August 8, 2022 – Player Draft


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); E. Rushing (ER); G. Stevenson (GS)
MANAGERS/ASST. MANAGERS:  J. Jennings; J. Leavitt; E. Morrison/A. Gingerelli; J. Prybylla; ER/JH; GS/SB
GUESTS:  M. Burke; K. Skidmore; C. Yap

1.  Player Draft 

a. SB explained pre-draft items: 

(1)  draft procedure – according to policy, done in serpentine fashion, 1-7, 8-14, etc.
(2)  determine draft order – according to practice, each manager will select a card (A-7) which will represent the order of player selection.  Cards chosen were:  Stevenson – A; Rushing – 2; Prybylla – 3; Morrison – 4; Jennings – 5; Younker – 6; Leavitt – 7.  

Because there will be 79 players chosen in the draft, and not a full 12 rounds for 7 teams, which would result in 84 players, SB explained that managers would be drawing cards to determine which two teams would be taking the 78th and 79th players, and the selection order for the remaining 5 teams for post-draft “new” 4-6 rated players joining the league during the season.  SB explained, in order to give all 7 teams an equal shot in the drawing, and to maintain the integrity of the “serpentine” drawing process, the teams selecting cards 7 and 6 would get the 78th and 79th players respectively.  The cards drawn by the other 5 teams would determine the order (from 5-4-3-2-1) in which post-draft “new” 4-6 rated players would be assigned to a team.   Cards chosen were: 7 – Stevenson; 6 – Prybylla; 5 – Rushing; 4 – Younker; 3 – Morrison; 2 – Leavitt; 1- Jennings.  As a result, Stevenson, Team A received the 78th player, and Prybylla, Team C received the 79th player.
Refer to the telephonic meeting discussion below. 

(3)  insert managers and assistants into appropriate draft positions – managers/assistants will be inserted in the second round of their board-rating (1-6).

b. SB explained post-draft items and managers’ action items as follows: 

(1)  team color chosen in reverse draft order; i.e. Team G, Team F,… Team A.  Colors chosen were as follows:  Team G – grey; Team F – navy blue; Team E – red; Team D – gold; Team C – white; Team B – light blue; Team A – maroon
(2)  trade players – per league policy, managers are able to trade players, on their own, as long as completed prior to the end of the draft meeting.  A trade was consummated between Team C, who traded their 1st pick, Howard McCasland, for Team G’s 1st pick, Mike Moller.  
(3)  team name – team names selected during the draft:  A – Marooned; B – Blue Bolts; F –  Roadrunners; G – Greyhounds.  SB requested that the remaining managers without team names, provide him with a team name ASAP.  

(4)  SB told the managers to contact their team members regarding the following items: 

(a)  league website: 
(b)  opening day – Monday, August 15 (8:00, 9:30, 11:00) games would be at these times for August games only, then revert to normal start times of 9:00, 10:30, and 12:00.
(c)  $45/player league fee due on opening day.  SB encouraged managers to get their players to pay      the fee, if at all possible, on opening day and, if they pay by check, to make the check payable to Steve Baranick.  
(d)  SB informed managers that shirts, with league logo, will be available for purchase at approx. $10/shirt.  SB informed managers that the purchase of team shirts was strictly optional for teams and players, but that any team desiring to purchase shirts would need to provide the desired color and shirt sizes.  He showed samples of the shirts to the managers.  

2.  (Subsequent to the draft, SB finalized, and posted the following to the league website:
game schedule; team rosters; Player Finder; and final copy of the actual order of the 8/8/22 draft.)



Board Members Participating:  S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Hansell(JH); E. Rushing(ER); G. Stevenson(GS)

On 8/6/22, JH spoke to SB that he did not believe that the existing Procedure for Drafting Players, approved in August 2016 was fair in the manner in which it treated drafting for less than a full draft.  At that time, MVUDSS had 6 teams, so this procedure was written with that number of teams in mind.

JH suggested to change this policy, based on 7 teams, but the principle will apply with fewer teams, as well.

JH proposed the two following scenarios:

(1)  If there are 77 players in the draft, i.e. 11 rounds, that A-7 cards be drawn, again, to determine order of selection for when a new “4” comes into the league and which team(s) get 1st, second, etc. pick.  In further discussion, JH/SB agreed there was no necessity to do this, and that the normal “serpentine” process take place, starting with team 1 (A) with the 71st pick, continuing on through team 7 with the 77th pick.  In this case, post-draft, the first “new” “4” would go to team 7, second “new” “4” to team 6, etc.

(2)  If there are, hypothetically, 79 players in the draft, as appears to be the case for the 2022 player draft, i.e. 11 full rounds, then two selections in the 12th round, again, A-7 cards will be drawn.

SB stated that in the case of drawing cards, as example, for 79 players, that the A & 2 cards would get the 78th and 79th players, and that these are the only two cards that would have any meaning.  He stated that the remaining 5 teams would get a “new” post-draft “4” based on their original draft order round selection.

JH stated that this would not work as two different teams could select the A & 2 cards, which would take those original cards out of “consideration”.  JH further stated that this is a random drawing where we are attempting to give all 7 teams an equal shot at a new number and a new position in the 12th round.  JH made the case to keep the serpentine procedure in place by having cards 7/6 get the 78th and 79th selections, and the remaining 5 teams will get a “new” “4” based on the order (5,4,3,2,1) of how this round of cards are selected. SB agreed. 

(3)  On the same day, SB spoke to the other 3 board members, who were OK with this.

(4)  JH will modify the Procedure for Drafting Players policy to reflect the above.