Start of Spring 2021 Season.
Item remains open. —- since 11/20/19