August 1, 2022


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); E. Rushing (ER); G. Stevenson (GS)
GUESTS:  H. Alberts (HA); C. Yap (CY)

1. Action Items 

a. JH – “Manager Assistant Policy” was updated on 7/8/22 and SB posted it on the league website on 7/10/22.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 8/3/22, JH revised the Manager Assistant Policy to indicate that neither player participating in the league’s Player Commuting Policy is eligible to be an assistant to a team manager.  SB posted revised policy on same date.)  Item closed.

b. SB spoke to, and received the OK from, Adrian Williams at BLD on 7/18/22, regarding starting games at 8:00 am during the month of August, to exclude Angel Stadium (sun issues).  Item closed.

c. SB – contacted league players via e-mail on 7/10/22 (full-time, pool, potential new players) regarding their status and updated the Draft List and posted it on the league website on same date.  Item closed.

d. On 7/24, SB, AGAIN, emailed all returning and new players to confirm their interest in being placed on the Draft List as full-time players.
SB posted the, then, current Draft List on 7/29/22 to the league website.

2. 2022 Fall Season 

a. SB purchased a pitching screen from Pitch Safe for $300 + tax, S/H.  The screen arrived on 7/13/22.  The league again has 3 functional pitching screens, although GS has to “tighten” the legs on one of the screens.  GS also has a 4th screen which is not functional, but will be used for spare parts.  Item closed.

b. SB purchased 2 wheeled BP ball bags from Jerry Smith @ $75/ball bag + 10% tax on 7/16/22.
Item closed.

c. Upcoming Meetings/Events

(1) Monday, Aug 8 – player draft 
(2) Monday, Aug 15 – start of season 

d. Projected Balance (as of 7/29/22):

    $262.61 – from 7/8/2022 meeting (assuming $45/player league fee) 
+ $300.00 – sold 5 doz. 44/400 Rocks @ $60/doz. to GS (2 doz.), J. Roach (3 doz.)
+ $518.00 – never purchased 6 doz. SSUSA 44/375 Rocks @ $70/doz. + tax, S/H 
    $69.00 – 2 wheeled ball bags cost $69 more from Jerry Smith than Elite/Carlos 
    $80.00 – 4 freezer mugs @ approx. $20/mug to new managers

e. SB spoke to Stephanie Hopkins/SSUSA on 7/29/22, who indicated the availability of 44/375 Rocks is unknown. She did recommend Dudley Thunder Advance Senior 44/400 which are available at $70/doz + tax, S/H.

RB indicated SSUSA has used different balls in tournaments which are not reliable in terms of “best” balls to use.

f. League Fee – 2022 Fall Season.
SB motioned, and GS seconded, that the 2022 Fall Season league fee be set at $45/player.
Motion passed 5-0.  Item closed.

g. Board approval of using used 44/375 Rock softballs for, at least, the 2022 Fall Season.

(1)  SB/JH discussed the current inventory of league Rock 44/375 balls, with 6 new balls and over 100, good conditioned balls in our possession.  The league has received Rock ball donations from Bill Kluck and Rod Schemp.  Discussion focused on using these used Rock balls, as we did for the balance of the Spring 2022 season.  JH motioned, and ER seconded, that the league use the used Rock 44/375 balls, until such time as new 44/375 balls become available.
Motion failed 2 (RB/JH)-3

(2)  SB/CY discussed the Dudley Thunder ZN 47/525 ball (the ball, itself, is not so marked; that designation, per SB, is taken off of an invoice) that is used in their NCS tournaments.  The balls cost $4.25/ball or, approximately, $51/dozen. They indicated that the ball has been well-received by players, including a number of  Monday players, who have played in recent NCS tournaments.  The balance of the Board discussed using the Dudley ball for a “trial” period, such as for 2 weeks, at the start of the 2022 Fall Season.  JH commented that the league had a bad experience at the start of the 2022 Spring Season when it purchased, and began using in league play, the Rock 44/400’s.  That experiment lasted one week before the league switched to using used Rock 44/375’s for the balance of that season.  JH also indicated that the Board has been discussing, for months, about obtaining an inventory of Rock 44/375’s, and as indicated in 2.g.(1) above, we’ve been successful in that effort.  JH stated that he did not think it is worth the “risk” of using different balls given our recent history with such an attempt, and the fact that the league has used the Rock 44/375’s for years.  JH asked SB as to the number of balls he places in each game ball “box”.  He indicated 2 or 3 new balls and 8 or 7 used balls.  JH asked how many Dudley balls would have to be purchased to ensure there were enough balls for the trial period, which, if it was for two weeks, would entail 11 games.  The consensus was 4 dozen.  JH questioned whether that would be enough, particularly if games were played on major replica fields, where balls are, routinely, lost, and because we would not be starting with any used backup balls.  JH stated that we cannot use Rock 44/375’s as backup balls.  RB indicated that he would speak to BLD to see if we could be placed on the minor league replicas for that two week period.  SB motioned, and GS seconded, that the league purchase 4 dozen Dudley Thunder ZN 47/525, to be used on a trial basis, for the first two weeks of the 2022 Fall Season.  Continued use of the ball, and purchase of additional balls will be evaluated at the end of the two-week trial period.  Motion passed 4-1 (JH)

3.  Team Shirts with MVUDSS Logo

a. SB/CY spoke to the Board about making Monday league team shirts available for purchase by Monday league teams/players, on an optional basis, through NCS and Epic Sports. They indicated that shirts would cost approximately $10/shirt ($1 more for multi-color shirts) which would include the Monday league “logo.”

These would be Cool Performance Dry-Fit Crew T-Shirts, available in the following colors: white, black, silver, charcoal, scarlet, maroon, cardinal, orange, safety orange, athletic orange, safety yellow, gold, vegas gold, lime, kelly, forest, light blue, royal, navy, and purple.

b. JH asked why we were considering doing this?  It was offered that for a better “look”, and a level of team “uniformity”, that players could purchase a quality shirt for a reasonable price.  JH stated that an operating premise, at the start of this league, was to keep player fees as low as possible. This included not requiring players to purchase shirts each year, but to simply allow players to reach to their shirt wardrobe and find a shirt which matches their selected team color.  Notwithstanding the fact that a few teams in the past have purchased team shirts, it’s not been a widespread practice, nor has it been a practice which the league has endorsed.  Those supporting this argued that the purchase of team shirts would strictly be optional.  While that may be true in the strictest sense, JH argued that when a manager decides to do this and a number, or the bulk, of players decide to do this, it no longer becomes optional.  A player(s) who does not want to purchase a shirt can decide not to do so
and deal with the weekly “discomfort” of not having a shirt, or, reluctantly purchase the shirt and not be happy about doing so.  Those supporting this also argued that it’s only +/- $10.  JH stated that for some players, the league fee is a stretch, and an additional $10 makes it more difficult for those players.  JH stated that a $10 cost for a shirt becomes a 20-25% increase in fees predicated on a typical league fee of $40-$45/season. (The % age is smaller, of course, when pro-rated over a full year).  JH also argued that what starts as an option, can become ingrained as a “requirement” over time.  JH asked who would be ordering shirts, and if there is expected involvement in this process on the part of the league; i.e. league officers.  SB/CY conferred and indicated that CY would be doing the ordering.  JH asked SB how will the availability of these shirts be made known.  He indicated that he would notify the managers of the particulars.  SB motioned, and ER seconded, that communication be sent to managers, giving them details regarding the option of purchasing team shirts.  Motion passed 4-1 (JH)

4. Managers Needed 

a. On 6/19/22, 6/26/22, and again on 7/15/22, SB emailed all 77 of the returning local team full-time players requesting volunteer local team managers.  See 7/15/22 email below. 

b. Need 7 managers –
5 so far: Rushing (Hansell), Jennings (           ), Leavitt (Bates), E. Morrison (Gingerelli), Prybylla (Abejon)
Two more managers are required.  

c. Delay/postpone/cancel season if we don’t have a full contingent of local team managers.

After a lengthy discussion on this topic, RB suggested that we send an email to all players indicating that if we do not have the two additional needed managers prior to the date of the draft, that the draft and season be postponed/delayed until such time as all manager positions are filled.  Without vote, but by unanimous consensus, the Board agreed to do this.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 8/1, JH drafted said communication and SB emailed it to all league players.)

5. Player Ratings

a. Tryouts/ratings were held on Friday, July 15 at Lago Vista Park/Menifee for 6 (out of 8) potential new league players. One additional potential new player tried out and was rated on Tuesday, 7/26 at Diamond Valley/Hemet. SB informed the individuals of the results of the tryouts. 

b. In preparation for the draft, the Board rated all league players, including out-of-area and pool players.  (Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 8/1/22, SB sent an email to managers with updated board-rating draft list and also posted it on the league website.  SB sent an additional, updated draft list (as of 8/2/22) via email to all managers on 8/3/22.)


7/15/22 League Players, 

The Board sent two emails to all players on 6/19 and 6/26 citing the urgent need for managers for the 2022 Fall Season and requested that players step up. In both the subject heading and the body of the 6/26 email, we indicated that if we did not get players to manage, there would not be a draft nor would there be a fall season. This statement was not made flippantly or lightly, nor was it an idle threat. It was then, and it is now, a disturbingly real possibility. Thankfully, in response to those emails, we did have 4 players step up and indicate they would manage. Coupled with the one player who had previously committed to manage, that gives us 5 current managers. However, as in prior years, we expect to have 7 “local” teams, so we are still in need of 2 additional managers. 

It has been a struggle for the 11+ years of this league’s existence to get players to manage. However, this is the latest timeframe going into a season where we have not identified the greater majority of players to manage. The draft is scheduled for 8/8 and the start of the season 8/15, so time is more than of the essence. 

Too often, we’ve had many of the same guys manage a team. While we are thankful and grateful for those guys stepping up, it’s now time for some of the greater majority of you who have never managed to step up. The +/- 85 guys that comprise our “local” teams form the foundation of this league and what has made this league successful for over a decade. While it’s comforting for many of you to simply show up, play a game(s), and then go home, you’re only able to do this as a result of the efforts and commitments of others to make this league successful. It’s now time for some of you to make the same commitment and sacrifice that others before you have made. 

Respectfully, the Board asks for some of you to make such a commitment and help us fill these last two managers slots. We do have provisions, with some specific criteria to provide help either in the form of an “assistant” to the manager, who will help with both the draft and assisting the manager during the season, or a Board member who will assist the manager during the draft. 

Because key dates for the 2022 Fall Season are on the near horizon, we must hear from potential manager candidates within the next 10 days. To use a childhood fairy tale, the possible cancellation of the 2022 Fall Season is not a Chicken Little possibility. This is a real, and as of right now, likely possibility.
Let’s not let that happen. 


MVUDSS Board of Directors