December 20, 2021


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT:  R. Schemp (RS)

1. Action Items

a. JH to draft an email, Confronting BLD Maintenance Staff, to league players and Adrian Williams/BLD.
Email sent to all players on 12/8/21.
Item closed.

b. SB to reschedule 12/20 games on BLD2 to accommodate a Board meeting scheduled for 12/20/21.
Completed on 12/8/21.  
Item closed.

c. RB indicated that current full-time umpire Mike Patterson will, shortly, be leaving the league.
The search for permanent umpires continues.
Item remains open.

d. RB – 6 more new Rock softballs are needed for the remainder of the 2021 Fall Season.
SB received 6 new Rock softballs from Jerry Smith on 12/20/21, at a cost of $30.
Item closed.

e. RB contacted BSN Sports to determine availability of Rock softballs.  They indicated that the 44/375 Rock balls will not be available until March 2022.  RB will check with BSN Sports to see if they have 44/400 Rock balls, and if so, at what price.  Without vote, but by unanimous agreement, the Board agreed to the following regarding purchase of softballs.  Since 44/375 Rock balls will not be available until March (if even then), if BSN has 44/400 Rocks available, and the pricing is reasonable, we will purchase those balls.  If they are not available for either reason, we will look at purchasing the Stote Microcells and use those balls only until either of the 44/375 or 44/400’s are available.  The Board consensus is to stay with Rock balls for the Monday league.   We will require 12 dozen balls which will cover the 2022 Spring Season plus new balls needed for the BKMT5 tournament and home run derby that is part of that tournament.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, RB informed SB that 44/400’s were available from BSN at $59.99/dozen + tax.  No shipping cost if order is more than $99.  SB ordered 12 dozen Rock 44/400’s.
The expense for purchasing these balls is included in the 2022 Spring Season budget estimate, probably at a slightly higher number than reflected in these cost numbers.)
Item closed.

f. RS – As stated in prior Board minutes, RS has made countless attempts to speak to someone at Pitch Safe, the company which manufactures/sells the pitching screens used by MVUDSS, without any success.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB queried Pitch Safe on their website regarding their screens and got information that the screens were out of stock.  During one of the recent Monday league games, a pitching screen owned by BLD, was used for Monday games.  The screen appeared to be very sturdy and, potentially, every good a replacement as our current screens.  SB did a search on the Internet, and found a screen from Unique Sports that appeared to be the same as BLD’s.  The price for the screen was +/- $200.  SB also sent a text, on 12/25/21, to Adrian Williams, GM at BLD, asking him if BLD’s screen was from Unique Sports and, if not, the name of the manufacturer/seller, and to get a confirmation on pricing.  SB also sent a text to RS, suggesting that he order two of these screens.)
Item remains open.

2. 2021 Fall Season
Projected balance: $1,639.38 (moved $600 cost of 2 pitching screens into spring budget.)  

3. Players

a. Waiting List/Pool Players (in eligibility order):
10/27/21: Frank Camou (2), league age 64, IF(SS)/OF/P, to WL/pool
11/8/21:   John Reis (3), league age 67, 1B, to WL
1/10/22:   Doug MacRae (4) to pool (see c. below); Ed Rushing (5) to WL/pool; Jerry Smith (4?) to WL/pool. 
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, via text, the consensus of the Board was to apply a provisional rating of “4” for Jerry Smith.)

b. Roster Openings (in roster opening order):
9/13/21: Marooned (A) missing a 6 — D. Woods quit
1/10/22: Marooned (A) missing a 3 — as of 12/20/21, Eric Brasch is leaving the league due to a shoulder issue.
He expects to return, possibly as a pool player later in the 2022 Spring Season or for the 2022 Fall Season.  
1/10/22: White, the New Gray (C) missing a 6 — Mike Fagan quit
1/10/22: The Mashers (E) missing a 2 — John Gullatta to pool
1/10/22: Top Banana (B) missing a 6— Hank Alberts to pool
1/17/22: White, the New Gray (C) missing a 1 — John Buchanan will be leaving the league on 1/17/22.

c. 1/10/22: Doug MacRae (4) to Marooned (A) (replacing D. Woods (6)).
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH and SB, spoke separately to MacRae, and indicated that because of a hip problem, he is not certain he will play in the Spring season.  He is to let JH or SB know in the next week.  MacRae contacted SB.  He will not be able to join a team.  He will be placed in the pool.)
1/10/22: Frank Camou (2) to Marooned (A) (replacing Eric Brasch (3))
1/10/22: Ed Rushing (5) to White, the New Gray (C) (replacing Mike Fagan (6))  
Note: Refer to Assigning New Players to a Team Policy A.6.3).e. & f. as of 10-10-18

4. 2022 Spring Season

a. Game schedule completed. — 16-game season running from Jan 10 – May 23 (assuming no cancellations).

b. Projected balance: $635.38; $40/player league fee.  Projected balance includes no league fees for managers, and $200+ each for two new pitching screens.  JH motioned and GS seconded that the league fee for the 2022 Spring Season be set at $40/player.  Motion passed. 4-0.  

c. Stotes vs. Rocks – issue dealt with in 1.e. above.
Item closed.

d. GS will update Player Finder by allowing it to transfer data from a combined Roster/Schedule spreadsheet into a Player Finder database.  GS indicated that he’s approximately 1/3 completed.
(Subsequent to Board meeting, GS sent SB a sample of the new information, so the only thing remaining is for GS to complete some final testing on this project. Project completed.)
Item closed.

e.  Bullhead City Tournament – Top Gun Winter Classic – Qualifier – 1/18/22-1/23/22
RB feels that a fair number of players will be missing Monday games scheduled for 1/17/22, and, therefore, recommended that we shift games scheduled for 1/17/22 to 1/24/22 and shift all other games, accordingly.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, the Board agreed with RB’s recommendation.  SB also indicated that he has asked Adrian Williams, GM of BLD, for Monday dates during the 2022 Spring Season which won’t be available for MVUDSS games.  He is waiting for a response.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB made an adjustment to the 2022 Spring Season schedule and posted on league website.)
Item closed.

5. Weekly Equipment Responsibility
JH reminded the Board that it agreed, in a prior Board meeting, that there would be rotational responsibility, by each Board member (except SB), for getting all the equipment at BLD to the appropriate fields in time for BP.  JH agreed to put a schedule together for the remaining 4 weeks of the 2021 Fall Season, but the schedule was not followed.  He indicated that he was not going to waste time in setting a schedule for the 2022 Spring Season, if weekly assignments would not be followed.  Without vote, the Board agreed to assume this responsibility.  Once the 2022 Spring Season schedule is finalized, JH will prepare a schedule.  Since he will not be at the games on 1/24/22, RB volunteered to handle the equipment responsibility for the 2022 Spring Season opening day on 1/10/22.
Item remains open.

6. BKMT5 – 2022

a. 65 Division to play with 11 on defense (approved SSUSA rule change for 2022) pending MVUDSS BOD approval.

b. Reminder and flyer again e-mailed to potential tournament team managers on 12/16/21

c. So far, 10 teams.

7.  Public Urination at BLD

a. The Board discussed an incident of public urination, by a Monday league player, which was witnessed by a Board member, and which occurred on the grounds of BLD on Monday, 12/20/21.

b. The player was confronted by, and spoken to, by the Board member at the time of the incident.

c. The Board agreed that disciplinary action be given to the player in question.  JH to prepare e-mail to be sent to the player regarding the disciplinary action.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 12/27/21 the e-mail was sent to the player.)
Item closed.

d. The Board, unanimously without vote, agreed that an e-mail be sent to all Monday league players regarding public urination.  JH to prepare e-mail.
(Subsequent to theBoard meeting, JH prepared a draft e-mail.  As there are some issues to discuss with the Board prior to sending an e-mail, the e-mail will be deferred until the next Board meeting.)
Item remains open.

e. Since this is not the first incident of Monday league players urinating on BLD grounds, the Board wants to include a “no urination” statement in our Code of Conduct.  JH pointed out that the MVUDSS league does not have a Code of Conduct “policy”, as the league follows the SSUSA Code of Ethics criteria.  It was suggested to, possibly, include this in the leagues Mission Statement.  JH to review and prepare this communication, as appropriate.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, in reviewing MVUDSS’s Mission Statement, JH does not believe the league’s Mission Statement, nor its league rules, are appropriate locations for this item.  Board needs to discuss.)
Item remains open.

8.  2022 League Insurance
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH e-mailed Stephanie Hopkins, of SSUSA, regarding status of the leagues 2022 insurance premiums.  Normally, the league receives an invoice no later than the middle of December.) 
Item remains open.

9. New SSUSA Rule – 11 defensive players for age 65 division
SB informed the Board that the SSUSA Rules Committee, in their meeting on 12/2/21, approved a rule change to allow age 65 division to play with 11 defensive players.  JH motioned and GS seconded that this revised rule for the MVUDSS league effective with the 2022 Spring Season.
Motion failed 0-4.
Item closed.

Open items from previous meetings

10. 2022 Fall Season
Schedule – No local DHs and no OOA games during Huntsman Games in future fall seasons.
Item remains open. —- since 11/12/21