August 5, 2022


IN ATTENDANCE:  S. Baranick (SB); R. Barnhart (RB); J. Hansell (JH); E. Rushing (ER); G. Stevenson (GS)

1. Action Items

a. SB updated, emailed to league managers, and posted on league website, on 8/1/22, the Draft List with board ratings.  Item closed.

b. JH updated, on 8/3/22, the  “Manager Assistant Policy” to indicate that players participating in the league’s Player Commuting Policy are not eligible to be an assistant.  SB posted on league website on the same date.  Item closed.

c. Chris Yap contacted AWS/NCS, on 8/1/22 regarding re. Purchasing 6 doz. Dudley Thunder ZN 447/525 softballs for use in league play.  Balls have been ordered.  Item closed.

d. Chris Yap contacted Epic Sports to verify the cost of team shirts with the Monday league logo affixed (approximately $10/shirt) that will be made available, on an optional basis to teams/league players.  Item closed.

2. 2022 Fall Season

a. Projected Balance:

    $931.61 – from 8/1/2022 meeting (assuming max. # of local and OOA players)
– $225.00 – 5 less local players; currently 79 players on Draft List
  $90.00 – 2 less OOA players; currently 10 players on Sammy’s Cafe
– $317.81  – 6 doz. NCS Dudley Thunder ZN 47/525 softballs @ $51/doz. + $11.81 S/H
  $20.00 – 1 more freezer mug @ approx. $20/mug to new managers (5 total) 

(b. Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 8/6/22, SB sent an email to all managers/assistants with an attached revised draft list (as of 8/5/22).)
Item remains open.

3. Discuss Options for Player Draft and Start of 2022 Fall Season Dates

a. Monday, August 8  – TENTATIVE player draft date 
    Monday, August 15 – TENTATIVE start of season date

b. On 8/1, RB contacted Tom Lowry, new BLD Perris GM regarding starting games at 8:00 in August, as well as playing games on Durham and Pawtucket on 8/15 and 8/22.  Lowry confirmed this.  RB indicated he will see Lowry this evening, and will, again, confirm these details with Lowry.

c. RB also confirmed that Adrian Williams is, in fact, no longer the BLD/Perris GM and has moved his employment to Disneyland.  No other details are available.  The Board wishes to offer its thanks and great appreciation to Adrian for his constant support and commitment to the success of the Monday league during the years at BLD/ Perris.  His initial support for the fledgling Monday league and continued backing over the years was a major factor in the league’s success.  His presence will be missed.
The Board wishes him all the success in his new career endeavor.

d. On 8/1, JH/SB emailed all 80 full-time players requesting volunteer local team managers.  Three previous requests were emailed to all league players on 6/19, 6/26, and 7/15.
See the 8/1/22 email included below.

(1) ER contacted league player Herb Younker (HY) to see if he would take a team.  SB called HY in the afternoon on this date, who indicated that he would take a team.  HY to let the Board know if he will be identifying an assistant.

(2) Thus, at the start of this Board meeting, we had 6 managers with assistants identified in parentheses ( ):
Rushing (Hansell), Jennings ( ), Prybylla (Abejon), Leavitt (Bates), Morrison( Gingerelli), Younker ( ).

(3) GS stated, again, that while he did not want to manage, he did not want to see any delay in the start of the 2022 Fall Season; therefore, he would manage a team.  He selected SB to be his assistant.

e. SB will send an email to all league players informing them that the draft will commence on Monday, 8/8/22, and the 2022 Fall Season will commence on 8/15/22.
(Subsequent to the Board meeting, on 8/5/22, SB emailed the previously referenced information to all league players.)

(f. Subsequent to the Board meeting, SB sent an email to all board-rated “1’s” extending them an invitation to attend the draft on 8/8/22.)



League Players,

In today’s Board meeting, the Board agreed that if we do not fill the remaining two manager positions well prior to the draft on 8/8, the draft will be delayed/postponed and will not commence until the two manager positions are filled.

Of course, if the draft is delayed/postponed, the league start date will also be delayed/postponed accordingly.  

In the 11+ years of the Monday league, such communication is unprecedented, as will any delay/postponement in the start of the league, or in the most pessimistic outcome, the cancellation of this league season.  

The message should be clear.  It is beyond time for some of you to step up and help the league.  It is not up to the “usual suspects” to step up and manage, but those of you who have not previously managed in this league.  The decision to be made is not one of conscience, but of responsibility.  The league will continue to grow, and thrive, but only if the greater majority of players realize their shared responsibility toward the ongoing success of the league.

Thank you for your consideration.


MVUDSS Board of Directors