August 18, 2022


Board Members Participating:  S. Baranick(SB); R. Barnhart(RB); J. Hansell(JH); E. Rushing(ER); G. Stevenson(GS)

On 8/18/22, SB sent an e-mail to all board members, in which he proposed to eliminate doubleheaders for local teams and eliminate “late” games for weeks 8/22, 8/29, 9/12, and 9/26 as a result of extreme heat being experienced.  On the same date, SB texted all board members soliciting a yes/no from each board member regarding the proposed changes.  The Board agreed, unanimously, to the proposed changes.

SB/JH drafted an e-mail communication that will be sent to all managers/players.  On 8/19, SB sent said e-mail communication, separately, to all managers and all players on the same date.  A copy (in italics), of the manager e-mail (both copies were identical in content), is included below.  The e-mails included an attached copy of the revised schedule.  SB posted the revised schedule to the league website on 8/18/22.  On 8/19/22, SB spoke to Team F manager, Herb Younker, to inform him that his team would have a “bye” on 8/22/22.
SB also informed all umpires on 8/19 of the schedule change.  



League Managers,

The Board received a number of concerns/complaints registered by players on opening day regarding the extreme heat, particularly as relates to playing doubleheaders and “late” games. Given the likelihood of the continuation of high temperatures and recognizing the safety of league players as being the prime concern of the Monday league board, the game schedule has been changed to eliminate late games during the remainder of the “hot” summer and to, also, facilitate replacing missing players by eliminating doubleheaders for local teams.

During each of the next four playing dates (8/22, 8/29, 9/12, 9/26), there will be no late games, no local team doubleheaders, and a bye for one of the local teams.  Games cancelled on those dates have been rescheduled as indicated on the Schedule & Standings page of our league website.

Refer to the Fall 2022 Schedule – REV. 1 on the Schedule & Standings page for the complete, revised schedule.
The revised schedule is also attached to this email.

The Board apologizes if any of the schedule revisions impact pickup player replacements already set by managers.

Note: The Monday, August 22, 11:00 game has been rescheduled and Roadrunners (Team F) will have the bye.