July 16, 2021


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS); G. Stevenson (GS)
GUESTS:  H. Alonzo (HAL); K. Skidmore (KS)

1.  Action Items

a. SB was to have contacted Out-of-Area (OOA) team managers requesting that they submit a full roster with provisional player ratings to the Board no later than 6/30/21. Text was sent on 6/21 and SB received a roster from D. Gutierrez (DG)/Sammy’s Cafe (SC) on 6/25.  DG said the Board could rate his players.
SB provisionally rated the SC players in advance of the Board rating said players.  This will be dealt with in a below agenda item.

SB received a roster from D. Chandler (DC)/North County (NC) on 6/2.  DC changed ratings for NC players Aumann/Blakeman from 1 to 2 and Teeter/Woolsey from 2 to 3.  The Board will review these proposed changes and the NC roster ratings in a below agenda item.
Item closed. 

b. SB was to have revised League Rule 8. Pickup Players and the Rating Procedure for Local Players Policy, regarding using the “draft” position alone for picking up/replacing players. These changes were to be made based on the 6/11/21 Board meeting in which the Board approved, unanimously, that player draft positions will form the basis for picking up a missing player.
Item closed. 

GS will change “BoardRating” column to “DraftPosition” on Player Finder.
Item remains open.

c. SB was to contact Mike Fagan regarding conducting AED training for the league.  Training was last conducted in March 2019.  On 7/9, SB contacted Mike who agreed to conduct training August 23 when all 8 or 9 teams are scheduled.  SB made up two schedules to accomplish this, adding an extra 30 minutes to the schedule.
All teams, including OOA teams are to be included in the training.
Item closed.

d. SB will send reminder to managers/umpires prior to the start of the 2021 Fall Season regarding the following rules:

(1) League Rule 7.c.
“Pickup players must be identified on the lineup card prior to the start of the game and cannot be added after the game starts.”

Note: Gentlemen’s agreements are normally not allowed except in the case of adverse weather conditions and with the umpire’s approval.
Only if it becomes necessary playing rules/procedures may be modified with the approval of at least one board member.

(2) League Rule 10.
“Managers must submit lineup cards to the umpire and opposing manager.”

Item remains open pending obtaining managers and umpires for Fall 2021.

e. SB/RB will try to find a full-time umpire for the 2021 Fall Season.
On 7/9, SB spoke to Eddie Orozco, SSUSA umpire, who was recommended by Jack Brunschmid after meeting him at a Bullhead City tournament.  He’s interested, available, and local.
Item closed.

2.  2021 Fall Season

a. On 7/7, SB emailed league players requesting managers for the 6 or 7 local teams.
Prior to the start of the Board meeting, Hank Alberts (HA), Hank Alonzo (HAL), R. Schemp (RS), and Kent Skidmore (KS) indicated they would manage.  During the meeting, G. Stevenson said he would give some thought to managing.  He stated that what might make it difficult for him to do so is a change in his work/class schedule which will not permit him to play and, hence, manage any NOON games as he will have to leave by 1:00 pm.  During the meeting, JH indicated that he would possibly, again, manage.

b. SB contacted all 2021 Spring Season full-time/pool players regarding their status for the upcoming 2021 Fall Season.  All, but 1 potential player (from the 2021 Spring Season pool), have responded. Richard Shepler did not respond.  Current # of draftees is 76.

c. PREFERRED 8- or 9-team schedule (assuming no rainouts and finishing up by the end of 2021):

(1) Friday, July 16 is the Player Rating.  In addition to reviewing and adjusting, as appropriate, existing/returning players the Board rated the following new players:
Greg Abejon, David Bates, Eric Brasch, Robert Carreon, Robert Hays, Tony Lacey, and David Woods
Omar Socarras did not show for BP on 7/13 or 7/15, so he is not included in that number.   

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 7/17, SB informed the Board, via text and e-mail, that the Board had overlooked evaluating the OOA players and pool players ratings.  He requested that each Board member review the ratings of the players in each of those segments and inform him of any desired rating changes.  SB indicated that he would prepare a “grid” with all the players and any desired changes, then inform the Board when all input is in.  He also indicated that he would make changes to ratings if there was consensus.)

(2) Monday, August 9 will be the Player Draft.

(3) Monday, August 23 will be the tentative start date for the 2021 Fall Season, running through December 20 and will comprise two (2) double headers for local teams.

Note: A similar format is anticipated for the 2022 Spring Season, with the tentative start date of January 10, 2022 running through May 16, 2022.  

JH motioned and RS seconded that a seventh (7th) local team will be added/considered only if there is a minimum of 84+ players available to draft.  Motion failed 2 (RB/JH) – 3.

RS stated that he felt he would be able to identify a number of possible new players to the league at the upcoming weekend Marv Ruddell tournament.  Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to wait to see if RS is able to attract more players to the draft before it decides on the number of local teams (6 or 7) for the upcoming 2021 Fall Season draft.  

Other Game Schedule Options

8/30 (Ken Perez Memorial Tournament 70s, 75s, 80s) Start Date    9/6 (Labor Day) Start Date
  8 teams/2-day SE tournament                                                                 8 teams/2-day SE tournament
     1. 2 DHs, SE on 12/13 & 12/20                                                                1. 2 DHs, SE on 12/20& 12/22
     2. 1 DH,   SE on 12/20 & 12/22 Wed                                                       2. 1 DH,   SE on 12/27& 12/29

  9-teams/no tournament                                                                           9-teams/no tournament
     3. 2 DHs, end date 12/20                                                                         3. 2 DHs, end date 12/27 

RB indicated that Labor Day might not be available to MVUDSS due to tournament play from the weekend that might “lap” over.

d. Current versions of the draft list, rosters with player ratings, rules, schedule, and standings have been posted on their respective website pages.
Final versions will be posted with the results of the player draft.  The Player Finder page will also be posted.

e. Wednesday BPs at BLD have not been permitted as yet.  RB indicated that BLD will not be available for MVUDSS BP until August 1 at the earliest.

3. Wagon
MVUDSS needs a new wagon to carry equipment at BLD (pitching screens, mats, etc.).  We require 150 lb weight limit and thicker wheels.  SB located a wagon at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $89.99 + tax; i.e. $97.86.  Without formal vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board approved the purchase of the new wagon.

4. Budget
Projected Balance for end of fall season:
8 teams (12 players/team),          +$269.64 includes banner, wagon (+ approx $2,000 from XMAS1 Tournament)
9 teams (11 players/local team), +$415.19 includes banner, wagon (+ approx $2,000 from XMAS1 Tournament)

Projected Balance is based on the PREFERRED game schedule and a $45/player league fee.

JH motioned and GS seconded that the Board adopt a $45/player league fee for the 2021 Fall Season.
Motion passed 5-0.

5. Opening Day BBQ
RB and RS will check with some of their “vendor” contacts to see if any food, etc. “donations” could be made for this event. 

SB stated that he would have to look at the possible schedules to try to make all teams available.

6. 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament 2021
So far, 6 teams. 

7. BKMT5 – 2022
a. So far, 1 team. 

8. Board Photo
Photo taken and picture posted to league website subsequent to the Board meeting.
Item closed.


Open Items from previous meetings

9. Rule 20. End-of-Season Tournament during season with less than 15 regular season games
Recommended format for future end-of-season tournaments — a 2-day single-elimination tournament
Day 1 – All but the top 3 teams play a SE tournament.
Day 2 – Day 1 winner joins the top 3 teams for a SE tournament to determine the tournament champion.
Note: There will be a consolation game on each of the two days.

Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board decided when a tournament is called for based on Rule 20, it will be a 2-day tournament per above.  GS was not available at the time this topic was reviewed.
SB will revise the existing rule to recognize this change.
Item closed.

10. COVID-19 Protocol
Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board decided to remove the league’s COVID-19 protocol requirements.  GS was not available to review this item.
Item closed.

11. 2022 Spring Season Game Schedule
The tournaments which might impact the 2022 Spring Season will be discussed at a later date.
Item remains open. —- since 6/11/21

12. League Banner
Prior to the Board meeting, via e-mail and text, RS sent the Board a picture of the league banner and the cost of  $93.38 + tax.  He was given the OK by the Board to have the banner completed, with the Board indicating the league will reimburse him for the cost.  RS brought the completed banner to this Board meeting.
Item closed.