February 18, 2022


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); E. Rushing (ER); G. Stevenson (GS)

1. Action Items

a. RB – need 1 more league umpire until Darin Rossi returns.  SB spoke to Rossi on 2/17/22; he is still targeting Monday, 2/28/22 to return to umpiring.  Item remains open.

b. SB – GS has the MVUDSS screens for repair.  R. Schemp gave GS extra parts for the screens.  GS will inventory to determine what parts, if any, need to be ordered.  GS will attempt to get screens repaired by 2/28.  In the event that does not happen, ER will bring his screen for use at BLD.  We will also ask D. Gutierrez, manager of Sammy’s Cafe, to possibly use his screens for the two games his team plays on 2/28.  Additionally, we will have access to BLD’s screen for possible use on that date.  JH spoke to BLD GM, Adrian Williams (AW), on 2/14/22 regarding screens.  AW indicated that he will get a quote from the vendor that constructed BLD’s screen as to the current cost.

SB also spoke to the individual who donated money to the league for purchase of new screens.
SB explained the difficulty we face trying to purchase new screens.  The benefactor indicated that he was fine with the league using the dollars to purchase balls, etc. if we are unable to purchase new screens.
Item remains open.

c. JH – generate Public Urination at BLD email and MVUDSS Code of Conduct policy.  Documents drafted and SB emailed to all players, managers, coaches, and umpires on 2/6/22.  The Board also met with Monday league managers after completion of the 9 am games on 2/14/22, discussing both documents and stressing the need for managers to discuss these issues with their players.  Item closed.

d. SB posted the following to the Rules & Policies page on our league website.

(1) MVUDSS Code of Conduct policy
(2) League Rule 8. Pickup Players changes approved at our last board meeting
Item closed.  

e. JH completed the assigning February (3 weeks) equipment responsibility to board members.  JH communicated the remaining equipment assignments for February, March, and April:  2/28/22 – GS; 3/7/22 – RB; 3/14/22 – GS; 4/4/22 – ER; 4/11/22 – JH.  JH also indicated that he would email the equipment spreadsheet assignments to the Board.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, JH emailed the February-April equipment assignments to the Board.)
Item remains open.

2. 2022 Spring Season

a. Projected balance: $434.52

b. As reflected in the 1/31/22 Board meeting minutes, ER was added to MVUDSS Board of Directors, and attended his first Board meeting today.  

c. Mike Graves has agreed to replace Mike Fagan as AED Program Manager.  ER also indicated that he would be willing to assist, as needed, when he is available.  

3. BKMT5 – 2022

a. Projected Net Profit: $2,756.69 (based on 16 teams).  Net profit for BKMT4 was $4,400.

b. As of 2/18/22…

  BKMT4 (2020) BKMT5 (2022)  
          Divisions 5 4  
         # of Teams 22 16  
          # of Games 35 25 includes HR Derby
          Field Rental/Game $30 $35  
          HR Derby $400 $400(?) minus $120 for 2 doz. Rocks 44/375 & $81.56 for 3 plaques
          50-50 Raffle $95 $95(?)  
          Donations $420 $294+ $194/MSSL +$100/Hellman + $?/Others + $?/MVUDSS

c. Obtain 2-3 doz. 44/375 Rock softballs (or similar) for HR Derby — SB purchased 2 doz. from Jerry Smith.

d. SB reviewed BKMT5 board member duties on the day of the tournament.

e. On 2/16/22, SB emailed the tournament schedule, rules, and HR Derby rules to all BKMT5 managers.

f. (Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 2/20/22, as a result of the possibility of rain being forecast for 2/23/22,  SB sent an email to all BKMT5 managers and umpires notifying them that Wednesday, March 2, 2022, which was identified on the tournament flyer, is the backup date for the tournament in the event of a rainout.)

g.  ER volunteered to assist GS in conducting the HR Derby.

4. Roster Changes – REDACT this agenda item only IF NO CHANGES from last board meeting.  
     (Changes, if any, identified in red below)

a. Waiting List Players (in eligibility order):

11/8/21:  John Reis (3), league age 67, 1B, to WL for OOA teams only (not in pool)

b. Roster Openings (in roster opening order):

1/10/22:  White, the New Gray (C) missing a 6 — Mike Fagan quit
1/10/22:  Royal PITA x 4 (D) missing a 1 — Al Shelley quit
1/10/22:  Sammy’s Cafe missing a 5 — Art Venegas quit due to knee replacement
1/16/22:  Marooned (A) missing a 6 — Steve Baranick, IF(1B)/C, to pool
2/7/22:   The Mashers (E) missing a 6 — Ray White quit 

c. New Players

1/10/22:  Robbie Robertson (1) to White, the New Gray (C) (replacing John Buchanan (1))
1/10/22:  Gary McLaughlin (3) to The Mashers (E) (replacing John Gullatta (2) to pool)
1/10/22:  Mike Coltharp (3), OF, to pool (available 12:00 pm games only)
JH pointed out that the pool roster for Coltharp does not indicate that he is available for 12:00 pm games only.  SB will make that notation.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB made that notation on the pool roster.)
Note: Refer to Assigning New Players to a Team Policy A.6.3).e. & f. dated 10-10-18

Open items from previous meetings

5. 2022 Fall Season
Schedule – No local DHs and no OOA games during Huntsman Games in future fall seasons.
60, 65 Divisions – Mon, Oct 3 – Fri, Oct 7
Item remains open. —- since 11/12/21