December 7, 2021


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); R. Schemp (RS) 
ABSENT:  G. Stevenson (GS)

1. Action Items

a. RB – The two umpires scheduled for the 12/6/21 games did not show.  RB indicated that  Blake Hunsaker will not be available to umpire.  RB to continue to try to find umpires.  Item remains open.

b. RB – We need 6 more new Rock softballs for the remainder of the Fall 2021 season. RB indicated that Jerry Smith has a supply of new Rock balls, and he will check with Jerry to see if we can purchase the needed 6 balls.  Item remains open.

c. RS – RS, after many attempts, has still not heard from the seller of pitching screens.  As noted in prior Board minutes, we had an anonymous individual donate money for the Monday league to purchase 2 pitching screens.  RS will continue to contact vendor.  Item remains open.

d. SB – SB clarified/updated Rules,Assigning New Players To A Team and Pool Player Policies; re. new players.
Revised policies were posted on the Monday league website.  Item closed.

e. SB – Based on decision made by the Board in a prior Board meeting in which the Board discussed the need to provide more of a balance between Out-of-Area (OOA) teams and local teams regarding playing double headers that include NOON games, SB has prepared a preliminary schedule for future seasons to accomplish this.  Item closed.

2. 1st Annual Christmas Charity Tournament 2021 – RECAP

a. Schedule – 3 divisions — 65+, 70+, 75+
3 seeding games w/double-elimination for 65+ division.
3 seeding games w/“modified” single-elimination for 70+ division (a team with a perfect record going into the championship game must be double-dipped, unless both teams in the championship game have perfect records).
3 seeding games w/double-elimination for 75+ division.
Item closed.

b. BLD cost: $25/team insurance, $50/game field rental cost, $100 insurance set-up.
Net Profit: $1,049.87 = $759.87 min. + ($50 field rental/forfeit x 1 forfeit) + ($80/no IF game x 3 no IF games.) The net profit of $1,049.87 only occurred because of a forfeit on one field saving field rental, and 3 no IF games with no expenses as a result.  The Board discussed whether the effort/work required to generate $760 in actual profit but for the expense savings identified, is worth it.  The general consensus of the Board is no.
At a subsequent Board meeting, the Board will make a final decision as to whether to conduct an XMAS2.
Item remains open.

c. Lessons Learned
Need a designated UIC to recruit, schedule, and pay the umpires.
Need more volunteers to man (or woman) the table to watch our stuff, answer questions, etc.
Avoid consolation games if possible.
Item closed.

3. 2021 Fall Season

a. Schedule tryouts/rating for potential new league players on a Wednesday at Wheatfield Park.  Rodney _____ (Eric Morrison’s cousin) (4) to WL???/pool.  The Board agreed to not include this individual in the WL/pool.
Item closed. 

b. Projected balance: $1,056.38.  The projected balance includes no league fees from Miller, Cruz, Shelley and the $1,049.87 XMAS1 net profit.
Item remains open.

4. Players – Update

a. 11/12: Ray White (4) to The Mashers (replaced Joe Acevedo (6))
    11/21: Mike “Doc” Burke (1) to Top Banana (replaced Mark Miller (2))

    11/27: Ray Sikes (2) removed from WL/pool
    11/27: Dan Olivas (2) to The Mashers (replaced Gary McLaughlin (3))

    11/28: John Gullatta (5).  No one, apparently, has heard from Gullatta, so his status is questionable.

    11/28: Robbie Baptista (1) removed from WL, but remains in player pool.

    11/30: Ernie Regalado (4) removed from Red Wave
    11/30: Hank Alonzo (3) to Red Wave (replaced Ernie Regalado (4))

    1/10/22: Doug MacRae (4) to be added to WL/pool for the 2022 Spring Season
    1/10/22: Ed Rushing (5) to be added to WL/pool for the 2022 Spring Season

b. Waiting List/Pool Players (in eligibility order):
     10/27: Frank Camou (2), league age 64, IF(SS)/OF/P, to WL/pool
     11/8:   John Reis (3), league age 67, 1B, to WL/pool

c. Roster Openings (in roster opening order):
     Marooned missing a 6 — D. Woods

 5. 2022 SSUSA Rule Changes
SB indicated that several rule changes/clarifications were approved by the 2021 National Rules Committee and went into effect on December 1, 2021.  None apply to our league, but the following may apply to MVUDSS-hosted tournaments:
14. Men’s 65 Division to play with 11 on defense (approved by SSUSA 12-0).  The Board agreed that this revised rule will be discussed when the Board begins discussing the particulars of the BKMT5 prior to 2/2022.
Item remains open.

6. BKMT5 – 2022
As of this date, 7 teams.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, an 8th and 9th team were added.)

Open items from previous meetings

7. 2022 Spring Season

a. The tournaments which might impact the 2022 Spring Season schedule, in addition to:
Spring Worlds (per RB, 3/18 – 3/27/22) and Southwest Championships (per RB, 4/19 – 4/24/22), will be discussed at a later date.
Item remains open. —- since 6/11/21

b. GS will update Player Finder to transfer Roster and Schedule spreadsheets info a Player Finder database.
Item remains open. —- since 11/12/21

8.  2022 Fall Season
Schedule – No local DHs and no OOA games during Huntsman Games in future fall seasons.
Item remains open. —- since 11/12/21

9.  Monday Player(s) Confronting BLD Maintenance Staff

a. JH informed the Board that just after the start of the 9:00 a.m. games on Monday, 12/6/21, Adrian Williams (AW), General Manager of BLD Perris, confronted Menifee Valley Upper Division Senior Softball (MVUDSS) Board member Joe Hansell, visibly upset that some player(s) on Pawtucket had verbally and harshly criticized his field maintenance personnel that had been doing some prep work on Pawtucket.  The teams playing on that field were Sammy’s Cafe and Greyhounds.

b. JH further informed the Board that immediately after being notified by AW of this matter, that he went to Pawtucket and during the next 1/2 inning addressed all Pawtucket players about this incident.  He told the players about the reported incident and that it was done by a player or players on this field.  He indicated that he knew the identity of at least one of the individuals, but did not identify in this forum.  He told the players that it’s a privilege and not a right to be playing at this venue.  He further told the players that the field maintenance staff and office staff, as well, was off limits; and that for any future confrontation like this, the guilty player(s) would be removed from the league.  He told the players that if they had any issues with the conditions of the fields, restrooms, what fields we’d be playing on, etc. that the player should notify the umpire or a member of the Board.

c. Subsequent to the discussion in b. above, JH then visited AW outside the BLD offices.  JH informed AW and 3 of the maintenance personnel who were aware/involved in the incident of his conversation in b. above.  JH spoke to all 3 about what occurred and apologized, on behalf of the Monday league Board, to AW and the 3 workers.

d. After a thorough discussion of the incident, the Board decided to request that one of the managers from that Pawtucket game attend a brief Board meeting on Monday, 12/20/21, after completion of the noon game, to discuss the matter.  SB was asked to contact this manager, and if this manager is available to adjust the game schedule on that day, if necessary, to accommodate the meeting.  JH will draft an e-mail to all league players, to come from the Board, describing this incident.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB confirmed the manager will attend, and adjusted the schedule accordingly.  Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 12/8/21, an e-mail was sent to all Monday league players.)