May 5, 2022


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT:  E. Rushing (ER)

1. Action Items

a. RB – to get 2 umpires — Dave Ropp added to umpire team on 5/2.
Darin Rossi out for the rest of the year.  Hopeful that he will return for the 2022 Fall Season.
Backup umpires will consist of the following:

(1) league SSUSA-certified umpires Barnhart, Pickett, Sternberger, Hixson
(2) Monday league players: Alonzo, Baranick, Hansell, Hellman

Item will remain open as to our 2nd official umpire.

b. GS – repair 3 broken screens. — 2 completed.  GS stated that he did not believe that the 3rd pitching screen was worth trying to repair.  The Board also discussed the safety implications of a screen that, possibly, could not be prepared to proper safety specifications.  SB indicated that pitching screens are now available through Pitch Safe at roughly the $300/per screen price of our original screens.  Without vote, but with unanimous agreement of the Board, we will retain the 3rd pitching screen for spare parts, and SB will evaluate our Fall 2022 budget in order to determine when we will be able to purchase a new screen.  Item remains open.

c. JH – assigned Feb-May equipment responsibility to BOD members.  Item closed.

d. SB – purchase 2 wheeled Dudley ball bags from Jerry Smith @ $75/ball bag.  RB suggested that Carlos from Elite Sports should have the same bags available at a much lower cost.  RB to contact Carlos.
SB indicated that the +/- $150 expense of the two bags is reflected in the 2022 Spring Season balance, reflected in 2.a. below.  Item remains open.

2. 2022 Spring Season

a. Projected balance: $663.19 – includes +/- $150 for purchase of new ball bags, but not +/- $300 for purchase of new pitching screen.  

b. Softballs: According to Stephanie Hopkins, SSUSA Rock softballs 44/375 are expected to be available for purchase, though no guarantees, in June.  Cost $70/doz.

SB indicated that we have no new Rock 44/375’s left, but that we should have enough well-conditioned used Rocks to get us through the season.  The Board extends its thanks and appreciation to Bill Kluck for his recent generous donation of 2 dozen Rock balls to the Monday league.

The Monday league is still attempting to sell some of its 9 doz. X-Rock-NSA-Y 44/400 @ $5/ball to interested parties.  GS committed to purchasing 3 dozen of these balls and will issue a check to the Monday league.
He might be in a position, at some time in the near future, to purchase more of these balls.  

(X-Rock-ISA-Y 44/400 were used at the 2022 Spring Worlds and 2022 Southwest Championships.)
SB stated he had an indication from Dave Dowell, SSUSA, that these balls are “identical” to the Monday league NSA Rock balls.  RB/JH/GS do not believe this is the case.

c. Recommended Modification to “Assigning New Players To A Team Policy”
The Monday Board has permitted Out-of-Area (OOA) teams, when desiring to replace a missing roster player, to provide an interim player rating for the new player, and to be able to use the new player in its next set of double-headers, while the new player gets rated by the Board at that time.  The Board discussed that time has shown the impracticality of this.  New players have played where clearly their “interim” rating does not measure up to their actual performance rating, thus giving an advantage to the OOA team, at least for those two games.  Also, because Board members are, often, involved in other things (playing, umping, absent) on the day the new player needs to be rated, it is impractical to rate this player on such days.  The further unanimous consensus of the Board is that the OOA area managers are familiar with the players on “local” teams, and either on that basis, or by soliciting help from Board members or other managers, that they can pick up needed players from other teams or the pool, in the same manner as managers of “local” teams pick up players.  A proposed new player can, then, be evaluated by the Board as per the policy in question.  As a result, the Monday league Board proposes to implement a change to Assigning New Players To A Team Policy to deal with this issue.
The following language change, in red font, is proposed to section B.8. of the policy in question.  

In reviewing this policy, the Board also discussed the need to place a time restriction, during a season, as to when a new player can be added to a team or the player pool.  Proposed added language to this policy, which will apply to both local and OOA teams, is indicated in C. below.


8.  A potential new player may not be added to the roster for playoff/tournament games unless sufficient time exists for the Board to properly evaluate the new player and to place a FINAL rating on him, as per this policy.

A potential new player will not be permitted to play in any league games with an interim player rating and will only be permitted to play in a league game, either as a roster or pool player once an official player rating has been established by the Board according to this policy.  

If the team is in need of a replacement player, until a potential new player is officially rated, the team may not utilize the potential new player, but may pick up a replacement player only from either the pool or from one of the existing league teams.

JH motioned, and RB seconded that the proposed language changes to Assigning New Players To A Team Policy, (shown immediately above in red font), be adopted effective immediately.  Motion passed, 4-0.
SB will make above approved changes to the policy in question, and will notify all managers of the changes.

C.  No new player can be added to a team or the pool with four (4) or less playing dates remaining.  A manager missing a player, and requiring a replacement, must pick up a replacement player from the pool or other teams.  

JH motioned, and GS seconded, that item C., immediately above in red font, be added to the policy in question.  Motion passed 4-0.
SB will add the approved section to the policy in question, and will notify all managers.  

3. BKMT5 – 2022

a. As of 3/2/22…

  BKMT4 (2020) BKMT5 (2022)  
          Divisions 5 4  
          # of Teams 22 16  
          # of Games 35 25 includes HR Derby
          Field Rental/Game $30 $35  
          HR Derby $400 $160  
          50-50 Raffle $95 $70  
          Donations $423 $475 $194/MSSL +$100/Hellman + $100/Reynolds + $34/Others + $47/MVUDSS
          Net Profit $4,400 $2,700  

b. $2,700 check presented to Tim LeBlanc/CEO “4 Paws 4 Patriots” on 3/9/22.

c. Lessons Learned
With few exceptions, 70+ players are not interested in participating in the HR Derby.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus of the Board, if the HR Derby is to be held during future BKMTs, it will be for age groups 60 and 65 players only.  

4. 2022 Fall Season

a. The Board discussed the possibility of going “dark” on Mondays, 10/3/22 and 10/10/22 due to the Huntsman Games (HGs).  SB prepared, and the Board discussed, 4 possible options relative to Monday games and the HGs.  The unanimous conclusion of the Board, without vote, was although there were more Monday players who played in the HGs last year, it was not a significant problem.  The Board agreed that it would monitor the impact of the HGs on Monday league play and make any changes, if necessary, for the 2023 Fall Season.  

b. 2022 Fall Season – Start Date and Draft
The Board spent considerable time discussing various start dates, whether to start earlier/later, whether to play on Labor Day, etc.  The following represents the unanimous decision, without vote, regarding the start of the Fall 2022 Season and the draft.

(1)  The Board will convene a Board meeting on Monday, 8/1/22 to rate all league players.  The draft will be conducted on one day, starting at 10 am/11 am TBD, with the first two rounds of “1’s” being drafted.
There will be a break for lunch during which managers can contact their “1’s” if they want assistance for the balance of the draft.  The remainder of the draft will be concluded after completion of lunch.  In advance of the meeting, SB will prepare a draft list and will inform managers and potential “1’s” of the draft process.

(2)  League play for the 2022 Fall Season will commence on Monday, 8/15/22
(3)  The Monday league will not play on Labor Day, Monday 9/5/22
(4)  The Monday league will play during the HGs.
(5)  The target date to end the 2022 Fall Season is 12/19/22.

c.  League Fee – 2022 Fall Season

(1)   Using $45/player fee, SB projected a surplus of $272.76 for the end of the 2022 Fall season.  Since this did not include GS’s purchase of 3 dozen league balls ($180), with the possible purchase of more during the season, the Board concluded it would have sufficient funds to purchase the third screen.  This clarifies the question identified in 1.b. above as to when the 3rd pitching screen can be purchased.

(2)   JH motioned, and GS seconded that the league player fee for the 2022 Fall Season be set at $45/player.
Motion passed 4-0.  

5.  Possible Playoff – 2022 Spring Season
Because of the tightness of the current league standings, SB raised the possibility of a 2, or more, team playoff.  If such a playoff occurs, MVUDSS Rule 20. covers this possibility.  North County (NC) plays its final league games on 5/16.  Depending on the outcome of those games, NC might end up in a playoff.  Given that possibility, SB will contact NC manager and inform him that his team may have to play on Monday, 5/23.  

6. Roster Changes – REDACT this agenda item only IF NO CHANGES from last board meeting.
(Changes, if any, identified in red below)

a. Waiting List Players (in eligibility order):

11/8/21:  John Reis (3), league age 67, 1B, to WL for OOA teams only (not in pool)

b. Roster Openings (in roster opening order):

1/10/22:  White, the New Gray (C) missing a 6 — Mike Fagan quit
1/10/22:  Royal PITA x 4 (D) missing a 1 — Al Shelley quit
1/10/22:  Sammy’s Cafe missing a 5 — Art Venegas quit due to knee replacement
1/16/22:  Marooned (A) missing a 6 — Steve Baranick, IF(1B)/C, to poo
2/7/22:   The Mashers (E) missing a 6 — Ray White quit

c. New Players

1/10/22:  Robbie Robertson (1) to White, the New Gray (C) (replacing John Buchanan (1))
1/10/22:  Gary McLaughlin (3) to The Mashers (E) (replacing John Gullatta (2) to pool)
1/10/22:  Mike Coltharp (3), OF, to pool (available 12:00 pm games only)
3/7/22:    Mike Berg (1), OF, to pool
4/4/22:    Leonard Sanchez (2), IF/OF, to poo
5/2/22:    Nate Randolph (3), 1B/2B, to White, the New Gray (C) (replacing Mike Graves (4))

In today’s Board meeting, Leonard Sanchez’s “2” rating remains provisional as only two Board members (SB/JH) have seen him play and only for limited play, at that.  Sanchez needs to be rated by the Board.  

Note: Refer to Assigning New Players to a Team Policy A.6.3).e. & f. dated 10-10-18