June 11, 2021


ATTENDANCE: S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Buss(JB); J. Hansell(JH); R. Schemp(RS); G. Stevenson(GS)
GUEST:  H. Alberts (HA)

1. Action Items none at this time

2. Spring 2021 Season – since no Board meeting has been held since 3/17/21, the following summarizes actions/decisions subsequent to that meeting:  

a. Spring 2021 Season resumed play at BLD on April 5.

b. Wednesday BPs at BLD have not been permitted as yet.  Per RB 6/11/21, still not open for BP.
     Earliest possible might be some time in July.  

c. New Players Since Last Meeting:

(1) Local
John Prybylla (3-BOD Rating) replaced Jack Buss (3-Draft Position) on Team A/Buss
Jack Hays (3-BOD Rating) replaced Brad Huard (4-Draft Position) on Team A/Buss
who replaced Donnie Crenshaw   (4-Draft Position) on Team A/Buss

Bob Olsen (4-BOD Rating) replaced John Renwick  (5-Draft Position) on Team E/Alberts

Robert Carreon (1-BOD Rating) added to waiting list/pool
Kyle Lucas (2-BOD Rating) added to waiting list/pool

Mike O’Donnell (1-BOD Rating) added to pool
Bobby Seaton (2-BOD Rating) added to pool
Bill Kluck (3-BOD Rating) added to pool
Roy Alberts (1-rated by Don Chandler) added to pool

TBD (4/5/6-BOD Rating) to replace Joe Silva  (5-Draft Position) on Team A/Buss

(2) North County
Donnie Ludwig (5-BOD Rating) moved into open slot (5-Draft Position) on NC

(3) Sammy’s Cafe
Ralph Hernandez (3-BOD Rating) replaced Kyle Lucas (2-Draft Position) on SC
Terry Shinn (3-BOD Rating) replaced Bill Kluck (3-Draft Position) on SC
Juan Hernandez (4-BOD Rating) replaced Guy Swick (4-Draft Position) on SC
Ray Robles (2-BOD Rating) replaced Chick McKenney (1-Draft Position) on SC

d. Out-of-Area (OOA) Teams Geographical Base

(1) Discussion centered around OOA teams restricting their team “composition” to players/potential players that reside in their respective geographic areas.  This has been discussed in numerous Board meetings over the years, and such geographic requirement was intended for these OOA teams from the initial introduction of these teams into MVUDSS.  Unfortunately, such geographic composition has, somewhat, fallen by the wayside.  As a result, the following motions were made to clarify and memorialize this requirement.

(2) JH motioned and GS seconded, that Sammy’s Cafe roster players must reside in the greater West Covina/surrounding geographic area and that any exceptions to this, if any, may be made at the sole discretion of the Board.
Motion passed 6-0.

(3) JH motioned and SB seconded, that North County roster players must reside in the greater San Diego County geographic area and that any exceptions to this, if any, may be made at the sole discretion of the Board.
Motion passed 6-0.

e. The Board also expressed concern that it receive a full roster from the OOA teams, and that roster be submitted early enough to allow the Board to make a proper assessment of the roster and prospective ratings of players.
SB will send an e-mail to the OOA managers requesting that they submit a full roster, with prospective player ratings to the Board no later than 6/30/21.

f. Rule 20. End-of-Season Tournament during season with less than 15 regular season games

(1)  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board (over the phone, 5/25), the end-of-season single- elimination tournament originally scheduled for 6/21 has been cancelled due to:
     6/21 – games preempted by USSSA International World Series at BLD/Perris (6/18 – 6/30)
     6/28 – games preempted by USSSA International World Series at BLD/Perris (6/18 – 6/30)
     7/5   – available to play, but not a practical date right after the Independence Day weekend
     7/12 – available to play, but almost one month from the end of the regular season on 6/14
                 and too deep into the hot summer, especially for a single-elimination tournament

Note: Schedule-REV. 5 which moved the tournament from 6/21 to 6/28 has been replaced by
           Schedule-REV. 6 which cancelled the tournament

SB contacted league managers and umpires on 5/26.

(2) Some players and managers are requesting an end-of-season tournament at another park.
On 6/10, SB spoke with Vince Valdez, Valleywide director, regarding reserving a park with 2 fields, such as Lago Vista Park, for an end-of-season SE or DE tournament on 6/28.
At present, Valleywide is not allowing tournaments where a team will be playing more than 1 game per day.  Between this input and BLD’s field unavailability until the middle of July, it is not practical to consider a season-ending tournament.  

3. Budget

a. The Board returned the Spring 2020 balance as a partial refund to the 16 local “non-returning” players.
4 (of the 16) local “non-returning” players donated their refund to the league.
The 60 local “returning” players received a partial credit toward their Spring 2021 Season league fees.
Refunds and credits were also received by OOA “non-returning” and “returning” players, respectively.

A total of $2,280 was refunded or credited back to players.

b. Projected Balance: originally projected at +$282.32, is now projected at +$622.32 due to not having the season-ending tournament.   

4. League Insurance

a. JH received an updated Certificate of Liability Insurance for Valleywide from SSUSA/Stephanie Hopkins on 4/29. It was submitted to Joe Walsh/Supervisor Valleywide-French Valley with other paperwork on 4/30.

b. A league account has been set up under Steve Baranick for possible future use if BLD would unexpectedly be unavailable for play.  

5. Security Certificate
GS to determine if the $64 is an annual or 2-year payment.  Item remains open.

6. Fall 2021 Season

a. Game Schedule
No games when accommodating players participating in Las Vegas Worlds and Phoenix Worlds.
The Top Gun tournament in January in Bullhead City was discussed.  It was agreed that in years past, pre-pandemic, it was not necessary for the MVUDSS to go “dark” during this tournament.  That will remain the case.  The tournaments which might impact the Spring season will be discussed prior to the start of the Spring 2022 season.
Item remains open.

b. Out-of-Area Team Rosters/Rating for Fall 2021 Season
e.g. Terry Shinn (3)/SC, and, possibly, others, appears to be underrated.  See 2.e. above.

c. New Board member

(1) Board member Jack Buss is moving to Prescott, AZ at the end of June.  The Board conveyed its thanks and appreciation to Jack for his time and contributions while serving on the Board and wished him well in this new phase of his life in AZ.

(2) Without vote, but with unanimous agreement by the Board, the Board will not replace a 6th Board member with JB’s leaving, but will stay with the remaining 5 Board members.  

(3) GS will assume responsibility for MVUDSS equipment repair and will secure equipment presently in JB’s possession.

(4) JB graciously agreed to conduct the HR Derby for the Bob Kapeller Memorial Tournament, scheduled, normally, in February.  

d. New umpire needed
Umpire Dennis Morehouse is moving to AZ.  MVUDSS needs at least, one “full-time” umpire.  

e. Revisit League Rule 8. Pickup Players
All teams may “pick up” players until they reach 12 players.
A pickup player must be a waiting list, pool, or full-time player.
Players are BOD-rated 1 (highest), 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6.

Each player will receive a Draft Position and a BOD Rating:

Currently, (1) Draft Position determined by the order in which he is drafted and (2) BOD Rating determined by the league board.

When missing a player, the BOD Rating of the pickup player must be the same or lower than the Draft Position of the missing player.  Exception: A 5 BOD Rating may also replace a 6 Draft Position. …”

GS expressed his concern that the current system of the Board rating being the determinant factor in picking up players is just not working.  JH, JB, and SB expressed a similar concern.  JH looked at the Board/draft ratings for the Spring 2020 season, which wasn’t completed (pandemic) in its entirety, and the Spring 2021 season and noted that 25 players in 2020 and 27 players in 2021 had different Board and draft ratings.  JH also cited conversations he had with managers/players, who did not understand the ratings, asking how could there be three “1’s” on a given roster.  SB motioned and JH seconded, that the rating of a player, for pickup/replacement purposes, will be his draft rating.
Motion passed 6-0.

This does not apply to OOA teams. Since they do not participate in the draft, the assigned Board rating will be the player rating. The Board will continue to rate all league players, as the Board rating will continue to be used a a draft tool for managers.
SB will revise the MVUDSS rule to reflect this change.  

f. Remind Managers of League Rule 7.c.
“Pickup players must be identified on the lineup card prior to the start of the game and cannot be added after the game starts.”

Note: Gentlemen’s agreements are normally not allowed except in the case of adverse weather conditions and with the umpire’s approval.
Only if it becomes necessary playing rules/procedures may be modified with the approval of at least one board member.

g. Remind Managers and Umpires of Rule 10.
“Managers must submit lineup cards to the umpire and opposing manager.”

SB will send out a reminder to managers and umpires prior to the Fall 2021 Season for Items 6f., 6g.

7. 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament 2021

a. RB and SB distributed flyers at the Spring Worlds/Las Vegas and Reno Tuneup Tournament/Perris.
The tournament is scheduled for Thursday/Friday 12/2-3/21.

b. SB e-mailed tournament managers with tournament information including a flyer on 4/7/21.
So far, 6 teams have entered.

8.  COVID-19 Protocol
MVUDSS has been operating with a COVID-19 protocol.  This item will be revisited, as necessary and appropriate, prior to the start of the Fall 2021-22 Season.
Item remains open.

9.  Bob Herrera/Larry Littlejohn
Both players asked JH if it would be possible to be placed on the same team, since both of them commute a distance from Orange County.  Without committing that this would be approved, JH told them he would raise the request in a Board meeting.  There is precedence for the Board approving such requests in the past.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed that both players would be placed on the same team during the draft.   


Open Items from previous meetings

10. AED – Training
AED training also needs to take place.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.

SB will schedule a training session prior to/at the start of the Fall 2021-22 Season.

Item closed.

11. BKMT5 – 2022

a. An alternative to a 60-division has been tabled until later in the year.
Recommendation:  A Monday League 65AAA/M? team.
Currently 50 (44 local full-time, 6 pool) Monday League players age 65+.

Without vote, but with unanimous agreement, age bracket 60 teams can have a maximum of two (2) players age 55-59.

Item closed.

b. So far, 1 team has signed up.  

12. League Banner
RS – contact graphic artist to design and produce the banner.  Due: Start of the Fall 2021-22 Season.
Item remains open. —- since 11/20/19