November 12, 2021


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS); G. Stevenson (GS)
GUEST: H. Alberts (HA)

1. Action Items 

a. On 9/29/21, SB sent an email sample lineup card to league managers identifying substitute players.  The Board reaffirmed that managers are required to complete a lineup card to provide to the opposing manager prior to the start of each game.  Item closed.

b. The league was in need of 2 more umpires. Mike Patterson and Ernie Trabucco have joined the MVUDSS league as umpires.  RB is still on the lookout for umpires.  He spoke to Blake Hunsacker, who may be a possibility, but is dealing with a physical issue, so RB will have to follow up with him to see if it will be feasible for him to umpire.  Item remains open.

c. RS – the  league needs 6 more Rock softballs for the remainder of the season.  Item remains open.

a. Umpires – RB indicated that he needs to have the game schedule, so he knows how many umpires will be required.

b. Team Awards 

(1) RB spoke to Carlos of Elite Sports, who indicated that he could do the shirts for +/- $15/shirt.
RB indicated that the cost might be lowered if we ordered shirts after the tournament where we could get the specific number of shirts needed for each winning team, specific sizes, etc.

(2)  SB visited Temecula Trophy & Design and looked at individual plaques that would be given to each player on the winning teams.  SB showed the Board an example of the plaque, which would also contain a team picture for the winning team.  The plaques would also cost +/- $15/plaque.  

(3)  The Board discussed both award options and concluded that most players on a winning team would rather have a recognition plaque as opposed to “another” shirt.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to provide plaques for the winning teams.  SB will order the plaques through Temecula Trophy & Design.  MVUDSS will take a picture of each division winning team and provide a copy of the picture to each division winning manager, who, in turn, will provide a picture to each player to insert on the plaque.

c. RS – need used Rock softballs and possibly additional new Rock softballs.  We have 5 doz. new Rocks, so far. 

2. 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament 2021 

a. $6 gate fee.  Must be off the fields by 5:00 pm.  First seeding games 7:30 am; first elimination games 8:00 am. 

b. 15 teams as of 11/10/21: Three 5-team divisions, 23 seeding games plus 21 max. modified single-elimination games.  One team dropped out as of 11/12/21, leaving 14 teams.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, another team was added, moving us back to 15 teams.  Now, 26 seeding games plus 21 max. elimination games; and first elimination games will also start at 7:30 am.)

c. Schedule – SB prepared a preliminary schedule with 3 divisions — 65+, 70+, 75+
3 seeding games w/“modified” single-elimination (a team with a perfect record going into the championship game must be double-dipped, unless both teams going into the championship game have perfect records).  Because of the one team dropping out, there was no agreement as relates to the above scheduling, and SB and RB agreed that the two will work on a new schedule format, with a preference for a double-elimination schedule.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB sent a reminder email to the managers of teams committed to the tournament, requesting a reconfirmation of their commitment, and a request to have their tournament fee mailed to him no later than Saturday, 11/20/21.  11/23/21 is the final deadline for teams to sign up for the tournament.)

d. BLD cost: SB received BLD cost information from Adrian Williams:
$50/game field rental, $100 insurance setup fee, $25/team insurance fee.  SB worked up a projected net profit of  $1,215 max. – ($80/IF game x 3 IF games max.) = $975 min.  This preliminary number was predicated on 15 teams, and will have to be adjusted if fewer teams participate.

e. The Board agreed, unanimously without vote, to provide each participating team with 5 Rock balls (4 new and 1 good conditioned used ball).

f. GS has 12 new Rock balls that he will provide to us for the tournament.  The Board will purchase/replace the 12 new Rock balls for GS, with new Rock balls when the supply of Rocks become available for purchase.

g. RS will manage a 65+ team consisting of players not signed up with any other participating team. 

h. RS will bring the MVUDSS league banner to the tournament. 

i. On 10/26, SB submitted a request to “Toys for Tots” to provide 2 marines to pick up the toys at BLD on Fri, 12/3. Confirmed the event with Coordinator SSgt John Camara and Community Liaison Deborah Anderson.  

j. SB picked up 15 boxes for approximately 200 toys from Terri Keim, Director of Circle of  Care, in Temecula. May need a truck to temporarily remove toys from the park on Thurs 12/2.  Toys for Tots will pick up the toys on Fri, 12/3.  RB and GS offered their vehicles for use to transport the toys to their final destination. 

3. 2021 Fall Season 

a. SB recommended no local DHs and no OOA games during Huntsman Games in future fall seasons.  While the Board is, generally, in consensus on this, an official decision on this will be deferred until the 2022 fall season.  Huntsman starts on 10/3/2022.
Item remains open.

b. Schedule tryouts/rating for potential new league players
The consensus of the Board is that it is difficult to attempt to rate new players during game days, and we will cease trying to do so.  Without vote, but by unanimous agreement of the Board, one (1) Wednesday per month, as appropriate and necessary, will be designated for new players try out/get rated by all Board members.  This will not be a league batting practice, but simply a tryout/rating of new players.  Such a tryout will be held at Wheatfield Park.  

c. New player rating –  E. Morrison’s cousin Rodney (last name unknown) came out to BLD on a Monday to be rated.  Most of the Board saw him hit (nothing else) and the consensus of the Board is that he is to be rated a “4” and placed in the pool only.  JH disagrees with the rating only in that all he saw of the new player was his hitting.  

d. As a result of a gift from a Monday league player, who desires to remain anonymous, we will be purchasing 2 pitching screens.  RS has made numerous attempts, including during the Board meeting, to contact the manufacturer of the pitching screens currently being used by the league.  They have not responded as yet.
Item remains open.

e. Monday League Equipment Storage Box

(1)  With the approval of the Board, SB purchased a metal storage box (for pitching screens, ball bags, scoreboards, mats) on 10/13/21.  The cost was $379.54 plus $32.60 for padlocks.  It resides behind the office building “next” to Yankee stadium.  Initially, keys were given to SB, JH, RS, and to the BLD office.

(2)  JH indicated to the Board that a more “equitable” method of getting all of the equipment to the two fields in time for teams to have batting practice, etc. must be considered.  Too much of that responsibility had fallen to SB and JH, and now with the storage box, all Board members must take some responsibility on a week-to-week basis.  The Board unanimously agreed that all Board members will take responsibility to get all (3 pitching screens, 2 home plate mats, 2 scoreboards, and 2 BP ball bags) the equipment to the fields to permit batting practice, and that the Board member with the earliest game, whether 9:00 am or 10:30 am, will be responsible for the equipment.  JH will prepare a spreadsheet assigning equipment responsibility to a specific Board member for the remaining games of the season.  SB will have storage box keys made for RB and GS.
(Subsequent to the meeting, JH prepared the spreadsheet. It is included as ATTACHMENT I to these minutes.) 

f. SB showed a preliminary projected balance of $951.51. This assumes no league fees from players Miller, Cruz, Shelley and $975 min. XMAS1 profit.  Based on the need to redo the XMAS1 schedule as identified early in these minutes, this projected balance will most likely, change.

4. Batting Practices 
The Board discussed reinstating scheduled BPs.  However, due to insufficient attendance, perhaps due to COVID-19, BPs will not be pursued at this time.  Item closed.

5. Player Finder 
SB asked GS if we can transfer the Roster and Schedule spreadsheets information to a Player Finder database.
GS will look at this to see if he can take this as an Excel file.  Item remains open.

6. Players 

a. Waiting List/Pool Players (in eligibility order): 
8/24: Hank Alonzo (3) 
9/6:   Mike “Doc” Burke (1) (Subsequent to the Board meeting, Burke placed on a team.  See 6.b. below.)
9/27: Ray Sikes (2) (Subsequent to the Board meeting, Sikes placed on a team.  See 6.c. below.) 

10/4: Robbie Baptista (2), league age 65, IF/OF, plays on Demolition 65 M+ and Sonoma Crush M, to WL/pool 10/25; Initially, provisionally rated a (2) by the Board.  Without vote, the consensus of the Board, but not unanimous, in today’s meeting, is that he should be rated a (1).  

10/25: Dan Olivas (1? or 2?) to WL/pool 10/25. Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board agreed that he should be rated a (2).

10/25: Ray White (4 ?), league age 69, played on 9-1-1 65AA, P/OF, to WL/pool pending rating by Board.  SB and RS know this player and rate him a (4).  Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to rate White  a (4).  He will be added to Team E, The Mashers.  See item 6.b. below.

10/27: Frank Camou (3), league age 64, IF(SS)/OF/P, to WL/pool.  Without vote, but with consensus, the Board agreed to rate Camou a (2).  

11/8: John Reis (3 ?), league age 67, 1B, to WL/pool.  Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to rate Reis a 3.

b. Roster Openings (in roster opening order): 
The Mashers missing a 6 — Acevedo – Based on the rating of new player, Ray White, as a (4), he has been assigned to Team E, The Mashers.

(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 11/13/21, SB texted The Mashers manager, Tom Baker (TB), informing him White is being added to his team, providing TB with White’s phone #, and requesting TB to contact him.)

(Subsequent to the draft, TB informed SB that G. McLaughlin (GM) injured his shoulder at the Winter Worlds, would require surgery, would miss the remainder of the Fall 2021 season, and would not be available to play for the Spring 2022 season.  TB requested that he be given a replacement player.  SB informed TB that effective 11/23/21, Ray Sikes (RS) would be added to The Mashers, and that TB should contact him.  SB also informed TB that RS, rated a (2), would be replacing McLaughlin, rated a (3).)  

Marooned missing a 6 — D. Woods 

c.  Miscellaneous
9/28: Bill Dailey (3) removed from pool 
Miller (B), Cruz (C), Shelley (D) are still in the league. 

HA, manager of Team B, Top Banana, was in attendance at this meeting.  He expressed concern that Miller has not played a game for his team, and has not been responsive to a number of HA’s attempts to determine his status.  The Board recommended to HA that he text Miller (so that he has a written record of the contact) and give him a cutoff date whereby if he doesn’t hear from him, he will be removed from his team.
(Subsequent and immediately following the Board meeting, HA contacted Miller, in writing, indicating the he needed to immediately hear from Miller and if Miller did not make contact, he would be removed from the team.  On 11/21/21, HA emailed SB to inform him that he had not received any contact from Miller, and requested that he be provided an, appropriately rated, replacement player.  SB informed HA that Top Banana would be assigned Mike “Doc” Burke, rated a (1) to replace Miller, rated a (2).)

7. 2022 Spring Season 

a. Recommendations: SB offered the following recommendations for the Board’s consideration.  

(1)  Acknowledge the difficulty of handling all aspects of managing, by waiving league fees for team managers and increase overall league fees from $45 to $50/player when necessary.

The Board fully discussed the pros and cons of this recommendation.  JH motioned, and GS seconded, that beginning with the Spring 2022 season, league fees be waived for team managers and overall league fees be adjusted, as appropriate and necessary, to offset this increase in cost.
Motion passed 5-0.  

(2)  No DHs and 2 byes for each local team in the original game schedule. Pro: Easier for managers to find pickup players. Con: Extends season by 4 weeks and more if rainouts/cancellations, playing deep into summer.

The Board discussed this in detail, and agreed, including SB, that this is not practical.  No action taken on the recommendation.

JH voiced his concern that when local area teams have double headers (DHs), a significant number of those are scheduled for the second and third time slots.  This makes it very difficult to pick up players, particularly for the noon game.  He stated that it’s difficult enough to try to pick up players during a DH, irrespective of the times of the games, but is compounded when the DH is the 10:30 and noon games.  JH proposed that since the OOA teams rarely need to pick up players, and since they routinely play DHs, that they be assigned to the 10:30 and noon time slots.  Without vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to take this  action.
SB will look at implementing this starting with the Spring 2022 season.  

b. The tournaments which might impact the 2022 Spring season schedule, in addition to the Spring Worlds and Southwest Championships, will be discussed at a later date.
Item remains open. —- since 6/11/21

8. BKMT5 – 2022 

a. Weds, Feb 23 with March 2 backup date. 

b. Flyer posted on SSUSA website under Recreational Tournaments on 10/13. 

c. Flyer e-mailed to potential tournament team managers on 10/15. 

d. So far, 7 teams.

9.  Managers Completing Lineup Cards

a. This topic was discussed in prior Board meetings.  Some managers are still not completing lineup cards.  SB sent an email to all managers on 9/29/21 reiterating the league requirement to fill out a lineup card prior to the start of each game and provide a copy to the opposing manager.  He also included a“completed” sample lineup card for their reference.

b. The Board unanimously, without vote, agreed that SB will instruct league umpires that they are required to meet with both managers prior to the start of each game, instruct managers that they must provide a lineup card to the opposing manager, and the game will not be started until this is completed.

10.  Rating of Players – Approvals and Consistency of Language In Multiple Rule/Policy Locations

a. On 11/10/21, JH sent an email to the Board, on the above subject, as part of the agenda for the 11/12/21 Board meeting, asking the Board to review the attachment and be prepared to discuss at the 11/12/21 Board meeting.   

b. The attachment addresses three (3) locations, League Rules, Assigning New Players To A Team Policy, and Pool Player Policy, in which the issue of rating new players is discussed.  JH discussed the following with the Board:

(1)  The language relative to rating new players is not consistent in all three locations, which should be corrected.  

(2)  At this Board meeting, we want to reaffirm that, preferably, all Board members will rate new players; but at a minimum, three (3) Board members must rate a new player; or, at least, two (2) Board members who know the skills of a new player, must rate a new player.

(3)  At this Board meeting, we want to reaffirm that irrespective of whether 2 or 3 Board members actually give a rating to a new player, that act alone only establishes the rating of the potential new player.  The Board does not abrogate its responsibility, as a whole, to give final approval to all new players entering the league, irrespective of the number of Board members actually rating a new player.

(4)  All of the above was included in the referenced attachment (ATTACHMENT II), with new language identified in red font, and deletions with double strikethroughs.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to approve the revised changes in the attached document.  The attachment will become part of the approved minutes for this meeting.
SB will make the approved changes to the Rules and Policies identified in 10.b. above.


Open items from previous meetings 

11. Two-Division League 
Jim Roach’s email regarding splitting the league into two divisions (upper and lower) will be revisited if and when the number of league teams reaches 12.
Item remains open, since 8/4/21, but will be removed from the active Board agenda until such time as the number of league teams approaches 12.




  1. New players (full-time or pool players) desiring to enter the league must be approved in advance, preferably by the full Board, but by at least by a quorum of the league board.



4.  A new player desiring to join the league must attend a practice to be rated by at least three (3) board members or be known to at least two (2) board members. Ratings will be based on the following criteria: (1) running, (2) hitting, (3) hitting for power, (4) fielding, (5) throwing, and (6) intangible.
The mere rating of a player does not, automatically, place the player in the league/on a team.  For that to occur, the full league Board, preferably, or at least a quorum of the league Board, must approve entrance into the league and assignment to a team.


2) Subsequent to draft: With one exception noted below (item d.), the full league Board, preferably, or at least a quorum of board members, will assign players to teams.  The league President A board member will notify a player when that player is assigned to a team or the board member will ask the team manager to make such notification. 


2) If the new player is not approved by the Board (Rule 22 24), he will be notified, in as dignified way as possible, by the person sponsoring him.
3) If approved, he will be evaluated and rated (1-6) by at least three (3) two Board members, or be known to, at least, two (2) Board members; and steps 4) – 7) will be performed.
The mere rating of a player does not, automatically, place the player in the league/pool.  For that to occur, the full league Board, preferably, or at least a quorum of the league Board, must approve entrance into the league and assignment to the pool.  








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