July 15, 2022


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); G. Stevenson (GS)
ABSENT: E Rushing (ER)
GUEST:  R. Hellman; M. Kerby

1.  Managers – 2022 Fall Season

a. The Board discussed that prior to today’s Board meeting, the Monday league was still in need of 3 managers.  However, league player, Eric Morrison, indicated that he would manage a team.

b. Still needing 2 managers, the Board reviewed a draft e-mail prepared by SB/JH to all Monday league players, requesting that 2 additional managers step forward to manage.  Without vote, but by unanimous consent, the Board agreed to send the e-mail.  (Subsequent to the Board meeting, on the same day, SB sent the e-mail to all Monday league players on behalf of the Board.)

2.  League Balls

a. GS purchased 2 dozen and Jim Roach purchased 3 dozen of the league’s 44/400 Rock balls.

b. ER traded 5 new and 2 used Rock 44/375 for 5 new Rock 44/400 from the league.

c. The league has now disposed of all of the Rock 44/400’s purchased earlier in the year.

3.  Potential New League Players Tryouts/Ratings

a. Tryouts/player ratings were held on 7/15/22 for 6 potential Monday league players.
The players are: Bill Gillette, Mike Kerby, Jim Stephen, Bill Newman, Mike Eazell, and Rod Prather.  

b. JH had an idea, which was exceeded in its brilliance of thought only by the ineptitude of its execution.  The idea was to video record each player, having each player give a brief description of himself: age, position(s) played, bat/throw from which side, status re: playing, etc.  The resulting cinematographic product was 3 seconds of recording the ground and no sound.  As GS, wittily, stated in this Board meeting, “Hansell Adams he is not.”

c. Upcoming 2022 Fall Season managers attending this tryout/rating:  Joe Jennings, John Leavitt, Eric Morrison, and John Prybylla.

d. The Board completed the evaluation of each player.  SB will inform the 6 individuals of the results of the tryout.