July 8, 2022


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); E. Rushing (ER); G. Stevenson (GS)
GUESTS:  J. Prybylla (JP); C. Yap (CY)

1. Action Items 

a. RB identified Dave Ropp/Paul Scholz to umpire. While not completely certain, SB is hopeful that Darin Rossi will return to ump for the fall season.  If so, SB expects to place Darin on a 2-game schedule until he’s able to do 3 games in a day.  Completed as of 6/9/22.  ITEM CLOSED. 

b. SB updated the league website, on 5/7/22, “Adding New Players To A Team Policy”.  ITEM CLOSED.

c. SB was to obtain fall rosters from OOA teams by July 1.  Received North County (NC) roster on 6/14/22 with no change.  NC’s roster is full, although there is some uncertainty due to the recent auto injury to “Stitch” Fearn.  The Board wishes Stitch a speedy and full recovery.  Received Sammy’s Cafe (SC) on 6/15/22, with Al Shelley (1) replacing Terry Shinn (1), the latter moving to the pool; and Milo (5) moving to Florida.

2. 2022 Spring Season 

Balance: $1,112.38 – This balance will be adjusted by items 3.a., b., and c. below and will be reflected in a tentative 2022 Fall projected balance in 3.h. below.

3. 2022 Fall Season 

a. RB was to purchase 2 wheeled batting practice ball bags from Elite Sports/Carlos @ $48/ball bag.  Carlos has not returned calls.
GS reviewed Amazon website during meeting and identified the Dudley bag for $60.  SB was given the OK, unanimously, without vote, by the Board to purchase two Dudley bags.  He has Amazon Prime, so there is no shipping charge for Prime holders.  (Subsequent to the Board meeting, on the same day, SB checked Amazon’s website to order the bags.  The page showing the Dudley bag is misleading.  The $60 price is for a Diamond ball bag.  In probing further, SB determined the Amazon price for the Dudley bag is $150.  SB will contact Jerry Smith and order two bags from him for $75/bag.)  ITEM REMAINS OPEN.

b. SB ordered, on 6/29/22, 1 pitching screen from Pitch Safe (identical to our existing screens) @ $299/screen + $65.15 S/H.   (Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 7/12/22, received the pitching screen.)  ITEM CLOSED.

c. SB – Per RB, the date for which 44/375 Rock softballs from SSUSA @ $70/doz. is August 15, 2022.
This availability date has slipped twice, from March and June 2022, so there’s not great confidence that the balls will be available then.  SB received 44/375 Rock balls from Rod Schemp (RS) and Bill Kluck (BK).  RS donated approximately 100 used Rocks and BK donated a dozen used Rocks, all of which are in good condition.  The Board thanks RS and BK for their gracious donations.  With these donated Rocks, and a fairly large leftover inventory of used Rocks that SB has, the Monday league should have enough usable balls to get the league through the 2022 Fall Season in anticipation of SSUSA having new balls to purchase.

SB stated we still have 5 1/2 dozen of the new Rock 44/400’s which the league purchased prior to the start of the 2022 Spring Season.  GS indicated that he will purchase 2 dozen of the 44/400’s.  RB will confirm with Jim Roach who he believes will also purchase 2 dozen of the 44/400’s.  SB will confirm that Ray Sikes will purchase 1 dozen of the 44/400’s.  ER indicated that, if available, he would either purchase 1 dozen of the 44/400’s or trade for Rock 44/375’s which he has.  ITEM REMAINS OPEN.   

d. SB prepared, as of 7/1/22, a preliminary 2022 Fall draft list.  The list is fluid as confirmation has to be made regarding a number of players who played last season who are “maybes”, some prior players who didn’t play last season, and 7 new players who need to be rated.  ITEM REMAINS OPEN. 

e. Team Managers – We need 7 local team managers for the upcoming 2022 Fall and 2023 Spring Seasons.  As of this meeting, we have four (4):  Ed Rushing, Joe Jennings, John Prybylla, and John Leavitt. 

On 6/19 and again on 6/26, SB emailed 90 potential local team full-time players requesting volunteer local team managers.  Copies of the full e-mail texts, in italics, are shown at the bottom of these minutes.

The Board spent considerable time reviewing the difficulty in getting guys to step up to manage.  The Board discussed the Manager Assistant Policy which it adopted on 8/9/21 as one means to try to give help to would be managers, as well as its decision in the 11/12/21 Board meeting to waive the league fee for managers, beginning with the 2022 Spring Season.  Keeping its desire to have rules/policies which attempt, as best as possible, to maintain balance/parity in the league, but also seeking ways to assist players to step up to manage, the Board approved a change to the Manager Assistant Policy.  Effective immediately, without vote, but with unanimous concurrence, the Board agreed to allow two board-rated “3’s” to manage/assist.  Consistent with our long-term practice, the manager will be slotted in the second round of “3’s” and the assistant in the first round of the “3’s”.  JH will modify the policy to reflect this change.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 7/10/22, JH modified the policy, submitted it to SB who posted to league website same day.)

f. Upcoming Meetings/Events

(1) New player ratings by Board will take place on Friday, 7/15/22 @ 9:00 am. Lago Vista Sports Park, 2900 Holland Rd., Menifee, CA.  SB to inform the 7 potential new players.  ITEM REMAINS OPEN.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 7/10/22, SB sent an e-mail to potential new players, identified team managers, and Board members informing them of the above player rating date, time, and location.)

(2) Monday, Aug 1 – Board player rating meeting.  ITEM REMAINS OPEN.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB sent an e-mail to all returning Monday league players who had indicated that they would be returning for the 2022 Fall Season to inform him if there is any change to that prior indication and to also indicate if the player is going to miss games.)

(3) Monday, Aug 8 – player draft.   ITEM REMAINS OPEN.

(4) Monday, Aug 15 – start of season 

There will be no games on Labor Day (Sep 5).  The league will play during Huntsman Games (Oct 3, Oct 10). 

g. Because of the heat, the Board agreed unanimously, without vote, to see if league games can start at 8:00 am during the month of August only.  Games would return to the normal 9:00 am start time subsequent to August.  There was some question as to the sun being a potential issue at this earlier time.  RB indicated that the only serious sun issue field is Angel.  While there might be some sun issues for outfielders on other fields, that occurs on many of the fields at different times.  SB will check with Adrian Williams at BLD.  ITEM REMAINS OPEN.

h. Projected Balance: SB projects a balance of $262.61 (using a, tentative, $45 league fee which has yet to be formally approved by the Board, and a., b., and c. above included in the projected balance.)  With the modification of expenses and receipts as indicated earlier in these minutes, the projected balance for the 2022 Fall Season will be approximately $928.61.  This includes a slightly larger cost for the purchase of two ball bags, non-expenditure for 44/375 Rock balls, and receipts for selling the league’s 44/400 Rock balls.

4. 11 Defensive Players Proposal (by Jack Brunschmid) 

Since our average “league” age is 68 and 68% (86/126) of our players will be “league” age 65+ in the fall, modify league Rule 5. to allow 11 defensive players like SSUSA for 65+ teams. 

RB stated that IF something like this is to be considered, it should only be considered if, at the same time, the requirement for a pitching screen is removed, because adding an 11th player, along with a pitching screen, effectively gives 12 players to the defense.  ER argued that having an 11the defensive player would discourage hitting up the middle.  The counter to any of this is that safety, by virtue of a pitching screen, remains the highest priority of the Board and this league.  

JH and SB offered the following relative to this proposal:

(1) The logic for having 11 defensive players for 65+ is questionable at best.  While not advocating for this, it would make more sense to have 11 defensive players for younger age group players.

(2) We should be encouraging more, not less, offense.  This does the opposite.

(3) We should have rules/procedures, etc. which encourage younger players to join the league.  That has been a goal of the Monday league since its founding.  This would not encourage that.

JH motioned, and GS seconded that the Monday league add a rule permitting an 11th defensive player, effective with the start of the 2022 Fall Season.  Motion failed 0-6.  ITEM CLOSED.

5. Rule Changes Requested by North County 

a. Eliminate 12:00 pm games. 
No reason was given relative to this request.  The Board offered the following comments relative to this subject.:  

(1) Eliminating 12:00 pm games would require the use of three rather than the normal two fields, resulting in additional cost.

(2) A third field would result in having to utilize three umpires instead of two, resulting in one umpire coming to umpire only one game.  No incentive for him to do so.

(3) Significantly more difficult to pick up players when 6 teams are playing at the same time.  

JH motioned and GS seconded that the Monday league eliminate playing 12:00 pm games.
Motion failed 0-6.  ITEM CLOSED.

b. Limit the number of pickup players or, at least, require the first 3 pickup players to play catcher, right field, and right center field in that order and bat at the bottom of the order. 

The Board offered that the Monday league has general balance/parity as a result of a player rating system, that while not perfect, has worked for the entirety of the Monday league’s existence, and is fair.  Without formal vote, but with unanimous consensus, the Board did not approve this request.

c. Expand rosters to 13 players/team and allow 11 defensive players like SSUSA for 65+ teams.
This item was addressed in 4. above.  ITEM CLOSED.



League Players, 

While the Monday league is dark for the summer, the Monday Board will soon be meeting to begin preparation for the Fall 2022 Season. Even more so than in past seasons, our most pressing issue is getting players to volunteer as managers. So, those players who managed last year, please consider re- upping, and others who have not managed previously, please give it a try. Saying the obvious, without managers, we have no league. Give me a call. 

Below represents the upcoming meetings and events leading into the 2022 Fall Season: 

Upcoming Meetings/Events – 

  1. Friday, July 8 – board meeting
  2. TBDday, July TBD – player tryout/rating, TBD Park, 9:00 am
    Potential new players will be required to attend, try out, and receive a rating.
  3. Monday, Aug 1 – player rating meeting of all draftees, pool players, and out-of-area players.
  4. Monday, Aug 8 – player draft
    1-rated players will be invited to the draft to assist local team managers in selecting their team.
  5. Monday, Aug 15 – start of 2022 Fall Season 

When the date for rating new players is set, we are hopeful that a number of local team managers will have been identified. Board members must attend to observe new players and local team managers will be encouraged to attend, as well. 




League Players, 

On June 19, I emailed 90 league players requesting 7 volunteer local team managers for the upcoming 2022 Fall Season. So far, 2 responses — 1 part-time and 1 NO. 

I’m sounding the alarm early because, as I indicated in the June 19 e-mail, we are conducting the draft on August 8, and starting the 2022 Fall Season on August 15. I know that some of you may be doing some travel now, for the summer, and others may be playing tournament ball and may not, yet, have had a chance to respond to the 6/19 e-mail. This is your league, but there is no league without managers. So, the harsh reality is no managers, no draft, no 2022 Fall Season. This is not meant as a threat, but a harsh reality if we don’t get a number of players to step up and manage. If you’ve not managed before, don’t know the players, etc. we can figure ways to give you a hand. I need to hear from some of you to come forward and help the league. Please give me a call. 

This is not a lifetime commitment. There are numerous players in the league who are qualified to draft a team as well as manage a team (at least as a field manager). 

Steve 951-870-0114