August 4, 2021


ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS) – via phone; G. Stevenson (GS)
MANAGERS:  H. Alberts (HA); H. Alonzo (HAL); T. Baker (TB); K. Skidmore (KS); D. Sternberger (DS); RS; GS
GUESTS:  J. Leavitt (JL); J. Roach (JR)

1. Two-Division League

JR discussed the email he sent to the Board on 7/16 regarding splitting the league into an upper and lower division.
(1) JR voiced his desire that the league, or a portion of it, be dedicated toward cultivating league play more in line with what younger and higher-rated tournament players are accustomed to during their normal tournament play.
(2) He stated that playing against other Monday league players who are, in many cases, 15-20 years older doesn’t reflect the caliber of play that he would like to see and is, also, a potential safety issue.  Regarding the latter point, he indicated that he modifies his own play in some ways because of this by not hitting up the middle, not hitting down third base when there is an older player playing that position, etc.
(3) He also stated that he would like to see more doubleheaders as he felt that this would attract more “younger” players to the league who would like to play doubleheaders more in line with what they do during tournaments.
(4) He indicated that while he had not put a formal proposal together he could see something along the lines of taking the two out-of-area (OOA) teams, having them reconfigure their rosters without any limitations, and two “local” teams comprised of the top 24 players.  This would comprise the upper division, with the balance of the Monday players comprising the lower division.

Comments made in response to the above:
(1) more doubleheaders makes it difficult to attract managers and more difficult for managers to pick up players;
(2) a proposal similar to this a few years ago was presented to the OOA teams who expressed no interest;
(3) OOA teams came into the league a number of years ago wanting to play doubleheaders every other week because they did not want to make the drive weekly;
(4) as one factor to consider, taking away the top players from the league to form a separate division removes all of the top guys who play shortstop;
(5) with the top players removed an analysis would have to be done to determine, as one example, if there would be viable shortstops and other critical positions to support a lower division;
(6) playing fewer teams week after week, whether in the upper or lower division, is not desirable for a number of people.

It was agreed that there was insufficient time, at this point in time, to consider making such a change.

The Board made no decision on this matter, other than to keep this as an open item to discuss going forward.
Item remains open.


JR’s 7/16 e-mail is included below:

“Hi Gents:

Mission Statement: “The Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball league provides qualified skilled senior softball players, age 55 and over, with highly competitive tournament-caliber games on a weekly basis.”

To comply with the mission statement found on the website, and considering the number of players and number of age/skill levels, it is my opinion the league would be best served by splitting the league into two groups.

It would be a simple transition and makes much more sense than the current format. It is my opinion that splitting the league would attract more players because of the availability to play at a level more inline with each players skill level.

Scheduling doubleheaders would also be beneficial to the league and may encourage players from greater distances to join because of such a format.

I propose surveying the members of this league to see how the membership feels about splitting the league and playing doubleheaders in an effort to comply to the mission statement.”

2. Action Items

a. GS – changed “BoardRating” column to “DraftPosition” on Player Finder.  This was completed.  Item closed. 

b. SB reminded managers and umpires prior to the 2021 Fall Season of the following rules regarding lineup cards:

(1) League Rule 7.c.
“Pickup players must be identified on the lineup card prior to the start of the game and cannot be added after the game starts.”

Note: Gentlemen’s agreements are normally not allowed except in the case of adverse weather conditions and with the umpire’s approval.
Only if it becomes necessary playing rules/procedures may be modified with the approval of at least one board member.

(2) League Rule 10.
“Managers must submit lineup cards to the umpire and opposing manager.”

Both of these items were completed.  Items closed.

(3)  JH cited 4 reasons why lineup cards are to be completed.

(a)  MVUDSS follows SSUSA tournament rules which require lineup cards be completed.
(b)  For a defensive team to identify its opponent batting out of order, it requires a lineup card.
(c)  For a substitute player to be picked up, his name must be on the lineup card.
(d)  Although rare, a lineup card is required in the event of a suspended game.

3. 2021 Fall Season

a. Managers —
Hank Alberts, Hank Alonzo, Tom Baker, Rod Schemp, Kent Skidmore, Donnie Sternberger, Glenn Stevenson

b. 9-team schedule (assuming no rainouts and finishing up by end of 2021), and a 16 game season.  

August 23 – December 20 with 2 double headers for each local team.
Note: 2-day season-ending tournament only if 8-team schedule.

Schedule emailed to and approved by, Adrian Williams/BLD.  Note: Games are scheduled for Labor Day, Monday, 9/6.  Per RB, BLD is having games on Labor Day weekend, Saturday and Sunday.  If there are any overflow games, they will be moved to Monday, 9/6, which would mean no Monday games that day and would require rescheduling games.  

Note: Similar format for 2022 Spring Season, Jan 10 – May 16, 2022

c. COVID-19 protocols are no longer in effect.  However, should we return to these protocols, please review the “COVID-19 Safety Measures” on our league website.

d. Wednesday BPs at BLD have not been permitted as yet.  Per RB, there will be a change of BLD ownership.
Until that is finalized and the new owners opine on allowing MVUDSS to use BLD for BP, there will be no Wednesday BP at BLD.

4. Budget
Projected Balance for end of fall season:
9 teams (12 players/team),  +$690.05 (plus approx. $2,000 from XMAS1 Tournament)
Projected Balance is based on a $45/player fall season league fee.

5.  League Insurance
JH contacted Stephanie Hopkins, with SSUSA, to verify league coverage, and whether any premiums will be due in light of C-19 and outstanding credits.  JH also informed her that we will have 9 teams for the Fall 2021 season.    

Hopkins indicated that there are no premiums due and that we are covered through the balance of the insurance year, which ends 11/30.  She indicated that we will receive an invoice in late November or early December for insurance year 12/1/21-11/30-22.  Item closed.

6. Players

a. Information was discussed with managers regarding new players and ratings, some existing players/ratings for some managers who were not familiar with certain players, and “availability” issues with certain players due to impending surgery, injuries, etc.  The Board also rated 9 new players since the 7/16/21 Board meeting.  Item closed.

b.  After the departure of the team managers, the Board reviewed current rating of OOA players.  Item closed.

7. Player Draft Format, Assistants, etc.

a. Rounds #1 and #2 (i.e. “1”-rated players) of the Player Draft were completed.  As a condition for assuming a managerial role, DS had requested the Board to allow JS, who is rated a “1” to be his assistant.  After much discussion, pro and con, RB proposed that DS be assigned draft card #7 in the draft, allow DS to have JS be his assistant, and allow DS to slot JS in either the 7th or 8th pick of the draft.  Without formal vote, but with unanimous agreement of the Board, this proposal was approved.  DS was given draft card #7 and slotted JS in the 8th pick of the draft.  The remaining 6 managers randomly drew their draft card and also chose team colors in draft card reverse order.  

The Board was also requested to approve JH being assistant to GS, as GS will not be able to make any NOON games because of his college work schedule.  Without formal vote, but with unanimous agreement of the Board, this request was approved.  JH will be slotted in draft pick #56, the second round of the “4’s”.

Since he would be missing four games, KS requested that the Board allow him to identify a Board rated 4 or 5, that the Board could approve, to assist him during those games he would miss.  Without formal vote, but with unanimous agreement of the Board, this request was approved.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, via text to all Board members, KS requested the Board approve Mike Graves (MG), board-rated a “4”, to be his assistant.  The request was unanimously approved by the Board, via text.  MG will be slotted in draft #54, the second round of the “4’s”.)

JH told the Board that he had prepared a draft Manager Assistant Policy that he will present at the next Board meeting for Board review/approval.

Rounds #3 – #12 will be held on Monday, August 9, Pizza Factory/Menifee, 12:00 noon.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB posted the draft list, rosters w/player ratings, rules, schedule, standings on their respective website pages.)

The rosters, schedule, standings, and Player Finder files will be updated/posted subsequent to the results of the player draft on 8/9/21.

b. Current # of draftees is 87.
Signups received after the start of the player draft will be placed in the pool and on a waiting list.

Without formal vote, but by unanimous agreement of the Board, 84 players will be drafted.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting/draft, SB spoke to each Board member by phone regarding limiting the  number of draftees to 84.  Four of the five Board members agreed, RB dissented.  Randy Ross, Jim Hazelwood, and Paul Ballard will not be included in the draft, and will be added to the player pool/waiting list.)

8. Opening Day BBQ/Potluck/BYOB – August 23 – Item not discussed.  Item remains open.

9. 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament 2021 – Item not discussed.  Item remains open.
So far, 6 teams. 

10. BKMT5 – 2022   Item not discussed.  Item remains open.
So far, 1 team. 

11. 2022 Spring Season Game Schedule  Item not discussed.  Item remains open.
The tournaments which might impact the 2022 Spring Season will be discussed at a later date.
Item remains open. —- since 6/11/21