September 28, 2021


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS); G. Stevenson (GS)

1. Action Items

a. SB – Update/post results of the player draft on our league website; including new policies: Manager Assistant Policy, Player Commuting Policy.  All items are completed.  

b. RS – SB purchased 1 case of Rock balls in Las Vegas, for $80.  One dozen of those will be used for the Monday league, with the remaining 5 dozen being used for the XMAS tournament.  RS needs to provide 5 more Rock softballs for the remainder of the league season.  

RS spoke to SSUSA who indicated they may have a few dozen Rock balls to sell after the 50s complete their Worlds tournament.  They do have a supply of Stote Microcells.  The question was asked as to when SSUSA might stop using Rock balls and switch to Stote Microcells.  Although there is no answer at this time, RS posed the possibility of the Monday league switching to Microcells if SSUSA ceases using the Rock.    

2. 2021 Fall Season

a. AED Program Manager Mike Fagan conducted an AED training course on 8/23/21 at BLD/Perris.
Item closed.

b. SB sent a proposed Illegal Player rule to Board members for review prior to the Board meeting.
The proposed rule was discussed and, without formal vote, was unanimously approved by the Board.
SB added it to the Rules-Fall 2021 file on our league website.  Item closed.

c. Sample Lineup Card – SB indicated that he would prepare a sample lineup card to be used by managers as a basis for completing the lineup card.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB sent e-mail to managers with a completed sample lineup card which also indicated that managers are required to fill out a lineup card before the start of each game.)  Item closed.

d. League Equipment – SB informed the Board about the difficulty in getting all of our game equipment to the fields each week in time for games.  He and Beth have been using two cars to get the equipment to the field, and JH toted two pitching screens and two BP ball bags to the field for 9/27/21 games.
RB indicated that the fire Marshall did a recent walk-through of BLD and pointed out that the equipment being stored in the electrical room (Monday league equipment and BLD equipment) represented a fire hazard and had to be moved.  The Board reviewed possible locations at BLD in which the Monday league might be able to place a container that would house our equipment. During the meeting, RS texted BLD GM, Adrian Williams, in that regard.
Item remains open.  

e. League Equipment – Pitching Screens
The three league pitching screens are in various stages of disrepair.  One pitching screen, that was to have been used for the 9:00 am game on 9/27/21 on BLD1 was unusable, and has been “decommissioned”.  North County allowed the league to use their pitching screen for the 9:00 am and 10:30 am games on BLD1 on 9/27/21.

The Board unanimously agreed that we will not use pitching screens that do not afford protection to league pitchers.  RS and GS graciously offered to allow the league to use their personal screens through the end of the fall 2021season. The league is optimistically hopeful that it will have sufficient surplus from its XMAS tournament to be able to purchase two new screens.
Item remains open.  

f. Umpires – The Board discussed the current difficult position of not having enough umpires (paid), and the recent difficulty we have been having to get games umpired.  SB indicated that league player John Buchanan can be used as a backup umpire.  RB will contact Byron Ross, brother of Randy Ross, to see if he would be able to umpire.  RB also has another possible individual that may umpire…he will contact.
Item remains open.

3. Players

8/22: Gary McLaughlin (3) replaced Butch Newman (3) on The Mashers (E).

8/24: Hank Alonzo (3) was added to WL/pool.
For now, Hank will continue as the non-playing manager of Red Wave (F).
8/24: Bill Dailey (3) was added to the pool.

8/27: Randy Ross (4?), Jim Hazelwood (5?), Paul Ballard (5?) removed from WL/pool until they attend a BP to be rated.
8/27: Ed Rushing (5) moved from WL/pool to pool.
8/27: Joe Acevedo (6 (BOD-rated a 4)) moved from The Mashers (E) to pool.

9/6:   Mike “Doc” Burke (1) was added to WL/pool.

9/13: David Woods (6) quit Marooned (A).

9/27: Ray Sikes (2) added to WL/pool.  

Possible new players, Robbie Baptista and Craig Hovda will be at BLD on Monday, 10/4/21 to be rated.

4. 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament 2021

a. Announcement posted on SSUSA Message Board on 8/28 and emailed with flyer to tournament team managers on 8/29.  Flyers also distributed at Carlsbad tournament.  RB stated he would distribute flyers at the Winter Worlds in Phoenix.

b. So far, 9 teams — need at least 3 more teams 
(Subsequent to the meeting, a 10th team was added.)

c. 12 Teams: Three 4-team divisions,18 seeding games plus 21 max. double elimination games

(1) Projected Net Profit: $720 max. – ($75/IF game x 3 IF games max.) = $495 min.

(2) Assignments:
      All – get more teams;
      RS – TBD doz. more softballs (already have 5 doz.);
      RB – 42 shirts, design; contact Carlos/Elite regarding costs for shirts; contact “Toys for Kids”;
             – contact Adrian Williams/BLD regarding game charge ($45?) and gate fee ($3?/person);
             – will identify umpires and arrange the umpire schedule for the tournament. 

RB is confident that once the 50s are done with their Worlds and teams start to form their 2022 rosters, that we will get more than 12 teams for the tournament.  We can take a maximum of 24 teams.  

Attempting to form/enter 1 or 2 Monday league teams consisting of players age 65+, who are not signed up with any other participating team, into the 65-Division. — So far, 3 have signed up, with 2 more added at this meeting, RS and Mike Daniels.
(Subsequent to the meeting, SB e-mailed the league players regarding forming/entering a 70+ team as well.)

5.  Budget Update
SB indicated that as of this meeting, there is a projected balance of $547.05 for the end of the fall season.

This does not include proceeds from the XMAS tournament which will inure to the Monday league and does include 3 Monday players (Shelley, Miller, and Cruz) who have not paid the league fee because they have yet to play in a game.

6. BKMT5 – 2022
RB will contact Adrian Williams about securing Wednesday, February 23, 2022 and Wednesday, March 2, 2022 as date/backup date for tournament.  So far, 1 team. 

Open Items from previous meetings

7. 2022 Spring Season Game Schedule
The tournaments which might impact the 2022 Spring Season schedule will be discussed at a later date.
Item remains open. —- since 6/11/21

8. Two-division league – splitting the league into two divisions (upper and lower.)  
This topic was discussed, in detail, by the Board, and the unanimous decision of the Board, without vote, was to table this topic for future discussion until such time as the league has 12 teams total, including out-of-area teams.
Item closed.